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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 67 (1983)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 553

Last Page: 553

Title: Morphological Variation of the Ostracode Krithe: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Alan M. Strauss

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Ostracodes, like other organisms, react to a changing environment by altering their morphology. This paper reports how the recent ostracode Krithe changes when temperature, oxygen, salinity, and depth vary. Eight specimens were chosen from varying localities in the north and south Atlantic Oceans. Although temperature and salinity did change in these locations, they did not vary enough to warrant study. Due to a lack of oxygen data, depth was the only environmental parameter available for examination. The Theta-Rho analysis technique was used to study the specimens. Marginal outline, anterior and posterior vestibules, and pore canals were all examined to see if they changed with depth. The outer margin area did not change in any consistent way with increasing depth. The a ea of the posterior vestibule decreased with increasing depth, and the anterior vestibule showed a possible trend for the area of increasing with increasing depth. Finally, the pore canals did seem to change with a variation in depth, but no direction for this change was found. It is suggested, in conclusion, that further studies use a large number of specimens, so that any indicated trends can be better substantiated.

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