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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 66 (1982)

Issue: 10. (October)

First Page: 1703

Last Page: 1704

Title: Dipmeter Advisor Expert System: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Ingrid Carlbom

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The dipmeter services offered by Schlumberger consist of measurements made in a well bore to determine the inclinations, or dip, of the bedding layers penetrated by the well. The measurements are represented on a log in the form of arrow plots, which indicate the magnitude and direction of the dip as a function of depth. Information about the underground structure and stratigraphy can be derived from arrow plot patterns on the dipmeter log in conjunction with other types of data from the borehole as well as some general knowledge of the geological area. Traditionally, Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit of dipmeter data has been made by a human expert who identifies and decodes the arrow plot patterns.

The Dipmeter Advisor system is an application of artificial intelligence and expert system techniques to dipmeter log Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit.

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It incorporates the inference and knowledge of human dipmeter experts. The first prototype system, which was completed in December 1980, consisted of Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit in marine environments, but recently the system has been extended to continental and transitional environments as well.

The Dipmeter Advisor system has a highly interactive graphics user interface. During the Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit, the user has access to the arrow plot data and other related well data through a graphics display screen. The Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit is made in a sequence of passes over the data, each pass arriving at some conclusions based on user input, combined with applications of the rules of dipmeter Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit and of pattern recognition algorithms in previous passes. The partial results are displayed on the graphics screen for user verification and the user can, with graphics interaction devices, make any additions, deletions, and modifications of the results in each pass. The final output of the system consists of a log annotated much in the same way as dipmeter logs are currently annotated by human experts.

Several aspects of the Dipmeter Advisor system will be described: the system organization, the graphics interface, and the general form of the rules and the inference structure. The operation of the Dipmeter Advisor system will be demonstrated with an example of dipmeter Previous HitinterpretationTop.

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