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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 66 (1982)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 611

Last Page: 611

Title: Evidence of Cross-Formational Flow Above Healdton Oil Previous HitFieldNext Hit, Carter County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Cheryl Ann Muzyl

Article Type: Meeting abstract


An anticlinal trap is the locus of deep-water discharge with hydrocarbons being retained while the water is transmitted vertically through the sediments. The change in the sense of water movement from lateral to vertical at the apex of the anticline is accompanied by temperature- and salinity-gradient changes. Because of this, it might be possible to outline an oil Previous HitfieldNext Hit by an analysis of these gradients over an anticline.

To test this hypothesis, Healdton anticline, Carter County, Oklahoma, a textbook Previous HitexampleNext Hit of an anticline, was selected for study. This paper examines by an analysis of the salinity and geothermal gradients in the shallow beds the probability of cross-formational flow through the anticline. A large amount of Previous HitdataNext Hit is available from electric logs of wells drilled in Carter County. Using the spontaneous potential curve and a modified computer program, formation-water resistivities were calculated and these resistivities were converted into total dissolved solids (salinity) based on empirical Previous HitdataNext Hit from the study area. It is anticipated that contour maps of salinity and geothermal gradients will show the outline of the Healdton oil Previous HitfieldTop.

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