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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Abstract: A Resume of Jurassic Exploration in Northeast Texas

R. W. Eaton

Abstract: Florida-Bahama Platform

Harold Owens

Abstract: Lower Cretaceous Trend of South Arkansas, North Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama

T. H. Philpott

Abstract: Miocene-Oligocene Boundary Problems in the Gulf Coast

E. Ann Butler

A Comparison of the Mississippi Submarine Trench with the Iberian Trough

Hubert C. Skinner

A Correlation of the Gulf Coast Jackson

Charles W. Stuckey, Jr.

Diagnostic Faunal Characteristics on and Near a Barrier Island, Horn Island, Mississippi

William R. Walton

Discovery and Development of the Person Field, Karnes County, Texas

M. A. Reagan, Jr. , R. T. Foust, Jr.

Faulting Associated with Deep-Seated Salt Domes in the Northeast Portion of the Mississippi Salt Basin

Dudley J. Hughes

Florida Coastal Classification

William F. Tanner

Geology as an Historical Tool

Warren E. Grabau

Interpretation of Dipmeter Surveys in Mississippi

J. A. Gilreath

Lac Blanc Field, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Paul E. Boriskie

Little Creek Field, Lincoln and Pike Counties, Mississippi

P. Eisenstatt

The Louann Salt and Its Relationship to Gulf Coast Salt Domes

Donald I. Andrews

Palynology and its Application in Petroleum Exploration

C. C. M. Gutjahr

A Preliminary Investigation of the Upper Ordovician Bryozoa of Northwestern Alabama

Gene B. Martin

Proper Well Spacing -- The Oil Industry's Greatest Need

E. B. Miller, Jr.

Raleigh Field, Smith County, Mississippi, A Lower Cretaceous Oil Field

F. X. Bland, W. E. Gardner

Recent Ostracoda from the West Coast of Florida

Harbans S. Puri

Stratigraphy and its Role in the Future Exploration for Oil and Gas in the Gulf Coast

E. H. Rainwater

Stratigraphy and Structure of Lake Arthur Field, Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana

Clyde A. Pine

Structure and Stratigraphy of Rayne Field

Jack W. Shirley

A Theory for the Formation of Limestone Cap Rock of Salt Domes

Richard R. McLeod

The Turtle Bayou-Kent Bayou-North Turtle Bayou Complex

Hershal C. Ferguson, Jr.