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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 43 (1993), Pages 149-156

Recent Horizontal Drilling in Lockhart Crossing Field, Livingstone Parish, Louisiana: Its Impact on Geological Interpretation

Randy J. Johnson


Recent horizontal completions drilled by Callon Petroleum Company in the Lockhart Crossing Field have further optimized production in the Lower Eocene First Wilcox Sandstone, a marine bar composed of 40-45 feet of very fine to fine-grained glauconitic sandstone. This reservoir has produced a total of 16 MMBO and 17 BCFG from 40 wells since 1982.

Well site geology was a key factor in these successful horizontal completions because these wellbores were not mudlogged; were not electrically logged; and cores were not taken. Over 2,800 feet of drill cuttings, taken at 10 foot intervals, were examined to maintain the drilling wellbore near the top of the sandstone where the highest values of permeability and porosity are present. By drilling horizontally, First Wilcox Sandstone structure was encountered that was not previously mapped using existing subsurface well control.

Callon's International Paper Company (IPCO) #6 well, the first of the three horizontal wells drilled in the Lockhart Crossing Field, flowed at a rate of 527 BOPD and 400 MCFGPD on a 15.5/64^Prime choke with a flowing tubing pressure of 650 psi from the First Wilcox Sandstone in March of 1992. Current flowrates continue to average 600+ BOPD on a 32/64^Prime choke. This well, located upthrown to a down-to-the-south fault, has produced over 227 MBO and should adequately drain this area of the reservoir. A second horizontal well, the IPCO #15, was sidetracked as a horizontal injector and is located near the geographical center of the field. The third and northernmost horizontal well in the field, the IPCO #7, has produced in excess of 47 MBO and continues to produce at rates in excess of 600 BOPD on choke.

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