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AAPG Bulletin; Year: 2022; Issue: March
DOI: 10.1306/07132120084

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Figure 12. Distribution of Middle Jurassic prerift plays. The most significant fairways belong to the Brent Group hosted in rotated and eroded fault blocks of the East Shetland Basin and its Horda platform counterpart on the flanks of the Viking Graben. Exploration potential also occurs in the South Viking Graben, Central Graben, and Moray Firth in places where Middle Jurassic (Pentland Group and Brora Coal Formation) nonmarine paralic clastics were deposited. Igneous and volcanic rocks of the Rattray Volcanic Series occur in central parts of the basin and resulted from the development of a transient plume, the effects of which led to the formation of the mid Cimmerian unconformity, beneath which there is a concentric pattern of subcrop.

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