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Facts and Principles of World Petroleum Occurrence — Memoir 6, 1980
Pages 301-318
Petroleum Exploration and Assessment

Mineral Resource Estimation and Statistical Exploration

F. P. Agterberg


The probabilistic estimation of mineral resources in large regions and the prediction of places of occurrence of individual deposits are regarded as two aspects of a single problem. A method of constructing prognostic contours for the occurrence of mineral deposits by using a multivariate statistical approach is illustrated for copper deposits in the Abitibi area of the Canadian Shield. Methods of image analysis are discussed and applied 1. to determine the preferred orientation of the contours on an isopach map; 2. to quantify the amount of smoothing applied for the construction of contours at a specific scale of map; and 3. to model the frequency distribution of amount of oil per relatively small cell of variable dimensions. These methods are illustrated by applying them to a contour map of the thickness of the Sparky sandstone in the Lloydminster area. Alberta; and to the occurrence of oil fields in the Exxon test area near Bakersfield, California.

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