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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 42 (1992), Pages 871-871

Abstract: A Backward Glance at Forward Thinking: A Geologist Takes Stock

L. G. Weeks


Three forms of energy are most notable among the bases of human progress--food energy, fossil fuel energy, and the energy of the human spirit. The second of these is the contribution of the geologist. As long as he continues increasingly imaginative and increasingly aggressive, and until the earth's supplies of fossil fuels are exhausted, he assures ample energy from this source. So long as there is energy of the spirit, ample supplements to the supplies of fossil fuels may be expected.

But the American geologist is in exceptional position to serve civilization not only as an explorer but also as a bearer of understanding. The shortcomings and inconsistencies manifest in the unscientific conduct of social and political affairs indicate the need of a "Science of Wisdom" utilizing precise scales of value of the scientist. Because of his unique analytical capacity and habits and long range viewpoint, the geologist owes his country and the world a real responsibility in this regard. His close contacts with the hopes, fears, prejudices and habits of many peoples in many areas enable him to create favorable attitudes to supplement, through his contacts with people and customs, the "Striped Pants" diplomacy between governments.

Reprinted with permission from Volume IV of the GCAGS Transactions (1954).

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