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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 66 (1982)

Issue: 10. (October)

First Page: 1704

Last Page: 1705

Title: A Microcomputer Workstation for Interactive Geology and Geophysics: ABSTRACT

Author(s): H. A. Hildebrand

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The capabilities of a new microcomputer system are reviewed. This system allows easy data management for both geologists and Previous HitprocessingNext Hit geophysicists. Currently available peripherals include a digitizer, pen plotter, raster graphics printer, and graphics video. Communications allow hardwired or modern access to other computers.

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The application of software centers around a unified data management system and is extremely menu oriented, allowing easy use by personnel unfamiliar with computers. Applications software serves to assist in data acquisition, Previous HitqualityNext Hit Previous HitcontrolNext Hit, and computation for both seismic Previous HitprocessingNext Hit and interpretation. These applications include handling of such data as geometry, velocities, and muting, as well as geologic applications such as digitizing horizons, storing and plotting regional data, and digitizing and Previous HitprocessingTop well log data.

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