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AAPG Bulletin; Year: 2018; Issue: December
DOI: 10.1306/05111817254

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Figure 2. Simplified chronostratigraphy for key regions discussed in the text. The diagram illustrates the main transgressive and regressive events and changes in sediment source area for different basins. Note that the geographical orientations refer to present-day coordinates, whereas paleocoordinates are used in the text. Modified from Dixon (1996), Egorov and Mørk (2000), Sekretov, (2001), Vyssotski et al. (2006), Dewing and Embry (2007), Miller and Verzhbitsky (2009), Drachev (2011), Houseknecht and Bird (2011), Kontorovich et al. (2013, 2014). ACMC = Alaska–Chukotka microcontinent.

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