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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 67 (1983)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 433

Last Page: 433

Title: Results of Ocean Margin Drilling Program Synthesis of Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Richard T. Buffler, Stanley D. Locker, Clint D. Cagle, William B. Sawyer, John C. Crowe, Ronald L. Phair

Article Type: Meeting abstract


A series of 23 maps plus three cross sections synthesize and integrate for the first time geologic and geophysical data from both the deep central Gulf of Mexico basin and the periphery of the basin. These maps and sections are part of the Ocean Margin Drilling Program synthesis of the Gulf of Mexico basin, a joint project sponsored by the National Science Foundation/Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc., and a consortium of petroleum companies. The study area is bounded by 30°/31° on the north, 98° on the west, 82° on the east, and 18° on the south (excluding Cuba and the Yucatan basin). Maps include a regional tectonic map; a map of all seismic refraction data; six structure maps (basement, top Jurassic, top Early Cretaceous, top Late Cretaceou , top Paleogene, and top Neogene); six lithofacies maps (Oxfordian [Late Jurassic], Aptian-Cenomanian [Early Cretaceous], Coniacian-Santonian [Lake Cretaceous], Early Eocene, Miocene, and Pleistocene); and nine isopach maps (total sediment, pre-top Early Cretaceous, post-top Early Cretaceous, Late Jurassic, Early Cretaceous, Lake Cretaceous, Paleogene, Neogene, and Pleistocene). Also included are two N-S cross sections and one E-W cross section. This project is an attempt to synthesize all data available in the public domain. Data for the deep central Gulf are based mainly on regional multifold seismic lines, while data from the periphery are based mainly on the published literature. These maps and sections present for the first time an integrated and comprehensive look at the structure nd stratigraphy of the entire central Gulf basin as well as document many details of the early history and later filling of the basin.

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