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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 10 (1960), Pages 285-298

A Correlation of the Gulf Coast Jackson

Charles W. Stuckey, Jr. (1)


All the names of Jackson formations, members and other subdivisions described in the area from the Rio Grande River of Texas through Louisiana and Mississippi to eastern Alabama with part of Arkansas are given with a history of the nomenclature. A correlation chart is also given. Paleostratigraphic zones relating to the surface and substance are established. These zones from youngest to oldest are: Discorbis texana zone, upper Jackson, shallow and deep water facies; Textularia hockleyensis zone, middle Jackson, shallow and deep water facies; Textularia dibollensis zone, lower Jackson; Camerina and Operculina zone, basal Jackson. A diagrammatic section illustrating the foraminiferal ecology is presented. Electric logs giving the subsurface section are included.

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