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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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CSPG Special Publications

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Alberta Energy Resources Data – Past, Present and Future: Abstract

Emile J. Morin, Joan M. Ethier

An Analysis of Petroleum Discovery Data and a Forecast of the Date of Peak Production

David H. Root, E. D. Attanasi

An Analysis of Petroleum Occurrence in the Wyoming-Northern Utah Thrust Belt: Abstract

Frank Royse Jr.

Application of Petroleum Geochemistry in the Nova Scotia Shelf Area: Abstract

J. T. C. Hogarth

Apportioning Estimates of Basin Potential to Fields

K. J. Roy, W. A. Ross

An Approach to Assessment of Potential Petroleum Source Rocks, Canadian Arctic Islands: Abstract

T. G. Powell

Bedrock Geology of the Dempster Lateral

D. K. Norris

Cambrian Oil and Gas: A World Review

Allison R. Palmer

Chemical and Isotopic Evidence of the Origins of Natural Gases: Abstract

George E. Claypool, Dudley D. Rice, Charles N. Threlkeld

Cluster Analysis Interpretation of Recent and Subsurface Biostratigraphic Data: Abstract

J. D. Harper, K. Leskiw

Controls on Occurrence of Oil and Gas in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin

F. H. Lane, K. S. Jackson

Conventional Petroleum Assessments: Facts and Fallacies

J. R. Century

Deep Basin Gas Trap, Western Canada: The Container for Elmworth: Abstract

John A. Masters

Diapirs and Their Relation to Hydrocarbon Accumulation

H. O. Woodbury, I. B. Murray Jr., R. E. Osborne

Exploration and Development: Sukunka-Bullmoose Gas Field, British Columbia: Abstract

D. L. Barss, Francois Montandon

Exploration in Western Canada: A Summary of the Exploration, Development and Future Potential of Western Canada

M. E. Hriskevich

Facies Control on Bitumen Saturation in the Athabasca Oil Sands

Grant D. Mossop

Factors Controlling the Accumulation of Hydrocarbons in the Canadian Arctic Islands: Abstract

G. R. Varney

Facts and Principles of Latin American Oil Occurrence

J. M. Browning

Facts and Principles of World Petroleum Occurrence: Introduction

Andrew D. Miall

Fifty Years of Exploration Progress – Micropaleontology Still Sitting in a Research Laboratory: Abstract

T. P. Chamney

Frontiers of World Exploration

Keith F. Huff

Frontmatter: Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgments, Conversion Factors & TOC

L. V. Hills, Andrew D. Miall

Generation and Migration of Hydrocarbons in the Parsons Lake Area, N.W.T., Canada

B. G. Langhus

Geochemical Controls on Hydrocarbon Generation in Canadian Sedimentary Basins

T. G. Powell, L. R. Snowdon

Geology of the Continental Shelf of the West Coast of India

G. Ramaswamy, K. L. N. Rao

The Geology of the Offshore Sedimentary Basin of West Greenland

Guy Manderscheid

Geometry and Distribution of Sand Bodies in Deltaic Rocks: Abstract

James M. Coleman

Geophysics: Target Shooting for the Drill

A. Easton Wren

Graphic Correlation: A New Concept for Biostratigraphy: Abstract

F. X. Miller

Gulf Coast Cenozoic: A Model for the Application of Stratigraphic Concepts to Exploration on Passive Margins

Doris M. Curtis, Edward B. Picou Jr.

History of Exploration and Discovery of Morgan, Ramadan and July Oilfields, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Richard N. Brown

Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Middle East

R. J. Murris

Hydrocarbon Occurrences in the Sirte Basin, Libya

M. G. Parsons, A. M. Zagaar, J. J. Curry

Hydrocarbons of the Mesozoic Basins of Western Australia: Abstract

John K. Geary

Hydrodynamic Framework of the Eastern Algerian Sahara: Its Influence on Hydrocarbon Occurrence: Abstract

Andre Chiarelli

The Influence of Pore Structure in Rocks on the Entrapment of Oil

N. C. Wardlaw

Keynote Address: Government Energy Policy: The Implications of Uncertainty

M. A. Cohen

The Kurten “Woodbine” Field Brazos County, Texas

William A. Bell

Milk River Gas in Southern Alberta: Large Reserves in an Unusual Stratigraphic Trap: Abstract

D. W. Myhr, N. C. Meijer-Drees

Mineralogical and Geochemical Transformation of Clays During Catagenesis and Their Relation to Oil Generation

A. E. Foscolos, T. G. Powell

Mineral Resource Estimation and Statistical Exploration

F. P. Agterberg

Modern Concepts in Sandstone Diagenesis: Abstract

Volkmar Schmidt, David A. McDonald

Nature and Potential of Belly River Gas Sand Traps and Reservoirs: Abstract

James R. Shouldice

New Resolution in Seismic: Abstract

Fred J. Hilterman

The North Sea — Evolution of a Major Oil and Gas Play

P. E. Kent

Northwest European Basin: Geology and Hydrocarbon Provinces

P. A. Ziegler

Offshore Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the United States: Abstract

Betty M. Miller

Oil and Gas in the Aquitaine Basin (South West France): Abstract

Etienne J. H. Winnock

Oil and Gas Occurrence in Southeast Asia: Abstract

P. W. J. Wood, L. E. Redman, John N. Wilson

Oil in Egypt: Abstract

Rushdi Said

Organic Type and Colour, and Hydrocarbon Potential: Offshore Eastern Canada: Abstract

J. P. Bujack, M. S. Barss, G. L. Williams

Petroleum Habitats in the Mesozoic-Cenozoic of the Continental Margin of Brazil

F. Celso Ponte, J. Dos Reis Fonseca, A. V. Carozzi

Petroleum Potential and Possibilities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf: Abstract

E. I. Bergsager

Petroleum Potential of the Mediterranean Basins

Pierre F. Burollet

Petroleum Source Rocks, Grand Banks Area

J. H. Swift, J. A. Williams

Post-Ellesmerian Basins of Arctic Canada: Their Depocentres, Rates of Sedimentation and Petroleum Potential

J. P. Hea, J. Arcuri, G. R. Campbell, I. Fraser, M. O. Fuglem, J. J. O’Bertos, D. R. Smith, M. Zayat

The Practical Relevance of the Choice Between a Stationary and a Nonstationary Geostatistical Model: Abstract

Paul Switner

Predicting Stratigraphic Traps: Abstract

Robert J. Weimer

Primary Migration of Oil and Gas

Kinji Magara

Principal Factors Controlling the Timing of Petroleum Generation

B. P. Tissot, J. F. Bard, J. Espitalie

Principles of a Genetic Classification of Crude Oils

B. P. Tissot, J. Roucache

Probabilistic Reserves Estimation, Taglu Gas Field, Canada: Abstract

Robert O. Grieve, Barry D. Stewart

Probability Methods and Assessment of Drilling Outcomes in Frontier Areas: Abstract

John C. Davis, John W. Harbaugh

Pros and Cons of Zipf’s Law as a Resource Appraisal Tool: Abstract

E. C. Dahlberg

Quantitative Basin Analysis an Important Part of Petroleum Exploration: Abstract

R. E. Roadifer

The Rainbow-Basset-Bluesky Gas Reservoir: A Second Generation Exploration & Development Project: Abstract

D. G. Smith, L. H. Larson

Realms of Subsidence

A. W. Bally, S. Snelson

Recent Developments on the Peace River Arch: Abstract

F. Enns, R. P. Jordan, M. J. MacDonald

Recognition of Subtle Features in Geologic Maps

J. E. Robinson, D. F. Merriam

Regional Geology and Hydrocarbon Occurrences Off the East Coast of Canada

L. P. Purcell, D. C. Umpleby, J. A. Wade

Relationship Between Mineral Resource and Geological Diversity

J. C. Griffiths, A. T. Watson, W. D. Menzie

Research Trends in the Future Search for World Petroleum: Abstract

R. H. Cummings

Resinite — A Potential Petroleum Source in the Upper Cretaceous/Tertiary of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin

L. R. Snowdon

A Review of Carbonate Reservoirs

James Lee Wilson

The Role of Computer Systems and Geomathematics in Petroleum Exploration: Abstract

J. E. Klovan

The Role of Paleontology in Hydrocarbon Exploration: Abstract

H. J. Sullivan

Salt Removal and Oil Entrapment: Abstract

Roger H. Edmunds

Source Rock Potential for Oil and Gas of the East Newfoundland and Labrador Shelf Areas

M. A. Rashid, L. P. Purcell, I. A. Hardy

Structural Controls of Giant Oil Accumulations: Abstract

J. D. Moody

The Tectono-Sedimentary History of Caribbean Basins and Their Hydrocarbon Potential

Jack L. Walper

World Supply and Demand

M. A. Adelman

‘Flysch-Type‘ Arenaceous Foraminiferal Assemblages in Upper Cretaceous-Paleogene Sediments of the East Newfoundland Basin, Labrador Sea and North Sea — Paleogeographical and Paleoecological Implications: Abstract

F. M. Gradstein, W. A. Berggren