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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 48 (1998), Pages 570-570

Abstract: Bobcat Run South Field, Orange County, Texas - Oligocene Frio Formation Hackberry Sand Discovery Utilizing 3-D Seismic Data

Robert L. Zamboras


Bobcat Run South field is an Obligocene Frio Formation Hackberry sand discovery in Orange County, Texas. The discovery is the Previous HitdirectNext Hit result of 3-D seismic application to Previous HithydrocarbonNext Hit exploration. Highly anomalous amplitude anomalies, or "bright spots," occur within the 3-D seismic data as Previous HitdirectNext Hit Previous HithydrocarbonNext Hit Previous HitindicatorsTop.

The EDC (Energy Development Corporation) #1 Bean Donner well was drilled on a 40-acre amplitude anomaly. The resulting discovery had a pay thickness of 42 feet with 31% porosity. The recoverable reserve estimate for the well has been calculated to be 3.8 BCF (billion cubic feet of gas) and 106 MBC ( thousand barrels of condensate).

Significant Hackberry sand reserve additions have been made over the last three years utilizing 3-D seismic data. The success rate for drilling of Hackberry amplitude anomalies has been approximately 80% to date.

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