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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Abstract: "G2" Channel Sandstone Main Pass Block 35 Field

James A. Hartman

Abstract: Biostratigraphy of Some Neogene Formations, Northern Florida and Atlantic Coastal Plain

W. H. Akers

Abstract: Contribution of J.O.I.D.E.S. to our Geologic Knowledge of the Gulf of Mexico

Lee A. Smith

Abstract: Geology and Geophysics of East Nancy Field, Clarke County, Mississippi

Marvin Oxley , Daniel E. Herlihy

Abstract: Geology of the Jurassic, Flomaton-Jay Area, Alabama and Florida

Paul L. Keyes

Abstract: Grand Isle Barrier Island, Louisiana -- Human Activity in a Natural, Dynamic System

Willis E. Conatser , Charles C. Almy, Jr.

Abstract: Provincialism Among Mid-Eocene Calcareous Nannofossils

Laurel M. Bybell , Stefan Gartner, Jr

Abstract: Quantifying Multiple Working Hypotheses Geology and Competitive Offshore Lease Bidding

R. W. Boebel

Abstract: Sedimentary Environments and the Occurrence of Major Hydrocarbon Accumulations

Hunter Yarborough

Abstract: Stratigraphy of the Cibicides Carstensi Zone, Miocene of Louisiana

W. P. Leutze

Abstract: The Petrography of Selected Tertiary Limestone Type Sections in Florida

Anthony F. Randazzo

Abstract: Type Locality Descriptions Inglis Formation (Upper Eocene)

A. F. Randazzo , L. Nealy , J. Ellis

Abstract: Type Locality Descriptions San Vicente Member of Boquillas Formation (Upper Cretaceous)

Ross A Maxwell , Edward Marks

Application of the ISF/Sonic Combination Tool to Gulf Coast Formations

N. A. Schuster , J. D. Baden , E. R. Robbins

Aspects of Diagenesis of Algal Cup Reefs in Bermuda

Eugene A Shinn

Calcite-Aragonite Differentiation by Selective Staining and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Nahum Schneidermann , Philip A. Sandberg

The Claiborne Group of Central Texas: A Record of Middle Eocene Marine and Coastal Plain Deposition

David K. Davies , Frank G. Ethridge

Depositional Environments of the Early Miocene as Exposed in the Cane River Diversion Canal, Rapides Parish, Louisiana

Michael E. Glowacz , John C. Horne

Distributary Front Deposits Interpreted from Dipmeter Patterns

J. A. Gilreath , R. W. Stephens

East Bay, Mississippi River Delta

Arnold H. Bouma , Frank B. Chmelik , Richard Rezak

Environmental Controls of Benthic Macrofaunal Patterns in the Gulf of Mexico Adjacent to the Mississippi Delta

Robert J. Stanton, Jr. , Ian Evans

Geology of the Freeport Rocks, Offshore Texas

Paul D. Winchester

Geology of the Oligocene Hackberry Trend, Gillis English Bayou -- Manchester Area, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

P. H. Benson

Gulf Coast "Rule of Thumb" Economics

T. J. Wintermute

The Logarithmic Spire in Planktonic Foraminifera: Its Use in Taxonomy, Evolution, and Paleoecology

Richard K. Olsson

Lower Cretaceous Sligo Reef Trends in Central Louisiana

Leo A. Herrmann

Maestrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) Biostratigraphy, Maverick County, Texas, and Northern Coahuila, Mexico

John D. Cooper

A New Pleistocene Marine Fossil Locality in Chambers County, Texas

William R. Pampe

Origin and Chronology of Alabama River Terraces

R. W. Maxwell, Jr.

Origin and Development of Globorotalia (Turborotalia) Pachyderma (Ehrenberg)

Orville L. Bandy

Origin of the Cabo Rojo Beach-Ridge Plain, Veracruz, Mexico

Frank W. Stapor, Jr.

Ostracoda of the Coastal Group of Formations of Jamaica

W. A. van den Bold

Paleoecology, Stratigraphy, Production--Getting it All Together in Offshore Louisiana

Gerald C. Glaser, Andrew C. Jurasin

Petroleum Potential of the Black Warrior Basin

L. F. Boland , E. D. Minihan

Petrology and Sedimentation of the Hackberry Sequence of Southwest Louisiana

William R. Paine

Planktonic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Paleomagnetics of Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene Strata at Le Castella, Italy

James L. Lamb

Potentially Petroliferous Trends in Florida as Defined by Geothermal Gradients

David A. Reel , George M. Griffin

Preliminary Scanning Electron Microscope Observations of Orbitolina from the Lower Cretaceous Glen Rose Formation, Texas

E. C. Camacho

Recent Developments in the Miocene Planulina Gas Trend of South Louisiana

B. J. Sloane

A Reevaluation of the Gulf Coast Pliocene-Pleistocene Boundary

C. Wylie Poag

Regional Structure, Stratigraphy, and Oil Possibilities of the South Florida Basin

George O. Winston

Sediments and Depositional History of the Southeast Lobe of the Colorado River Delta, Texas

Leroy L. Manka , Richard Steinmetz

The Story of Big Wells

Robert L. Layden

Stratigraphic Control of Production from Jurassic Calcarenites, Red Rock Field, Webster Parish, Louisiana

William F. Bishop

The Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of the Lower Miocene, Offshore Galveston and Jefferson Counties, Texas

Howard W. Kiatta

Surface Features of Quartz Sand Grains, Northeast Coast, Gulf of Mexico

Raymond P. Karpovich

Tabasco Beach-Ridge Plain: An Eroding Coast

W. F. Tanner, F. W. Stapor

Theoretical Approach to the Geological History of the Southern United States

William F. Tanner

Turbidity Generation and Distribution in Tampa Bay as Monitored with a Towable Optical Transmissometer

George M. Griffin , S. Gene Whitney

Type Locality Descriptions Saratoga Chalk (Upper Cretaceous)

Jerry D. Alagood

Where the Action Will Be

Wilson M. Laird