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Depositional Facies of High-Energy Beach-to-Offshore Sequence: Comparison with Low-Energy Sequence

James D. Howard , Hans-Erich Reineck

Petrology of Smoky Hill Member, Niobrara Chalk (Upper Cretaceous), in Type Area, Western Kansas

Donald E. Hattin

Facies and Burial Diagenesis of a Carbonate Reservoir: Chapman Deep (Atoka) Field, Delaware Basin, Texas

S. J. Mazzullo

Arc-Continent Collision in Banda Sea Region: DISCUSSION

Angelo Crostella

Arc-Continent Collision in Banda Sea Region: REPLY

Carl Bowin , Chris Johnston

Methodology for Determining Relative Favorability for Development of United States Tar Sand Deposits: ABSTRACT

Paul L. Aamodt, Joyce Gross Freiwald

Structure and Seismic Stratigraphy of Yucatan Basin in Western Caribbean: ABSTRACT

Sunit K. Addy, F. W. Taylor

Sediments and Sedimentary Environments in Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California, Northwest Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. J. Eduardo Aguayo

Early Cretaceous Sedimentation in Peruvian Andes: ABSTRACT

Antenor M. Aleman

Modern Mahakam Delta, Indonesia: Sand Distribution and Geometry in Mixed Tide and Fluvial Delta: ABSTRACT

G. P. Allen, D. Laurier, J. P. Thouvenin

Structural Control of Rocky Mountain Front: COCORP Profiles Across Laramie Mountains: ABSTRACT

R. W. Allmendinger, J. A. Brewer, L. D. Brown

Diagenesis and Secondary Porosity Evolution of Sarir Sandstone, Southeastern Sirte Basin, Libya: ABSTRACT

Zuhair Al-Shaieb, William C. Ward, John W. Shelton

Provenance of Middle Tertiary Nonmarine Deposits, Santa Maria Basin and Vicinity, California: ABSTRACT

Donna S. Anderson

Sedimentation on Antarctic Sea Floor: ABSTRACT

John B. Anderson, Eugene Domack, Robyn Wright

Seismic Investigation of Gas Hydrate Reflectors, Blake Outer Ridge Area Off Southeastern United States: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Anderson, Richard A. Wise, William P. Dillon

Resolution, Bandwidth, and Money: ABSTRACT

N. A. Anstey

Glacial Lithofacies of Neogene Yakataga Formation, Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout

Models for Formation of Organic-Rich Diatomaceous Laminae in Miocene Monterey Formation: Documentation from Analogous Recent Sediments in Gulf of California: ABSTRACT

John Armentrout, Hans Schrader

Supply of Sediment to Oceans: Climate and Eustatic Sea Level Changes and Interregional Unconformities: ABSTRACT

Michael A. Arthur

Evolution of Lower Permian Oolite Shoal in Northwest Anadarko Basin: ABSTRACT

George B. Asquith, Robert D. Sawvell

Flysch-Type Agglutinated Benthic Foraminifera and Maestrichtian to Paleogene History of Labrador and North Seas: ABSTRACT

Jane Aubert, W. A. Berggren, K. G. Miller

Subtle Stratigraphic Traps in Paleozoic Rocks of Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

D. L. Baars, G. M. Stevenson

Mesozoic and Early Cenozoic Arc-Trench System of California--Do the Pieces Still Fit?: ABSTRACT

Steven B. Bachman

Thermal Effects on Sedimentary Organic Matter and Recognition and Mapping of Subjacent Igneous Plutons, Ruby Range, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Donald R. Baker, John L. Cuddihee, Daniel B. Pearson

Corporate Strategies Among Domestic Uranium Explorationists: ABSTRACT

Ed Baker, Robert W. Adams

Mechanism and Kinetics of Sulfate Inhibition on Dolomitization of Calcium Carbonate: ABSTRACT

P. A. Baker, M. Kastner, G. E. Anderson

Use of Vertical and Surface Seismic Profiles to Investigate Distribution of Aquifers in Madison Group and Red River Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming-Montana: ABSTRACT

A. H. Balch, M. W. Lee, J. J. Miller

Multichannel Measurements Over a Possible Gas-Bearing Structure Near Cay Sal, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Mahlon M. Ball, Ray G. Martin, Wayne D. Bock

Organic Geochemistry as a Geologic Tool: ABSTRACT

Colin Barker

Geochemistry of a Marine Gas Hydrate Associated with a Bottom Simulating Reflector: ABSTRACT

Leo A. Barnard, Keith A. Kvenvolden, Denis A. Wiesenburg

Seabed Changes Resulting from Combined Sea Ice and Hydraulic Processes on Shelves of Arctic Basin: Example from Harrison Bay, Alaska: ABSTRACT

P. W. Barnes, Erk Reimnitz

Paleogeographic Evolution of Earth, 180 M.Y. Ago to Present: ABSTRACT

E. J. Barron, C. G. A. Harrison, J. L. Sloan II

Integration of Diatom and Planktonic Foraminiferal Data for Biostratigraphic and Paleoclimatic Interpretation of Middle and Upper Miocene Monterey Shale: ABSTRACT

John A. Barron, Gerta Keller

Geophysics--The Next 50 Years: ABSTRACT

Kevin M. Barry

High-Resolution Reflection Seismics at Potential In-Situ Coal Gasification Test Site: ABSTRACT

L. C. Bartel, T. L. Dobecki

Feldspar Dissolution Before Advent of Land Plants on Earth: ABSTRACT

Abhijit Basu

Reefal Margins of Pliocene-Pleistocene of Great Bahama Bank: ABSTRACT

David K. Beach

Stratigraphy and Resource Assessment of Mississippian and Devonian Oil Shales of Northeastern Kentucky: ABSTRACT

John G. Beard, Roy C. Kepferle, James D. Pollock

Geopressured Geothermal Energy--Geological Setting and Constraints to Development Along Northwestern Gulf Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

Don G. Bebout

Alisitos Terrane, Baja California: Sedimentation Within Early Cretaceous Island Arc: ABSTRACT

J. Mac Beggs

Extractable Geothermal Energy in Benue Area, Nigeria: ABSTRACT

Francis T. Beka

Late Cenozoic Paleo-oceanography of Norwegian Greenland Sea and Northeast Atlantic: Benthic Foraminiferal Evidence: ABSTRACT

Paul E. Belanger

Drilling-Mud Emanometry, a New Technique for Uranium Exploration: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Bell, John C. Pacer, Eugene H. Roberts

Dip-Profile Method of Constructing Structural and Stratigraphic Cross Sections: ABSTRACT

C. A. Bengtson

Sea-Floor Characteristics and Dynamics Affecting Geotechnical Properties at Shelf-Slope Breaks: ABSTRACT

Richard H. Bennett, Terry A. Nelsen

Hatter's Pond Field: Complex Combination Trap in Smackover and Norphlet Formations (Upper Jurassic), Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

D. Joe Benson, Ernest A. Mancini, Richard P. Wilkerson

Spontaneous Subsurface Combustion of Rocks of Monterey Formation, California: ABSTRACT

Y. K. Bentor

Seismic Detection and Evaluation of Delta and Turbidite Sequences: Their Application to the Exploration for the Subtle Trap: ABSTRACT

Orville Roger Berg

Calculation of Seal Capacity from Porosity and Permeability Data: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg

Origin of Thin, Siliceous Beds in Monterey Shale, Elk Hills Field, California: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg, D. G. Kersey

Use of Sediment Gas Anomalies in Surface Prospecting: ABSTRACT

Bernie B. Bernard

Seismic Stratigraphy of Veracruz Tongue, Southwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Allen J. Bertagne

Miocene Reef at Baixo, Porto Santo (Eastern Atlantic): ABSTRACT

Maya W. Best

Hydrocarbon Habitat in Main Producing Areas, Saudi Arabia: ABSTRACT

M. Bilal, M. Tartir, L. W. Slentz

Rift Basins in Western Margin of India with Special Reference to Kutch Basin and its Hydrocarbon Prospects: ABSTRACT

S. K. Biswas

Geophysical Logs and Marine Zones as Useful Coal-Exploration Tools in Southern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Bascombe M. Blake, Jr., Alan F. Keiser, Robert S. Reppert

Biostratigraphic Relation of Neogene Benthic Foraminifera from Southern California Outer Continental Borderland to Monterey Formation: ABSTRACT

Gregg H. Blake

Sedimentology and Structure of Franciscan Assemblage, Yolla Bolly Terrane, Northern California: ABSTRACT

M. C. Blake, Jr., A. S. Jayko, D. G. Howell

Infaunal Influences on Sedimentology of Shelf-Slope Boundary: ABSTRACT

Norman J. Blake, Larry J. Doyle

Permian Marine Sand Wave Complex in Central Arizona: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Blakey

Geochemistry of Mississippian and Devonian Oil Shales of Northeastern Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Alan E. Bland, Thomas L. Robl, David W. Koppenaal

Freshwater Diagenesis of Holocene Carbonate Sediments: ABSTRACT

Deborah M. Bliefnick

Uraniferous Pyrobitumens from Southwestern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Salman Bloch, Joseph A. Curiale, Janina R. Bloch

Clastic Lacustrine Sedimentation in Triassic of Southwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Blodgett

Cenozoic Radiolarian Paleogeography of Eastern Pacific: ABSTRACT

Joyce R. Blueford

Shelf Break on Modern Passive Margins: Structure, Sedimentation, and Progradation: ABSTRACT

Gilbert Boillot, Denis Mougenot, Jeanpierre Rehault

Past and Potential Mass Movement on Continental Slope Off Northeastern United States: ABSTRACT

James S. Booth, James M. Robb, John M. Aaron

Gulf of Mexico Types of Intraslope Basins as Determined by Seismic Reflection Patterns: ABSTRACT

Arnold H. Bouma

Geochemical Prospecting and its Value to Oil Finder: ABSTRACT

Peter A. Bower

Upper Cretaceous Shelf Sandstones, Northwestern Colorado: Migrating Sand-Ridge Model: ABSTRACT

J. Michael Boyles, Alan J. Scott

Stable Isotope Diagenesis of Multicomponent Carbonate System: ABSTRACT

Uwe Brand, Jan Veizer

Thermal History by Fission-Track Dating, Tejon Oil Field Area, California: ABSTRACT

N. D. Briggs, C. W. Naeser, T. W. McCulloh

Spatial Variations in Sand-Wave Size and Migration Rate: Implications for Shoal Dynamics: ABSTRACT

S. R. Briggs, D. M. Rubin, J. B. Southard

Statvik Field of Norwegian North Sea--Exploration Study of Unconformity Trap: ABSTRACT

Eivind Briseid, Don I. Milton, Oddvar Skarpnes

Study of Subtle Traps Using Horizontal Seismic Sections: ABSTRACT

Alistair R. Brown, C. G. Dahm, Robert J. Graebner

Surface Detection of Free Hydrocarbon Microseepage from Subsurface Petroleum Accumulation: Case Study: ABSTRACT

Stephen W. Brown, Joab Salce

Structural Deformation in Northern Gulf of Alaska: Transition from Transform to Convergent Plate Motion: ABSTRACT

Terry R. Bruns, Paul R. Carlson, George Plafker

Results of DSDP Leg 77 in Deep Southeastern Gulf of Mexico--How Good Was our Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation Ahead of the Drill?: ABSTRACT

R. T. Buffler, W. Schlager, F. J. Shaub

Correlation of Monterey Shale to Paleo-Oceanographic and Paleoclimatic Events: ABSTRACT

L. H. Burckle

Late Cenozoic Paleoclimatic and Paleotectonic Setting for Hydrocarbon Formation in Southern California: ABSTRACT

L. H. Burckle, C. D. Ninkovich, J. J. Gallagher, Jr.

Sedimentation on North Shelf of Puerto Rico: ABSTRACT

David M. Bush, Zev N. Grossman, Orrin H. Pilkey

Recent, Supracrustal, Carbonate Cementation, Florida Keys: ABSTRACT

William A. Butcher, Don C. Steinker, Jack C. Floyd

Morphology, Sedimentology, and Genesis of Three Large Submarine Canyons Adjacent to Navarin Basin, Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

Paul R. Carlson, Herman A. Karl, Kenneth A. Johnson

Sidescan Sonar Depiction of Slump Features Associated with Diapirism on Continental Slope Off Southeastern United States: ABSTRACT

K. V. Cashman, P. Popenoe, D. Chayes

Ubarana Oil Field, Offshore Brazil: Case History: ABSTRACT

L. S. Chagas, A. V. Stringhini, J. E. Gontijo

Petrofacies and Depositional Environments of Upper Jurassic Naknek Formation, Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Majorie A. Chan, John B. Hayes, J. C. Harms

Reservoir Quality of Sandstones Influenced by Mineralogy and Texture: Example of Brazilian Offshore Basins: ABSTRACT

Hung Kiang Chang, Severino Xavier De Menezes, Earle F. McBride

Vibroseis System: a High-Frequency Tool: ABSTRACT

William L. Chapman, G. L. Brown, D. W. Fair

Geometry and Facies of Latest Cretaceous Deltaic and Submarine Fan Systems, Southern Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Basins, California: ABSTRACT

Victor B. Cherven

Clay Fabric--New Aspect of Clay Petrology: ABSTRACT

Wen-An Chiou, William R. Bryant

Icebergs and Glacial-Marine Sediment of Central Arctic Ocean: ABSTRACT

David L. Clark

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of Salem Limestone (Middle Mississippian) Reservoirs in Southern Illinois: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Cluff

Superposed Laramide and Basin-and-Range Deformation in Santiago and Northern Del Carmen Mountains, Trans-Pecos Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Cobb, Stephen Poth

Rapid Evaluation of Mature Hydrocarbon Producing Provinces in Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

Craig J. Coleman, James L. Coleman, Jr.

Deltaic Influence on Shelf-Edge Instability Processes: ABSTRACT

J. M. Coleman, D. B. Prior

Petrologic Factors Controlling Internal Migration and Expulsion of Petroleum from Source Rocks: Woodford-Chattanooga of Oklahoma and Arkansas: ABSTRACT

J. B. Comer, H. H. Hinch

Now You See It, Now You Don't--Seismic Expressions of the Subtle Trap: ABSTRACT

E. E. Cook, L. J. McClure, N. S. Neidell

Carbonate Submarine Fan Facies Along a Paleozoic Prograding Continental Margin, Western United States: ABSTRACT

Harry E. Cook, Robert M. Egbert

Distribution of Recent Deep-Sea Benthonic Foraminifera from Southwest Indian Ocean: ABSTRACT

Bruce H. Corliss

Uranium Mineralization in Eocene Point-Bar Deposit, South Texas: ABSTRACT

Stephen P. J. Cossey, Hal Frank

Contrasting Facies in Upper Mesozoic Strata of Pacific Northwest: ABSTRACT

Darrel S. Cowan, Mark T. Brandon

Tertiary Deformation in Western Spitsbergen: ABSTRACT

Campbell Craddock

Allochthonous Carbonate Rocks in Toe-of-Slope Deposits (Permian, Guadalupian), Guadalupe Mountains, West Texas: ABSTRACT

Allan G. Crawford

Climatic and Structural Controls of Stacked Algal Lime Mud Mound Development in Oquirrh Group (Pennsylvanian and Permian), Deep Creek Mountains, Southeastern Idaho: ABSTRACT

Leland D. Cress

Source Rock Potential of Basinal Carbonate Muds, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

P. D. Crevello, J. W. Patton, G. K. Guennel

Continental Borderland off Northern Baja California, Mexico: Rifted Segment of Pacific Margin: ABSTRACT

Jim Crouch

Distribution of Recent Benthic Foraminifera from Newfoundland to Yucatan: ABSTRACT

Stephen J. Culver, Martin A. Buzas

Mixing-Zone Origin of "Primary" Dolomite Grains from Cretaceous Marine Sandstones of Western Interior Basin: ABSTRACT

Stephen P. Cumella

Origin and Geochemical Correlation of Near-Surface Oil and Asphaltite Deposits of Southeastern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Joseph A. Curiale

Mineralogy and Petrology of Texaco's Hobson Uranium Deposit, Karnes County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Harry M. Dahl, Harold A. Palmer, Christie A. Callender

Domestic Uranium Exploration--Another Perspective: ABSTRACT

Clinton D. A. Dahlstrom

Toward a General Theory of Vertical Migration: ABSTRACT

Martin J. Davidson

Mesozoic and Tertiary Carbonate Buildups and Factors Which Control Their Distribution: ABSTRACT

Ronald A. Day

Cretaceous Black-Shale Deposition Within an Oxidized Red Clay, Turbidite Environment, Southern Angola Basin, South Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

W. E. Dean, E. J. Barron, R. E. Boyce

Marmul Field, South Oman: Appraisal and Development of Structural and Stratigraphic Trap Oil Field with Reservoirs in Glacial/Periglacial Clastics: ABSTRACT

B. De La Grandville

What is Horizontal Resolution?: ABSTRACT

L. R. Denham, R. E. Sheriff

Effect of Non-Hydrostatic Stress on Chemical Processes During Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

Walter E. Dibble, Jr., Amos Nur

Calcite Cement Recognition--Fact or Fantasy: ABSTRACT

J. A. D. Dickson

Role of Multiple-Headed Submarine Canyons, River Mouth Migration, and Episodic Activity in Generation of Basin-Filling Turbidity Currents: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Dill

Blake Escarpment Carbonate Platform Edge: Conclusions Based on Observations and Sampling from Research Submersible: ABSTRACT

William P. Dillon, Charles K. Paull, Page C. Valentine

Field Study of Subaqueous Avalanching: ABSTRACT

John R. Dingler, Roberto J. Anima

Ice Processes and Related Sedimentary Features in Tidal Flats, St. Lawrence Estuary, Quebec, Canada: ABSTRACT

Jean-Claude Dionne

Vertical Seismic Profiling--Processing and Analysis Case Study: ABSTRACT

James P. Disiena, Bok S. Byun, James E. Fix

Epigenetic Zoning in Surface and Near-Surface Rocks Resulting from Seepage-Induced Redox Gradients, Velma Oil Field, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Terrence J. Donovan, Alan A. Roberts, Mary C. Dalziel

Biogenetic Control of Gases in Marine Sediments of Santa Barbara Basin, California: ABSTRACT

P. R. Doose, I. R. Kaplan

Eocene Eustatic Versus Tectonic Changes on Pacific Margin--Comparison Between San Diego, California, and Coos Bay, Oregon: ABSTRACT

R. H. Dott, Jr., M. Chan

Survival Strategies for United States Uranium Producers in 1980s: ABSTRACT

Hugh Douglas

Deep-Sea Oxygen Isotope Record and Sea Level Fluctuations: ABSTRACT

Robert Douglas, Samuel Savin

Carboniferous-Permian Boundary in Southwestern United States: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Douglass

Eastern Gas Shales Project (EGSP) Data System: Useful Exploration and Research Tool: ABSTRACT

J. E. Downey, T. S. Dyman, L. A. Wilcox

Overview of Seals for Hydrocarbons: ABSTRACT

Marlan W. Downey

Morphology of Continental Shelf-Slope Break: ABSTRACT

Larry J. Doyle

Data Enhancement from 500-Channel Streamer: ABSTRACT

Bill Dragoset, Ken Larner

Porosity Evolution in Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Formation, South-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Jeff Dravis

Association of Stylolitic Carbonates and Organic Matter: Implications for Temperature Control on Stylolite Formation: ABSTRACT

John B. Dunham, Steve Larter

Pennsylvanian Fan-Delta Deposition, Mobeetie Field, Texas Panhandle: ABSTRACT

Shirley P. Dutton

Environmental Adaptations of Elphidium subarcticum: ABSTRACT

Dorothy J. Echols, Mary Ann Rafle

Field and Experimental Studies of Biogeochemical Processes Governing Diagenesis in and near Reefs, Gulf of Elat, Red Sea: ABSTRACT

Samuel A. Epstein, Gerald M. Friedman

Oblique Ripples on Permian Point Bars in North-Central Texas: Helical Flow or Boundary Effect?: ABSTRACT

K. A. Eriksson, Marc B. Edwards, R. S. Kier

Tectono-Climatic Model for Origin of Devonian-Mississippian Black Gas Shales of East-Central United States: ABSTRACT

Frank R. Ettensohn, Lance S. Barron

Faunal Similarities Across Pacific Among Mesozoic and Cenozoic Invertebrates Correlated with Plate Tectonic Movement: ABSTRACT

W. C. Fallaw

Formation of Diagenetic Alteration Zones by Leaking Reservoir Hydrocarbons over Three Oil Fields in Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Jerry D. Ferguson

Deposition on Pacific Shelf Edge: Zone of Contrasts: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Field

Large Submarine Slump Off Eureka, California: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Field, Brian D. Edwards

Mineralogic Analysis and Uranium Distribution of Sedimentary-Type Uranium Ores: ABSTRACT

Paul H. Fishman, Wen H. Huang

Athabasca Oil Sands--Facies Characteristics and Distribution: ABSTRACT

Peter D. Flach

Induced Spectroscopy: A Mineralogy-Lithology Well Log: ABSTRACT

Charles Flaum, Gordon Pirie

Surface Wall Texture and Evolutionary Classification of Cenozoic Planktonic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Fleisher, P. Lewis Steineck

Bioclastic Carbonate Facies of Great Barrier Reef, Australia: ABSTRACT

Peter G. Flood

Fluvial Facies Associations--Guide to Tertiary Coal Development and Exploration in Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana: ABSTRACT

Romeo M. Flores

Depositional Environments and Reservoir Properties of Sandstones of Lower Cretaceous Nanushuk and Upper Cretaceous Colville Groups, Umiat Test Well 11, National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska: ABSTRACT

James E. Fox, P. W. Lambert, J. K. Pitman

Sedimentology of Terrace Deposits at Bend Area of Wabash River: ABSTRACT

Gordon S. Fraser, Ned K. Bleuer, David A. Fishbaugh

Comparison of Middle Eocene Sporomorph Assemblages from Southern California and Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Norman O. Frederiksen

No Title Provided: ABSTRACT

Tom Freeman, David Rothbard, Antonio Obrador

Computer Technique for Color Facies Mapping from Digital Sample Log Data: ABSTRACT

C. C. Fried

Preliminary Middle Tertiary Paleogeographic Maps of Area Represented by Two-Degree Los Angeles Map Sheet, California: ABSTRACT

A. Eugene Fritsche

Internal Breccias near Early Geosynclinal Platform Margins: ABSTRACT

H. Fuchtbauer, D. K. Richter

Origin of Casing Annulus Gas in Cognac Field and Significance of Marine Sediment Hydrocarbon Surveys: ABSTRACT

A. N. Fuex

Enhanced Oil Recovery Site Selection Using Reflection Seismology: ABSTRACT

T. J. Fulp, L. F. Konty, Phyllis L. Head

Tectonic History and Progressive Development of Fold-Thrust Belt in Eastern Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

James M. Funk

Field Appraisal with 3-D Seismic Surveys, Offshore Trinidad: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Galbraith, Alistair R. Brown

Lithofacies and Depositional Environments of Monterey Shale, California: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Garrison, K. A. Pisciotto

Diagenesis and Methane Generation in Upper Cretaceous Gammon Shale, Northern Great Plains, United States: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Gautier

Plate Tectonic Evolution of Southern South America-Scotia Sea-Antarctica Area: ABSTRACT

W. K. Gealey

Methods for Recovering More Oil from Known Fields: ABSTRACT

T. M. Geffen

Rigid-Peel Technique for Preserving Structures in Coarse-Grained Sediments: ABSTRACT

Rufus T. Getzen, Raymond T. Levey

Lateral Trapping Mechanisms in Deep Basin Gas Trap, Western Canada: ABSTRACT

R. M. Gies

Reflection of Topography on Pre-Cretaceous Unconformity Through Overlying Section in Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

Douglas E. Glass

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Pleistocene-Holocene Turbidites and Glacial Ice-Rafted Sequence, Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Goldstein

A Model for Formation of Uranium Deposits in Volcanic Rocks: ABSTRACT

Philip C. Goodell

Devillier Field, Chambers County, Texas--Effects of Growth Faults and Deltaic Sedimentation on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in a Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

Patrick T. Gordon

Oxygenated Versus Dysaerobic Depositional Environments, Upper Monterey Formation, California: ABSTRACT

Frances M. Govean

Alteration of Organic Matter and Generation of Hydrocarbons in Austin Chalk, Southeast Texas: ABSTRACT

George J. Grabowski, Jr.

Tectonics, Sedimentation, and Petroleum Geology of Transform Margin of Central California: ABSTRACT

Stephan A. Graham

Geology of Mesozoic Basement Rocks from Well Cores in Santa Maria Basin, Santa Barbara County, California: ABSTRACT

Lynn D. Gray

Detailed Reservoir Geology--Basis for Enhanced Recovery Model, Wasson San Andres Field, West Texas: ABSTRACT

John M. Greene, S. O. Sears

Salinas Basin--Subtle Traps All: ABSTRACT

Edward A. Gribi, Jr.

Worldwide Review of Seals for Major Accumulations of Natural Gas: ABSTRACT

H. R. Grunau

Buried-Hill-Type Oil Fields in Northern Part of China: ABSTRACT

Zhai Guangming

Mississippian Continental Margins of Conterminous United States: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Gutschick, Charles A. Sandberg

The Time is Now for All Explorationists to Purposefully Search for Subtle Trap: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Burial Cement in Sunniland Reservoirs, Lower Cretaceous of Southern Florida: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Halley

Facies Anatomy of Modern Continental Sabkha, Bristol Dry Lake, California: ABSTRACT

C. Robertson Handford

Control of Early Carbonate Diagenesis by Carbon Dioxide Production and Loss: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Lateral Seals of Small Stratigraphic Traps in Cretaceous Rocks, Western Nebraska: ABSTRACT

John C. Harms

Upper Jurassic Evaporites and Carbonates of Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Paul M. Harris

Subaerial Exposure Surfaces: Variations on a Theme: ABSTRACT

Rand S. Harrison

Geologic Studies of Steam Drives Pay Off in Kern River Field, California: ABSTRACT

Orville D. Hart

Weathering-Induced Chemical Changes in Surface Coals from Paleocene Fort Union Formation, Red Rim Area, Sweetwater and Carbon Counties, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Joseph R. Hatch, Ronald H. Affolter

Geochemistry of Organic-Rich Shales and Coals from Middle Pennsylvanian Cherokee Group and Lower Part of Marmaton Group, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa: ABSTRACT

Joseph R. Hatch, Joel S. Leventhal

Regional Upper Devonian Wabamun Lithofacies Computer Maps, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Peter W. Hay

Seismic Inversion by Modeling: ABSTRACT

D. B. Hays, A. D. McAulay, R. N. Shurtleff

Geothermal Gradients, Organic Metamorphism, and Mineral Diagenesis in Tertiary Rocks, Santa Ynez Mountains, California: ABSTRACT

Kenneth P. Helmold, Eric H. Snider

Geology of Hibernia Discovery: ABSTRACT

G. G. L. Henderson, K. R. Arthur, D. W. Kushnir

Interstitial Water Chemistry of DSDP Holes on Guatemala Transect (Leg 67) Related to Occurrence of Methane Clathrates (Gas Hydrates): ABSTRACT

Reinhard Hesse, W. E. Harrison

Facies Characteristics of Modern Size-Graded Shelf Deposits, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Gary W. Hill

Erosion of Old Slump-Scar on Nova Scotian Slope and Possible Mid-Slope Depositional Lobe: ABSTRACT

Philip R. Hill

Geology-Petrophysics of Levelland 12-Acre Tertiary Pilot, West Texas: ABSTRACT

George A. Hillis

Modern Carbonate Shelf-Slope Boundaries: ABSTRACT

Albert C. Hine, Henry T. Mullins

Mineral Reactions in Shale Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

John Hower

Faunal Zonation of Cenomanian (Middle Cretaceous) Rudist Reef, Paso del Rio, Colima, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Terry L. Huffington

Surface Geochemical Prospecting--Pro and Con: ABSTRACT

John M. Hunt

Recognition of Shelf-Slope Break Along Tectonically Active, Ancient Continental Margins: ABSTRACT

Raymond V. Ingelsoll, Stephan A. Graham

Origin, Depositional History, and Correlation of Miocene Diatomites Around North Pacific Margin: ABSTRACT

James C. Ingle, Jr.

Peat--Potential Energy Bridge for North Carolina: ABSTRACT

Roy L. Ingram, Lee J. Otte

Porosity Reduction During Diagenesis of Monterey Formation, Santa Barbara, California: ABSTRACT

Caroline M. Isaacs

Composition of Particles and Cements in Lower Cambrian Reefs and Precipitation of Metastable Carbonates in Paleozoic Ocean: ABSTRACT

Noel P. James, Colin F. Klappa

Fossil Carbonate Platform Margins: ABSTRACT

Noel P. James, Eric W. Mountjoy

Mesozoic Carbonate Platforms and Banks of Eastern North American Margin: ABSTRACT

Lubomir F. Jansa

A Permian-?Pennsylvanian Chondrichthyan Microfauna from Lowermost Wichita-Albany Group in North-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Gary D. Johnson

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Paleogeographic Significance of Spieden Group, San Juan Islands, Washington: ABSTRACT

Samuel Y. Johnson

Resource Assessment of Near-Surface Lignite in Louisiana: ABSTRACT

J. E. Johnston, III, S. A. Mulcahy

Organic Matter Characteristics Near Shelf-Slope Boundary: ABSTRACT

R. W. Jones, G. J. Demaison

Geologic Analysis for Enhanced Oil Recovery, Madison Block, Greenwood County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

D. W. Jordan, K. Haugan

Crustal Loading and Foreland Basin Evolution, Cretaceous, Western United States: ABSTRACT

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Origin of Ooids in Pleistocene Miami Limestone, Florida Keys: ABSTRACT

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Factors Influencing Sediment Transport at Shelf Break: ABSTRACT

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Limitations of Rock-Eval Pyrolysis for Typing Organic Matter: ABSTRACT

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Regional Disconformities and Eustatic History: Cretaceous Trans-Atlantic Test Case: ABSTRACT

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Characteristics of Some Oil Shale, East-Central Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

C. W. Keighin

Geotechnical Properties and Stability Characteristics of Continental Slope Deposits Influenced by Coastal Upwelling: ABSTRACT

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Controls on Diatomaceous Lithofacies in Obliquely Rifted Marginal Basin: Gulf of California: ABSTRACT

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Amorphous and Crystalline Ferromanganese Deposits from Seamounts in Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

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Evolution of Late Holocene Beach Accretion Plain on Pacific Coast: Grayland, Southwestern Washington: ABSTRACT

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Hydrocarbon Exploration on Ancient Shelf-Slope Breaks: ABSTRACT

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Radiolarian Distribution and Enhanced Preservation in Modern Sediments: Indicators of Oceanographic Environments: ABSTRACT

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Subsurface Facies Analysis of Saltos Shale Member (Miocene), Monterey Shale, Cuyama Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Martin B. Lagoe

Evaluation of Atlantic Coastal Plain Geothermal Reservoirs Using Seismic Reflection Data: ABSTRACT

Joseph J. Lambiase, J. K. Costain

Origin and Evolution of Saline Formation Waters, Lower Cretaceous Carbonates, South-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Lynton S. Land, Dennis Prezbindowski

Downward Vertical Fluid Flow in Subsurface: Implications at Kitty Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

G. M. Byrd Larberg

Imaging Beneath Complex Structure: Case History: ABSTRACT

Ken Larner, Bruce Gibson, Ron Chambers

Abnormally High-Pressured, Low-Permeability, Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary Gas Reservoirs, Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Ben E. Law, Charles W. Spencer

Can Hydrocarbon Migration be Recognized by Routine Geochemical Techniques?: ABSTRACT

Detlev Leythaeuser, Rainer G. Schaefer, Arif Yukler

A New Look for Gas in Forbes Formation, Sacramento Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Robert G. Lindblom, William C. Mosier, John B. Jacobson

Synthetic Sonic Logs for Delineation of Petroleum Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Roy O. Lindseth

Turbidite-Deltaic Complex, Piru Gorge Sandstone Member of Ridge Rouge Formation (Pliocene), Ridge Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Martin H. Link

Computer Processing of Production Data--Exploration Tool: ABSTRACT

James A. Lipsey, L. D. Clark

Paleoecology of Miocene Barstow Formation Insect Fauna, Calico Mountains, California: ABSTRACT

Kenneth H. Lister

Holocene Facies Succession and Depositional Environments of Semi-Enclosed Windward Lagoon off Great Abaco Island, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Stanley D. Locker, A. Conrad Neumann

Heterobathyal Benthic Foraminifera: Bathymetric Migrations as Oceans Change: ABSTRACT

G. P. Lohmann

Sedimentation and Diagenesis of Upper Smackover Grainstone, Jay Field Area, West Florida: ABSTRACT

Anthony J. Lomando, Jr., B. Charlotte Schreiber, Roy D. Nurmi

Chemical Evolution of Brines from Modern Coastal Marine Sabkha: ABSTRACT

David T. Long, Robert Gudramovics

Products and Processes of Ancient Arid Coastline: Lower Cutler Group (Permian), Southeastern Utah: ABSTRACT

David B. Loope

Basin Evolution and Present Faulting Patterns Within Isthmus of Panama Volcanic Arc: ABSTRACT

Allen Lowrie, Robert Stewart

Seismic Stratigraphic Identification of Submarine Fans--Espirito Santo Basin, Offshore Brazil: ABSTRACT

C. Lucchesi, P. Araripe, V. Beraldo

Geologic and Geophysical Study of Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field, Mexico: ABSTRACT

D. J. Lyons, P. C. Van de Kamp, S. P. Vonder Haar

Subtle Traps in East China Oil-Bearing Basins: ABSTRACT

Li Ma

Interactive Stratigraphic Well Log and Seismic Modeling: ABSTRACT

Ron Maccallum, Daniel Paturet

Geology and Uranium Deposits of Tallahassee Creek District, Fremont County, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Bruce A. MacPherson

Capping Rock and Its Formation: ABSTRACT

Kinji Magara

Evolution of Sedimentary Systems During Mesozoic and Cenozoic in Southern Alaska--An Overview: ABSTRACT

Leslie B. Magoon, Charles E. Kirschner

Geophysical Survey of Anadyr and Navarin Basins, Northern Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

Michael S. Marlow, Alan K. Cooper, Jonathan Childs

Model for Estuarine Transgression Based on Facies Variants in Nearshore of Western Delaware Bay: ABSTRACT

Pat R. Marx, John C. Kraft

New Insights into Devonian Oil Shale Resource of Eastern United States: ABSTRACT

R. David Matthews, John C. Janka, John M. Dennison

Oxygen Isotope Record of Ice Volume History: 100 M.Y of Glacio-Eustatic Sea Level Fluctuation: ABSTRACT

R. K. Matthews, R. Z. Poore

Shelf-Edge Conduit: Channelized Sediment Transport Across Eocene Fore-Arc Basin Margin, Southern California: ABSTRACT

J. A. May, J. E. Warme, J. M. Lohmar

Comparison of Eogenetic and Mesogenetic Porosity-Diagenetic Trends in Deeply-Buried Limestone Reservoir in West Texas: ABSTRACT

S. J. Mazzullo

Tectonic Effects on Meandering River Deposits, Carboniferous, Nova Scotia, Canada: ABSTRACT

Peter J. McCabe

Depositional Model of Sand-Dominated Mesotidal Estuary: ABSTRACT

C. Y. McCants, G. A. Zarillo, M. O. Hayes

Nonmarine Carbonates of Neogene Lake Idaho in Utah: ABSTRACT

Patrick H. McClellan

New Surface-Sediment Distribution Maps for Pacific Ocean: ABSTRACT

Floyd W. McCoy

Burial Diagenesis of Illite/Smectite, a Kinetic Model: ABSTRACT

D. G. McCubbin, J. W. Patton

Middle Tertiary Laumontite Isograd Offset 37 Km by Left-Lateral Strike-Slip on Santa Ynez Fault, California: ABSTRACT

Thane H. McCulloh

Sandstone Tongue of Cherry Canyon Formation and Upper San Andres Formation (Permian), Last Chance Canyon Area, Southeast New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert W. McDermott, Alan J. Scott

Microfossils from Type Relizian and Luisian Stages of California: ABSTRACT

Kristin McDougall, R. Z. Poore, John A. Barron

Resedimented Deposits and Evolution of Thornton Reef (Niagaran) Northeastern Illinois: ABSTRACT

James E. McGovney

Applications of Fluid Inclusion Studies to Reservoir Diagenesis and Petroleum Migration: Smackover Formation, U.S. Gulf Coast, and Fateh Field, Dubai: ABSTRACT

Roger K. McLimans

Distribution of Foraminifera on North Florida Atlantic Inner Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Edward P. Meisburger

Overview of Geothermal Exploration on Western Slopes of Mt. Hood, Oregon: ABSTRACT

H. Jack Meyer, John W. Hook

Cretaceous Black Shales in Angola Basin of South Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

Philip A. Meyers, Simon C. Brassell, William W. Hay

Recent Benthic Foraminiferal Biofacies from Northeast United States Continental Slope and Rise: ABSTRACT

Kenneth G. Miller, G. P. Lohmann

Depositional Model for Submarine Fans

Marcus E. Milling, Sr., John R. Duncan

Sedimentology of Brent Formation (Middle Jurassic), Statfjord Field, Norway-United Kingdom : ABSTRACT

R. J. Moiola, E. L. Jones

Glacial-Marine Sedimentation: A Model: ABSTRACT

Bruce F. Molnia

Shelf-Slope Boundary at Active Subduction Zones: ABSTRACT

George W. Moore

Characteristics of Sunda Subduction Zone: ABSTRACT

Gregory F. Moore, Joseph R. Curray

Contrasts in Paleogene Tectonic Style, Kodiak Accretionary Complex: Ridge-Trench Interaction and Reduced Convergence Rate: ABSTRACT

J. C. Moore, T. Byrne, M. Reid

Genetic Lithostratigraphy of Dunkard Group, Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Thomas R. Moore

Landsat Imagery as Tool for Determining Potential Oil and Gas Resources: ABSTRACT

Ken M. Morgan, Jack Walper, Don Morris-Jones

Subtle Porosity and Traps Within Frisco Formation (Devonian, Hunton Group): Geologic-Seismic Waveform Approach, Example from West El Reno Field, Canadian County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

William A. Morgan, Richard E. Schneider

Overview of LASL Oil Shale Program: ABSTRACT

Wayne Morris

Mineral Exploration Using Landsat Image Processing and Interpretation Techniques: ABSTRACT

Donald R. Morris-Jones, Ken M. Morgan, Jack Walper

Paleogeography and Tectonic Implications of Late Cretaceous to Middle Tertiary Rocks of Southern Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

David G. Morse

Sedimentology and Tectonic Implications of Oligocene Castle Rock Conglomerate, Southern Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

David G. Morse

Storm-Surge Ebb Deposits of Early Cambrian Shelf: Andrews Mountain Member, Campito Formation, Eastern California: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey F. Mount

Sedimentologic Aspects of Bioturbation in Abyssal Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

L. N. Muller, A. A. Ekdale

Anatomy of Modern Open-Ocean Windward Carbonate Slope: Northern Little Bahama Bank: ABSTRACT

Henry T. Mullins, H. M. Van Buren, R. A. Davis

Diagenesis of Marine Sands to Tight Gas Sands: Effects on Acoustic and Hydraulic Properties: ABSTRACT

William Murphy, Joel Walls

Relation of Calcite Cementation and Uranium Mineralization in South Texas: ABSTRACT

Steven M. Murray, Harald S. Poelchau, Stephen D. Meyers

Seals for Major Middle East Fields: ABSTRACT

R. J. Murris

Simulation Model for Petroleum Exploration and Its Applications: ABSTRACT

Kazuo Nakayama, Dewitt C. Van Siclen

Seismic-Stratigraphy of Santa Monica Basin Fill, Southern California Borderland: ABSTRACT

Thomas R. Nardin

Quantitative Investigation of Trapping Effect of Unfaulted Caprock: ABSTRACT

M. H. Nederlof, H. P. Mohler

Waulsortian Mounds and Lithoherms Compared: ABSTRACT

A. Conrad Neumann

Faunal Succession Within Deep-Water Coral Mounds North of Little Bahama Bank: ABSTRACT

Cathryn R. Newton, Henry T. Mullins

Permian and Triassic Boundary of Southwestern Utah: ABSTRACT

R. Larell Nielson

Diagenetic Effects and Pore System Evolution: ABSTRACT

Roy D. Nurmi

Geochronology Bearing on Age of Monterey Formation, California: ABSTRACT

John D. Obradovich, Charles W. Naeser

Novel Approach to Eh-pH Diagrams and Their Relation to Uranium In-Situ Leaching: ABSTRACT

John E. Oddo, John A. S. Adams, M. B. Thompson

Methane from Coal Beds--an Exploration Approach: ABSTRACT

David W. Oldham, D. Keith Murray

Geomorphic Features of Shelf-Slope Revealed by Sidescan Sonar Images: ABSTRACT

Dennis W. O'Leary, William B. F. Ryan

What Can Elasticity Moduli Tell Us About Lithology and Diagenesis?: ABSTRACT

Gildas Omnes

Geochemical Prospecting for Oil and Gas: Microbiologist's Viewpoint: ABSTRACT

Ronald S. Oremland

Stratigraphic and Unconformity Traps in Niger Delta: ABSTRACT

James M. Orife, Akpo A. Avbovbo

Evaporites as Seals for Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Carbonate Provinces of North America: Case Histories: ABSTRACT

Jack M. Oswalt

Petrologic History of Late Cretaceous Nanaimo Group in Nanaimo Basin, Western Washington and British Columbia: Implications for Cretaceous Tectonics: ABSTRACT

Jory A. Pacht

Submarine-Fan Facies of Late Cretaceous Nanaimo Group in Restricted Nanaimo Basin, Washington and British Columbia: ABSTRACT

Jory A. Pacht

Exploration for Geothermal Resources in Dixie Valley, Nevada: Case History: ABSTRACT

W. L. Parchman Jr., John W. Knox

Recognition of Sand Body Depositional Environments: Limitations of Fourier Analysis and New Approach to Grain-Shape Analysis: ABSTRACT

James M. Parks

Global Atmospheric Circulation in Mesozoic and Cenozoic: ABSTRACT

Judith Totman Parrish

Upwelling and Phosphorites in Paleozoic: ABSTRACT

Judith Totman Parrish, Roger G. Humphreville

Reef Facies of Winnipegosis Formation (Middle Devonian), Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Nancy A. Perrin

Sedimentary Facies and Depositional Environments of Late Wisconsinian Glacial-Marine Deposits in Central Puget Lowland, Washington: ABSTRACT

F. Pessl, Jr., D. P. Dethier, R. F. Keuler

Calcium Carbonate Cementation of Tills Rich in Ultramafic Rocks, Northern Puget Sound Region, Washington: ABSTRACT

David R. Pevear, Ralph F. Keuler

Plant Megafossils at Carboniferous-Permian Boundary: ABSTRACT

Hermann W. Pfefferkorn, William H. Gillespie

Depositional and Structural Controls on Heavy-Petroleum Tar Sands in Santa Cruz Mountains: ABSTRACT

R. Lawrence Phillips

Confirmation of Imbricate Thrusting in California Coast Ranges: Geology of Mysterious Valley Area, Napa County

Stephen Paul Phipps

Shelf-Break Circulation, Fronts, and Physical Oceanography: East and West Coast Perspectives: ABSTRACT

Leonard J. Pietrafesa

Global Tectonic Control of Secular Variations in Phanerozoic Sedimentary Rock/Ocean/Atmosphere Chemistry: ABSTRACT

John D. Pigott

Sedimentology of Tight Gas Sandstones: Well Log and Core Evaluation: ABSTRACT

Gordon Pirie, Ercill Hunt

Diagenetic Trends in Siliceous Facies of Monterey Formation, California: ABSTRACT

Kenneth A. Pisciotto

Authigenic Dolomite in Monterey Formation, California, and Related Rocks from Offshore California and Baja California: ABSTRACT

Kenneth A. Pisciotto, John J. Mahoney

New Eustatic Sea Level Curve from Oceanographic Data: ABSTRACT

Walter C. Pitman, III, Michelle A. Kominz

Fluidized-Bed Combustion of Oil Shales: ABSTRACT

A. A. Pitrolo, Jer-Yu Shang, William K. Overbey

Generic Predominance Facies Among Deep-Water Benthic Foraminifera of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. Wylie Poag

Chronostratigraphic Sequences Beneath Northeastern United States Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

C. Wylie Poag, John S. Schlee

Planktonic Calibration of Provincial Miocene Stages of California: ABSTRACT

Richard Z. Poore

Focused Migration of Gas and Oil: ABSTRACT

Johann-Christian Pratsch

Stromatolitic Framework of Carbonate Mud Mounds: ABSTRACT

Brian R. Pratt

Digital Base Maps--Dealing with Registration Problem: ABSTRACT

F. Pierce Pratt

Terrestrial Influence and Bioturbation Effects on Composition of Organic Matter in Middle Cretaceous Shale and Limestone Sequence near Pueblo, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Lisa M. Pratt

Micropaleontologic Analysis of Navarin Basin, Bering Sea, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Paula Quinterno, Joyce R. Blueford, Jack G. Baldauf

Melones ยต: Clay Controlled, Inclined Oil-Water Contact Reservoir, Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt: ABSTRACT

Jose Rabasso-V., Gustavo Seitz

Holocene and Ancient Hardgrounds: Petrographic Comparison: ABSTRACT

Barbara Rassmann-McLaurin

Seismic Stratigraphy Interpretation of Paleocene, Fort Union Formation, Wind River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Randy R. Ray

Carbonate Platform Slopes of Extensional Continental Margins: ABSTRACT

J. F. Read

Paleoecology of Oligocene Reef Tract, Southwestern Puerto Rico: ABSTRACT

M. M. Realini, M. P. Weiss, S. H. Frost

Continental Reserves and Deliverability: ABSTRACT

Thomas L. Rebik, William K. Peebles

Hypothesis Combining Dilation, Natural Hydraulic Fracturing, and Dolomitization to Explain Petroleum Reservoirs in Monterey Shale, Santa Maria Area, California: ABSTRACT

Lowell Redwine

Methane Oxidation in Anoxic Marine Sediments: ABSTRACT

William S. Reeburgh

Some Recent Developments in Drill-Stem Test Interpretation Useful to Explorationists in Tight Gas Sand Plays and in Identifying Reservoirs with Linear Geometry: ABSTRACT

Hugh W. Reid, Tom B. Davis, Lloyd G. Alexander

Depositional Complexities in Sea-Ice Environment of Arctic Shelves: Example from Harrison Bay, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Erk Reimnitz, P. W. Barnes

Significance of Shallow Gas in Ancient Marine Sequences: ABSTRACT

Dudley D. Rice, George E. Claypool

Oblique Dunes of Oregon Coast: ABSTRACT

Bruce M. Richmond, Ralph E. Hunter

Geologic Hazards and Constraints, Federal Oil and Gas Lease Sale 53 Area, Offshore Central and Northern California: ABSTRACT

William C. Richmond, Deborah J. Burdick, Donald J. Krotser

Miocene Phosphorite Sedimentation on Atlantic Continental Shelf, Onslow Bay, North Carolina: ABSTRACT

Stanley R. Riggs, Don W. Lewis, Albert C. Hine

Cyclic Deposition of Upper Tertiary Phosphorites of North Carolina Coastal Plain and Their Relation to Global Sea Level Curves: ABSTRACT

Stanley R. Riggs, Don W. Lewis, A. Kelly Scarborough

Ichnology of Neritic Turbidite: Silurian Red Mountain Formation, Georgia and Tennessee: ABSTRACT

Andrew K. Rindsberg, Robert W. Frey

How to Correct Seismic Data to Improve Seismic Impedance Logs: ABSTRACT

E. Robein, J. M. Komatitsch

Paleobotany, Paleoenvironments, and Stratigraphy of Lower Kirtland Leaf Locality near Bisti, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Coleman Robison, Donald L. Wolberg, Adrian Hunt

Seismic Amplitude Variations and Detection of Sand Bodies: ABSTRACT

Randall C. Roe, John E. Beitzel

Dilation Brecciation--Proposed Mechanism of Fracturing, Petroleum Expulsion, and Dolomitization in Monterey Formation, California: ABSTRACT

P. O. Roehl

Laboratory Simulation of Organic Diagenesis Leading to Oil and Gas Formation: ABSTRACT

B. G. Rohrback, K. E. Peters, I. R. Kaplan

Future Success Factors for Petroleum Geologists or What They Don't Teach in Departments: ABSTRACT

John W. Rold

Boundary Problems Between Carboniferous and Permian Systems: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Ross

Bed Forms, Facies Association, and Tectono-Stratigraphic Setting of Proterozoic Eolianites, Hornby Bay Group, Northwest Territories, Canada: ABSTRACT

G. M. Ross

Reflection Seismic Surveys for Basin and Range Geothermal Areas--An Assessment: ABSTRACT

Howard P. Ross, William E. Glenn, Charles M. Swift

Roosevelt Hot Springs, Utah Geothermal Resource--Integrated Case Study: ABSTRACT

Howard P. Ross, Dennis L. Nielson, William E. Glenn

Biostratigraphy of Monterey Formation, Palos Verde Hills, Southern California: ABSTRACT

H. Chandler Rowell

Dune Size in Paleodeserts of Colorado Plateau: ABSTRACT

David M. Rubin, Ralph E. Hunter

Model of Transgressive Barrier Island Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

Christopher H. Ruby, Peter J. Reinhart

Mineralogic and Chemical Composition of Antrim Shale, Michigan: ABSTRACT

Albert P. Ruotsala, Vernon R. Sandell, David G. Leddy

Bridges to What Future?: ABSTRACT

R. Dana Russell

Influence of Pore Geometry on Future Enhanced Recovery in Ordovician (Red River) Carbonate Reservoirs at Cabin Creek Field, Montana: ABSTRACT

Kenneth Ruzyla, Gerald M. Friedman

Lithofacies and Depositional Environments of Coaledo Formation, Coos County, Oregon: ABSTRACT

Paul T. Ryberg

Eustatic Control of Distribution of Lower Upper Cretaceous Coal Beds in Utah: Application in Coal Exploration: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Ryer

Seismic Interpretation of Statvik Field, Norway--3-Dimensional Study of Subunconformity Trap: ABSTRACT

G. T. Saeland, G. S. Simpson

Diatoms in Sediments as Shelf-Slope Indicators: ABSTRACT

Constance Sancetta

Stratigraphy and Intertonguing Between Coal-Bearing Upper Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation and Star Point Sandstone, Central and Southern Parts of Wasatch Plateau Coalfield, Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Joseph D. Sanchez, Terrence L. Brown, William J. Muldoon

Pennsylvanian Aragonite from Southeastern Kansas--Environmental and Diagenetic Implications: ABSTRACT

P. A. Sandberg, Brian N. Popp

Stratigraphic Traps in Paleocene Sands in Balder Area, North Sea: ABSTRACT

J. F. Sarg, L. J. Skjold

Geophysical Characterization of Lithology--Application to Subtle Traps: ABSTRACT

Carl H. Savit, C. Wu

Porosity and Textural Characteristics of Eolian Stratification: ABSTRACT

Christopher J. Schenk

Bahama Platform Slopes: Carbonate Diagenesis Within and Below Thermocline: ABSTRACT

W. Schlager, N. P. James

Estimate of Displacement in Major Zone of Tear-Thrusting in Fold and Thrust Belt, Southwest Montana: ABSTRACT

Christopher J. Schmidt, Calvin James, Jay N. Shearer

Depositional Environment of Dry Hollow Member, Upper Cretaceous Frontier Formation, Southwestern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

James G. Schmitt

Cenozoic Deep-Water Benthic Foraminifers: ABSTRACT

Detmar Schnitker

Surface Features and Geology of Selected Cores from Elizabeth Reef, Tasman Sea, Australia: ABSTRACT

Donald W. Schofield, Richard A. Slater, Charles V. G. Phipps

Prediction of Caprock Seal Capacity: ABSTRACT

Tim T. Schowalter

Prediction of Lateral Seal Capacity from Core Data: ABSTRACT

Tim T. Schowalter

Core and Log Analysis for Subtle Trap: Cotton Valley Tight Gas Sand: ABSTRACT

Joseph A. Schrank, Ercill Hunt

Evaporitive Limestone: Its Generation and Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

B. Charlotte Schreiber, Judith A. McKenzie, Arvedo Decima

Geology and Diagenesis of Belridge Diatomite and Brown Shale, San Joaquin Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Daniel E. Schwartz, William E. Hottman, Stephen O. Sears

Lower Pleistocene Quiet-Water Lacustrine Ooliths from Koobi Fora Tuff, East Lake Turkana, North Kenya: ABSTRACT

Hilde L. Schwartz

Biostratigraphy of Discocyclinid-Bearing Beds, Eocene Llajas Formation, Southwestern Santa Susana Mountains, California: ABSTRACT

Herman B. Schymiczek, Richard L. Squires

Mesozoic and Cenozoic Base Maps: ABSTRACT

C. R. Scotese, R. Van Der Voo, W. C. Ross

Trace Fossil Assemblages as Indicators of Shelf-Sandstone Facies, Upper Cretaceous, Northwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Alan J. Scott, J. Michael Boyles

Models for Deep-Water Sedimentation in Tectonic Basin: Stevens Sandstone, San Joaquin Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Richard M. Scott, Roderick W. Tillman

Conditions Under Which Fractures Form and Create Conduits for Fluids: ABSTRACT

Donald T. Secor, Jr.

Application of Biologic Markers in Combination with Stable Carbon Isotopes to Source Rock/Oil Correlations, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Wolfgang K. Seifert, J. Michael Moldowan, R. W. Jones

South-Aniuy Suture (West Chukotka): ABSTRACT

Kirill B. Seslavinsky

Changing Patterns of Phosphogenesis in Mesozoic and Cenozoic: ABSTRACT

Richard P. Sheldon, William C. Burnett

Economics of Small-Scale Oil Shale Retorts: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Shelton

Highlights in History of Geophysical Exploration: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Sheriff

Comparison of Solution-Mineral Equilibria with Single-Element and Statistical Methods in Hydrogeochemical Exploration for Uranium: ABSTRACT

Don L. Shettel, Jr., Ralph D. D'Andrea, Jr., Richard J. Zinkl

Sedimentary Processes in Restricted Gulf Coast Estuarine System: Corpus Christi Bay, Texas: ABSTRACT

Gerald L. Sideler, Charles E. Stelting

Delta-Front Shelf Storm Deposits of Subsurface Woodbine-Eagle Ford Interval (Upper Cretaceous), Damascus Field, Northern Polk County, Texas: Success from Combined Development Geology and Sedimentologic Core Analysis: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Siemers, P. Connie Hudson

Cherts in Wishart Formation (Aphebian) of Labrador: Example of Rapid Shallow-Water Silica Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Bruce M. Simonson

Comparative Anatomy of Cratonic Unconformities: ABSTRACT

L. L. Sloss

Geochemical Correlation of Sedimentary Rocks: ABSTRACT

R. G. Smalley, R. L. Burtner

Sedimentology of Tuscaloosa Sandstones from False River and Judge Digby Fields, Pointe Coupee and West Baton Rouge Parishes, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Guy W. Smith

Mineral Deposits at Shelf-Slope Break: ABSTRACT

Peter A. Smith

Petroleum Potential of Shelikof Strait Based on Outcrops in Katmai National Monument, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Thomas N. Smith, George W. Petering

Subaerial Exposure Criteria in Modern Playa Mud Cracks: ABSTRACT

Joseph P. Smoot

Early Diagenetic Controls on Allochthonous Carbonate Debris Flows--Examples from Egyptian Lower Eocene Platform-Slope: ABSTRACT

P. D. Snavely, III

Paleophosphate Determinations: Potentially Useful Paleo-Oceanographic Tool: ABSTRACT

Anthony D. Socci, Michael A. Sommer II

Isotopic Composition of Heavy (C15+) Saturate and Aromatic Fractions of Crude Oils: ABSTRACT

Zvi Sofer

Modern Depositional Analogs to Monterey Formation: ABSTRACT

Andrew Soutar, T. R. Baumgartner

Geology and Reservoir Distribution, Pinda Formation, Offshore Zaire and Southern Offshore Cabinda: ABSTRACT

Richard H. Spaw, Robert P. Koehler

Integrated Stratigraphic and Seismic Approaches to Reservoir Mapping, Mibale Field, Offshore Zaire: ABSTRACT

Richard H. Spaw, Donald A. Herron, Donald A. Becker

Mineralogy and Pore Fluid Geochemistry of Great Salt Lake, Utah: ABSTRACT

R. J. Spencer, H. P. Eugster, B. F. Jones

Late Pleistocene and Holocene Sedimentary History of Great Salt Lake, Utah: ABSTRACT

R. J. Spencer, H. P. Eugster, K. Kelts

Stacked Log Curves: Aid to Multiple Well Exploration Studies: ABSTRACT

G. S. Srivastava, D. J. Canfield, E. V. Landrigan

Geochemistry of Gaseous Hydrocarbons Adsorbed in Shallow Sediments Offshore Santa Barbara, California: ABSTRACT

Wolfgang J. Stahl, Eckhardt Faber

"Mud-Line": Modeling its Position Relative to Shelf Break: ABSTRACT

Daniel Jean Stanley, Sunit K. Addy, E. W. Behrens

Preliminary Study of Distribution and Transport of Radium, Radon, and Their Alpha Emitting Daughters Using Nuclear Emulsions and Polonium-210: ABSTRACT

Lorin R. Stieff, Indira L. Balkissoon, Florence M. Barbera

Depositional Provinces of Paleozoic and Uppermost Precambrian Rocks in Great Basin, Western United States: ABSTRACT

John H. Stewart

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Antarctica: ABSTRACT

Bill St. John

Kaolinite Formation in Clastic Reservoirs: Carbon Dioxide Factor: ABSTRACT

Ronald K. Stoessell

Synsedimentary Tectonic Controls on Facies Evolution of Late Miocene Barrier Reef Complex: Upper Coralline Limestone, Maltese Islands: ABSTRACT

Sidney R. Storey

Isotope Geochemistry of Calcite and Clay Minerals in Volcanogenic Rocks, Great Valley Sequence, Northern California: Implications for Organic Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

Robert K. Suchecki

Oceanographic Controls on Organic Matter in Miocene Monterey Formation, Offshore California: ABSTRACT

Colin P. Summerhayes

Diagenesis and Migration of Hydrocarbons in Monterey Formation, Pismo Syncline, California: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Surdam, K. O. Stanley

Sedimentologic Framework of Green River Formation, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Surdam, K. O. Stanley

Wave-Dominated Deltaic Sedimentation in Devonian Bokkeveld Basin of South Africa: ABSTRACT

Anthony J. Tankard, John H. Barwis

Paleogeographic Setting and Depositional Environments of Santa Margarita Formation, Ventura County, California: ABSTRACT

Devin R. Thor

Fortescue Field--Stratigraphic Trap in Gippsland Basin, Australia: ABSTRACT

R. C. N. Thornton, B. J. Burns, A. J. Rigg

Mass-Movement Processes in Fine-Grained, Hemipelagic Basin: Santa Barbara Basin, California Borderland: ABSTRACT

Scott E. Thornton

Organic Maturity and its Geologic Bearing in Tertiary of Spitsbergen: ABSTRACT

Torbjorn Throndsen

Sedimentary Facies Analysis, El Dorado Field, Kansas, Micellar Chemical Pilot Project: ABSTRACT

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