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Devonian of the World: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on the Devonian System — Memoir 14, Volume I: Regional Syntheses, 1988
Pages 597-606

Devonian of East Asia

Weihua Liao, Yiping Ruan


The Devonian is widespread in East Asia and represented by all three series.

The Devonian of East Asia may be mainly differentiated into two categories: stable continental domain deposits and mobile intercontinental domain deposits.

On the basis of different composition and thickness, the Devonian of East Asia may be separated into thirteen regions: Siberia; Mongolo-Sayan; Verkhoyansk-Chukotsk; Taimyr; Junggar- Hinggan; Southern Tianshan; North China-Tarim; Kunlun- Qinling; Xizang (Tibet); South China; Western Yunnan- Indochina; Himalaya; and West Pacific Island Arcs.

Study of the fauna permits discrimination of five paleobiogeographical provinces, all belonging to the Old World Realm. They are: Palaeotethyan; Uralo-Tianshan; Arctic; Junggar-Hinggan; and South China.

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