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N. J. McMillan, A. F. Embry, D. J. Glass

Biostratigraphy of the Devonian in Romania

Magdalena Iordan

Devonian Deltas of the Cape Supergroup, South Africa

J. N. Theron, J. C. Loock

Devonian Geohistory of the Western Interior of Canada

Peter Fitzgerald Moore

The Devonian of Celtiberia (Spain) and Devonian Paleogeography of SW Europe

Peter Carls

The Devonian of Czechoslovakia and its Stratigraphic Significance

Ivo Chlupac

Devonian of East Asia

Weihua Liao, Yiping Ruan

Devonian of England, Wales and Scotland

B. J. Bluck, P. D. W. Haughton, M. R. House, E. B. Selwood, I. P. Tunbridge

The Devonian of France and Belgium

A. Blieck, D. Brice, R. Feist, F. Guillot, C. Majeste-Menjoulas, F. Meilliez

The Devonian of Northern Gondwanaland: A Himalayan Viewpoint and Terrane Analysis

M. E. Brookfield, V. J. Gupta

The Devonian of the Arabian Peninsula

A. A. al-Laboun, B. H. Walthall

Devonian of the Eastern Canadian Cordillera

D. W. Morrow, H. H. J. Geldsetzer

The Devonian of the Hudson Bay Basin

J. E. Thorpe

Devonian of the World

N. J. McMillan, A. F. Embry, D. J. Glass

Devonian of the World, Volume I: Regional Syntheses—Front Matter and Table of Contents

N. J. (Jack) McMillan, Ashton F. Embry, Donald J. Glass

The Devonian of Western Australia: A Review

A. E. Cockbain, P. E. Playford

The Devonian of Yugoslavia

B. Krstic, A. Grubic, A. Ramovs, I. Filipovic

Devonian Paleogeographic Framework of Guangxi, South China

Huailing Zhou, Yi Wu, Zhanxian Zhang

Devonian Paleogeography and Reef Development of Northwestern and Central Europe

H. H. Tsien

Devonian Paleogeography of Northeastern China

Yangzheng Su

Devonian Paleogeography of South America

S. F. Barrett, P. E. Isaacson

Devonian Period in Evolution of the Russian Platform

V. P. Kirikov

Devonian Reef Development and Paleogeographic Evolution in South China

H. H. Tsien, H. F. Hou, W. L. Zhou, Y. Wu, D. W. Yin, Q. Y. Dai, W. J. Liu

Devonian Rocks in Ireland and Their Relation to Adjacent Regions

J. R. Graham, G. Clayton

The Devonian Rocks of Antarctica

M. A. Bradshaw, G. F. Webers

Devonian Rocks on Orphan Knoll, Offshore Eastern Canada

A. C. Grant

Devonian Stratigraphy and Paleogeography of the Armorican Massif (Western France)

P. Morzadec, F. Paris, Y. Plusquellec, P. Racheboeuf, M. Weyant

Devonian Stratigraphy of the Moose River Basin, James Bay Lowland, Ontario, Canada

P. G. Telford

Devonian System in Bolivia, Peru and Northern Chile

P. E. Isaacson, P. E. Sablock

The Devonian System in Colombia

S. F. Barrett

Distribution and Depositional Environments of the Westernmost Devonian Rocks in the Michigan Basin

J. J. Kluessendorf, D. G. Mikulic, M. R. Carman

Distribution of Oil and Gas in Devonian Rocks of West Siberia

N. P. Zapivalov, A. A. Trofimuk

Early and Middle Devonian Paleogeography of Western United States

J. G. Johnson, Charles A. Sandberg, Forrest G. Poole

Eifelian Through Lower Frasnian Stratigraphy and Deposition in the Iowa Area, Central Midcontinent, U.S.A.

B. J. Witzke, B. J. Bunker, F. S. Rogers

Facies Pattern and Paleogeography of the Middle and Late Devonian in the Eastern Anti-Atlas (Morocco)

Jobst Wendt


N. J. (Jack) McMillan, Ashton F. Embry, Donald J. Glass

Laurussia — The Old Red Continent

P. A. Ziegler

Lower and Middle Devonian of Queensland, Australia

J. S. Jell

The Malvinokaffric Realm in the Devonian of Brazil

J. H. G. de Melo

Middle and Upper Devonian Stratigraphy and Paleogeography of the Central and Southern Appalachians and Eastern Midcontinent, U.S.A.

D. L. Woodrow, J. M. Dennison, F. R. Ettensohn, W. T. Sevon, W. T. Kirchgasser

New Studies on the Devonian of New Zealand

M. A. Bradshaw

Outline of Paleogeographical Reconstruction of Vietnam and Adjacent Regions During the Devonian

Tong-Dzuy Thanh, Nguyen Dinh Hoe

Paleoclimatic Indicators and Inferred Devonian Paleolatitudes of Euramerica

B. J. Witzke, P. H. Heckel

A Paleogeographic Approach to the Devonian of Turkey

I. Gedik

Paleogeographic Reconstruction of the Lower Devonian Helderberg Group in the Appalachian Basin

R. Smosna

Sedimentary Facies of Devonian in Guangxi, China

Yi Wu, Huailing Zhou, Tingcao Jiang, Daonian Fang

The State of the System: An Economic Survey of the Whole Devonian

F. K. North

Upper Devonian-Tournaisian Facies and Oil Resources of the Russian Craton’s Eastern Margin

G. F. Ulmishek

Upper Devonian of Western United States

Charles A. Sandberg, Forrest G. Poole, J. G. Johnson