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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 69 (1985)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 282

Last Page: 282

Title: Geology of Fulmar Oil Field, United Kingdom Sector, Central North Sea: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Thomas A. Mackay, Howard D. Johnson

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Fulmar field is situated within the United Kingdom sector of the central North Sea, 170 mi (270 km) southeast of Aberdeen, in water depths averaging 265 ft (81 m). The field was discovered in 1975 when Shell/Esso well 30/16-6 established the presence of an important oil play within shallow-marine sands of Late Jurassic age in the southwest Central graben of the North Sea basin. The well encountered an oil column of 668 ft (204 m) within apparently homogeneous sandstones displaying excellent reservoir properties. Commercial production was confirmed by an appraisal well, and 4 development wells were pre-drilled from a subsea template prior to platform production, which commenced in February 1982. The reservoir geology was consequently found to be more complicated than o iginally thought and has led to a diversity of depositional and structural models. To date, 23 development wells have been drilled. Current recoverable oil reserves are estimate at 427 million bbl with an oil gravity of 40° API.

Fulmar field is operated by Shell U.K. Ltd. on behalf of the Shell/Esso North Sea Venture and the Fulmar Unit.

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