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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 68 (1984)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 484

Last Page: 484

Title: A Microcomputer Geologic Well Data Management System: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Joe W. Harris


A well data management system, geoGRAM, is used to store historical well data and current data from geologic studies of the Rocky Mountain area. The program is a state-of-the-art data-base management system with the ease of use required by the geologist with limited computer experience. It allows the geologist to design map data files to suit the geology of the local or regional study area. Well record formats can handle information on 48 zones and, depending on disk capacity, store from 1 to more than 30,000 wells in each file. User-defined defaults for formation names and other data allow data to be entered mostly from the numeric keypad. Data stored is that normally gleaned from scout tickets, test reports, and well log analysis. The program automatically calculates el vations and potentiometric surfaces and any user-selected thicknesses and ratios. It allows data input in both metric and traditional units, and output in units the user selects.

Access to stored data and report writing are as simple as data entry. The file access method allows rapid on-screen viewing of records either by random access to individual well records or by "thumbing through" the file using a single keystroke. Well records may be shown on the screen singly or displayed side by side for data comparison on a 132-column screen. Printouts are provided with single-well cards holding up to 48 lines of data with graphics showing well location, API well symbol, and user-selected symbols to indicate producing zones. Multiwell listing on either printer or CRT screen is also provided. Report design including data selection, column layout and headings is accomplished entirely by menu selection.

In addition to the file data output to the CRT screen and the 2 hardcopy printout methods, file data may also be transferred to mainframe computers for graphics or other special processing by modem, disk, or tape using IMB 3740 protocol.

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