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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 21 (1971), Pages 82-82

Abstract: Sedimentary Previous HitEnvironmentsNext Hit and the Occurrence of Major Hydrocarbon Accumulations

Hunter Yarborough (1)


Modern concepts concerning the origin of oil and gas are reviewed. Emphasis is stressed on those sedimentary Previous HitenvironmentsNext Hit under which conditions are most favorable for not only the origin but also the accumulation and preservation of major hydrocarbon reserves.

Over 90 percent of the oil and gas discovered to date has been found in four different sedimentary Previous HitenvironmentsNext Hit. The Previous HitdeltaicNext Hit complex, in particular the delta margin environment, is probably the most favorable of these four Previous HitenvironmentsNext Hit. Second is the rapidly subsiding carbonate shelf or lagoon where carbonate and/or evaporite sedimentation keeps pace with subsidence. Third is the reef complex associated with the carbonate shelf. Fourth is the turbidite environment which includes all gravity-induced submarine flows, both arenaceous and carbonate.

These favorable sedimentary Previous HitenvironmentsNext Hit are described, and the paleontologic and lithologic criteria useful in the recognition of each are reviewed. Major reserves found in basins of the free world are documented according to sedimentary Previous HitenvironmentsTop.

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(1) Humble Oil and Refining Company.

Houston, Texas 77001

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