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Sedimentology of Gravels and Conglomerates — Memoir 10, 1984
Pages 69-75
Fluvial Processes

Relationship Between Flows and Sediment Size in Some Gravel Streams of the Arid Negev, Israel

Ze’ev B. Begin, Moshe Inbar


The hydraulic geometry and sediment size were measured at 17 sites near hydrologic stations along five gravel streams in the arid Negev of Israel. These measurements permitted the establishment of a relationship between grain size and shear stress values of flows of different recurrence intervals. Median grain size was found to be positively correlated with shear stress arising from peak discharges having a probability of 0.9 – 0.7 to be equalled or exceeded. The linear regression of shear stresses related to these frequent flows on D50 and D60 resulted in equations which are similiar to the Shields relationship. This indicates that frequent floods, not extremely rare events, are responsible for the grain-size distribution of the sampled sites.

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