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Dallas Geological Society


Petroleum Geology of the Fort Worth Basin and Bend Arch Area, 1982
Pages 253-259

The Viola Ordovician of Southwest Montague County, Texas

Lila Williams


The McNutt, Boedeker, Boedeker SE, Boedeker South, Brite and Bowie Northeast fields produce from the Viola as this unit approaches a regional pinchout in southwestern Montague County. Production from the Viola was established in this part of Montague County during 1944, with the discovery of the McNutt Viola field by Continental Oil Company. Six wells in this field have produced a total of 525,374 barrels of oil from a reservoir which has been mapped as a structural nose. The pay zone occurs in a dolomitized and fractured erosional remnant of the Viola which was subsequently sealed by the overlying Barnett Shale.

The geologic conditions which exist at McNutt field are repeated at Boedeker, Boedeker SE, Boedeker South, Brite and Northeast Bowie. The thickness of the Viola ranges from 20 feet (6 m) at Brite to 450 feet (142 m) at Bowie NE.

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