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Intl. Symposium of the Devonian system: Papers, Volume I, 1967
Pages 651-671
South America

Devonian of South America

Horacio J. Harrington


This paper gives a summary description of the different Devonian formations of South America, discusses briefly the Malvinokaffric and Appalachian faunas that they contain, and offers a general outline of the tecto-orogenic events which took place sometime in the Late Devonian-early Upper Palaeozoic interval. Three western geosynclinal troughs are recognized which originally extended southeastward into the present southern Atlantic Ocean. These troughs were invaded by the sea in early to late Coblencian times, whereas extra-geosynclinal trangressions invaded the intracratonic Parana, Parnaiba, and Amazonas basins, depositing a thinner Lower to Upper (?) Devonian sequence. The analysis of the migration routes of the Malvinokaffric fauna, indicates that in Early Devonian time a free marine communication existed between the Venezuelan-Argentine geosynclinal trough and the Southern Hills of Buenos Aires, and between the Precordilleran geosynclinal trough and the Sierra Grande area of Rio Negro. The absence of Devonian beds in northern Patagonia and central Argentina, as well as in the broad arches separating the intracratonic basins of Brazil, is due to their removal by erosion prior to the accumulation of the Upper Palaeozoic strata.

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