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AAPG Bulletin; Year: 2020; Issue: June
DOI: 10.1306/0122201618217407

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Figure 18. Plot of equivalent vitrinite reflectance against methylphenanthrene index-2 (MPI-2) showing that the Niger Delta oil samples are in the peak to late oil window maturity range. MPI-1 is defined as 1.5(2-methylphenanthrene + 3-methylphenanthrene)/(phenanthrene + 1-methylphenanthrene + 9-methylphenanthrene), and MPI-2 is defined as 3(2-methylphenanthrene)/(phenanthrene + 1-methylphenanthrene + 9-methylphenanthrene). MPI-1 is a variable in the calculation of equivalent vitrinite reflectance (Rc) = (0.6 [MPI-1] + 0.4) after Radke et al. (1986).

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