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AAPG Bulletin; Year: 2022; Issue: March
DOI: 10.1306/07132120084

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Figure 9. Montage showing the main elements of the Triassic play at Snorre in the East Shetland Basin (Modified after Hollander, 1987 and Nystuen et al., 1989). (A) West-east regional line illustrating the tilted fault-block geometry at Snorre. (B–D) The internal architecture, chronostratigraphic relationships, and resultant subcrop patterns that are consistent with the occurrence of a paleofootwall high in the north-east of the field. The fact that the present-day closure does not match the subcrop patterns reflects the fact that the locus of postdepositional subsidence migrated north during the postrift interval to set up the present-day closure in a different place than the original (synrift) footwall high was located. BCU = Base Cretaceous unconformity; L = Lower; M = Middle; TVDSS = true vertical depth subsea; U = Upper.

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