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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 68 (1984)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 945

Last Page: 945

Title: Nacimiento Uplift and Its Similarity to Foreland Uplifts with Associated Production: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Michael L. Pinnell


The Nacimiento mountain front, east flank of the San Juan basin, is a well-documented foreland uplift. Based on detailed surface geology, its northern flank shows strong similarity to the Laramie Range and Owl Creek Mountain-Casper arch foreland uplifts of Wyoming. Petroleum has been discovered beneath these two uplifts by wells drilled through thrusted Precambrian rocks.

Recent exploration for petroleum trapped beneath Rocky Mountain foreland uplifts has provided a wealth of geologic and geophysical data not previously available. These recently published data, both from wells and reflection seismic profiles, show surface geology integrated with subsurface geology. Northern Nacimiento uplift surface geology is so similar to these other well-documented foreland uplifts that subsurface anticlines and/or faulted closures are very probably similar to productive subsurface structures under Wyoming's foreland uplifts. Such structures, if present under Nacimiento foreland uplift, could contain significant quantities of hydrocarbons considering the prolific production from stratigraphic traps in the immediately adjacent San Juan basin.

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