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AAPG Bulletin; Year: 2018; Issue: December
DOI: 10.1306/05111817254

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Figure 13. Seismic line crossing the outer North Chukchi Basin margin east of Wrangel Island. The thick (>6 sec) sedimentary succession was deposited during and after rifting of the Chukchi Borderland in response to slow hyperextension or mantle exhumation. Note downlapping shelf–slope wedges between the base and top Lower Cretaceous reflectors. The Lower Cretaceous prograding wedge is inferred to be of Aptian–Albian age. Note also the overlying units, which represents continued Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic regression of a rift–tip delta. The location of the Khatanga–Bering transform is highlighted. Modified from Drachev (2011). See Figures 1 and 10 for line location.

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