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CSPG / CWLS 1995 Core Session: The Economic Integration of Geology and Formation Evaluation, 1995
Pages 195-215

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in Cores : The Virgelle Member, Milk River Formation, Southern Alberta, Canada

R. Meyer, F. F. Krause


The basis for this exhibit are four(4) shallow cores recovered from the Virgelle Member, Milk River Formation along the Milk River valley in Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park (WOSPP), southern Alberta. The core descriptions and interpretations can be compared with the more regional sedimentologic model derived from the surrounding outcrops. The cores may be considered examples of typical facies successions: lower-to-middle shoreface, tidally-influenced upper shoreface-foreshore, and estuarine channel. The cores have been extensively sampled for permeability measurements, showing progressive increase in permeability from the lower- to upper-shoreface and foreshore, a drastic increase at the base of channel forms, upward decreasing permeabilities within channel bedforms, and other, diagenetically-induced trends.

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