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AAPG Bulletin; Year: 2022; Issue: March
DOI: 10.1306/07132120084

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Figure 19. West-east cross section across the Johan Sverdrup field, a giant oil discovery located in a block awarded in the Norwegian First Round but which remained undiscovered until 2010 (R√łnnevik et al., 2017). The field hosts stacked reservoirs in the Upper Jurassic, Statfjord and Zechstein. The main reservoirs represent Upper Jurassic synrift sequences located in a bifurcating channel system that lies above a Triassic half graben. The Upper Jurassic depositional system drained northwest off the platform into the Viking Graben from which charge has migrated in during the late Cenozoic to present day to fill a closure created by early Cenozoic structural inversion of the basin-bounding precursor normal fault. Grp = Group; TWT = two-way traveltime.

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