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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 68 (1984)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 522

Last Page: 522

Title: A New Holocene Sea Level Curve for Upper Florida Keys and Florida Reef Tract: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Daniel M. Robbin


A new Holocene sea level curve for the upper Florida Keys and Florida reef tract has been constructed by integrating existing and new data from 14C age analyses. New data are derived from 21 mangrove peat samples from 5 locations and 3 laminated CaCO3 soilstone crust (caliche) samples from 3 locations. The new sea level curve is based on 14C ages ranging from 360 ± 60 y.B.P. to 14,000 ± 160 y.B.P., and indicates a fluctuating sea level rise of approximately 0.3 mm/yr (from 14,000 to 7,000 y.B.P., sea level rose from 9.2 to 7.0 m, 30.2 to 23 ft, below MSL), approximately 1.2 mm/yr (from 7,000 to 2,000 y.B.P., sea level rose from 7.0 to 0.75 m, 23 to 2.5 ft, below MSL), and approximately 0.3 mm/yr (from 2,000 y.B.P. to present, sea level rose from 0.75 m, 2.5 ft, below MSL to present MSL).

No evidence was found in this area that, during the last 14,000 yr, any highstand was greater than the present sea level. The rate of rising sea level, however, has varied. Sea level stand in this area at 14,000 y.B.P. is much shallower than indicated on other published curves for the east coast of the United States.

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