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H. R. Belyea, D. J. McLaren


Devonian of Alaska

George Gryc, J. T. Dutro Jr., W. G. Brosge, I. L. Tailleur, Michael Churkin Jr.

Devonian of Altai

D. P. Avrov, V. E. Popov, R. T. Gratsianova, E. A. Yelkin, B. N. Lapin, A. S. Kalugin

Devonian of Antarctica

A. J. Boucot, G. A. Doumani, J. G. Johnson, G. F. Webers

Devonian of Austria

H. W. Fluegel

Devonian of Canada: An Historical Note

C. G. Winder

Devonian of Canadian Appalachians and New England States

L. M. Cumming

Devonian of Central and Western Afghanistan and Southern Iran

A. Durkoop, H. Mensink, G. Plodowski

Devonian of Czechoslovakia

I. Chlupac

Devonian of East Asia

Takashi Hamada

Devonian of Eastern Australia

D. Hill

Devonian of Germany

H. K. Erben, K. Zagora

Devonian of India

G. C. Chaterji, et al

Devonian of India and Pakistan

Karl W. Stauffer

Devonian of Intermontane Depressions in the Altai-Sayan Region

N. N. Predtechensky, V. I. Krasnov

Devonian of Malaya and Burma

Klaus J. Muller

Devonian of Manitoba and Saskatchewan

D. M. Kent

Devonian of New Zealand

A. J. Wright

Devonian of Northeastern British Columbia

D. L. Griffin

Devonian of Northeastern USSR

A. A. Nikolaev, M. A. Rzhonsnitskaya

Devonian of Northern and Eastern Iran, Northern Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan

Maurizio Gaetani

Devonian of Northern Yukon Territory and Adjacent District of Mackenzie

A. W. Norris

Devonian of Ontario and Michigan

B. V. Sanford

Devonian of Romania

Dan Patrulius, Magdalena Iordan, Elena Mirauta

Devonian of South Africa

John De Villiers

Devonian of South America

Horacio J. Harrington

Devonian of Southern Britain

R. Goldring, M. R. House, E. B. Selwood, Scott Simpson, R. St. J. Lambert

Devonian of The Appalachian Basin, United States

William A. Oliver Jr., Wallace De Witt, Jr., John M. Dennison, Donald M. Hoskins, John W. Huddle

Devonian of the Eastern Slope of the Urals

M. G. Breivel, R. I. Eroshevskaya, O. A. Nestoyanova, A. N. Khodalevich

Devonian of the Franklinian Miogeosyncline and Adjacent Central Stable Region, Arctic Canada

J. W. M. Kerr

Devonian of the Franlinian Eugeosyncline

H. P. Trettin

Devonian of the North-Central Region, United States

Charles Collinson, Leroy E. Becker, Gerard W. James, John W. Koenig, David H. Swann, Marvin P. Carlson, Fred H. Dorheim

Devonian of the Northern Rocky Mountains and Plains

Charles A. Sandberg, William J. Mapel

Devonian of the Russian Platform

S. M. Aronova, I. G. Gassanova, A. Ya Krems, O. A. Lotsman, A. I. Liashenko, S. P. Maximov, S. K. Nechitailo, R. M. Pistrak, K. Ph. Radionova, L. I. Sokolova

Devonian of the Siberian Platform

A. K. Krylova, N. S. Malitch, V. V. Menner, D. V. Obrutchev, G. S. Fradkin

Devonian of the Southern Midcontinent Area, United States

T. W. Amsden, W. M. Caplan, P. L. Hilpman, E. H. McGlasson, T. L. Rowland, O. A. Wise Jr.

Devonian of the Southwestern United States

F. G. Poole, D. L. Baars, H. Drewes, P. T. Hayes, K. B. Ketner, E. D. McKee, C. Teichert, J. S. Williams

Devonian of the Soviet Arctic

F. G. Markov, S. V. Cherkesova, I. S. Gramberg

Devonian of the Timan-Pechora Region

Z. I. Tszyu

Devonian of the USSR

M. A. Rzhonsnitskaya

Devonian of the Volyno-Podolian Margin of the Russian Platform

A. V. Hizhnyakov, G. M. Pomyanovskaya

Devonian of the Western Slope of the Urals

A. G. Kondiain, O. A. Kondiain, V. F. Kulikova, A. P. Tyazheva

Devonian of Tien Shan

V. D. Brezhnev, V. B. Gorianov, V. L. Klishevitch, V. R. Martyshev, N. N. Nasybulin, E. I. Zubtsov

Devonian of Washington, Oregon and Western British Columbia

Wilbert R. Danner

Devonian of Western and Central Australia

M. H. Johnstone, P. J. Jones, W. J. Koop, J. Roberts, Joyce Gilbert-Tomlinson, J. J. Veevers, A. T. Wells

Devonian of Western Canada

H. G. Bassett, J. G. Stout

Le Devonien de la Belgique et le Nord de la France

M. LeCompte

Le Devonien de la Bielorussie

V. K. Goloubtsov, G. I. Kedo, A. K. Krylova, E. M. Lutkevitch, A. S. Makhnatch

Le Devonien de la Pologne

Maria Pajchlowa

Le Devonien de l’Espagne

N. Llopis Llado, J. F. de Villalta, R. Cabanas, J. R. Pelaez Pruneda, L. Vilas

Le Devonien des Pyrenees Occidentales et Centrales (France)

Raymond Mirouse

Le Devonien du Cambodge du Laos et du Viet-Nam

Henri Fontaine

Le Devonien du Maroc et du Sahara Nord-Occidental

Henri Hollard

Le Devonien du Massif Armoricain

A. Renaud, J. Poncet, Pierre Cavet, Hubert Lardeux, Claude Babin

Le Devonien du Portugal

C. Teixeira, D. Thadeu

Le Devonien du Sahara Algerien

Ph. LeGrand

Le Devonien en Libye et en Tunisie

P. F. Burollet, G. Manderscheid

Main Features of the Devonian History of the USSR

N. Y. Tikhy

Old Red Sandstone Basins of North America and Northwest Europe

J. R. L. Allen, D. L. Dineley, P. F. Friend


D. H. Oswald