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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 50 (2000), Pages 241-241

Abstract: Use of Gravity Data to Enhance Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Depth Migration

Mark E. Weber, Brian S. Anderson, Barry C. Wiggins


Previous HitSeismicNext Hit depth migration continues to be an important, but expensive, tool for reducing exploration risks. Newly acquired high-resolution gravity data provide a low-cost method to enhance the Previous HitseismicNext Hit depth migration process by providing an independently measured constraint to the Previous HitseismicNext Hit velocity model. State-of-the-art commercial software tools enable rapid integration of the gravity and Previous HitseismicNext Hit data. In many geologic settings, integrated density/velocity modeling yields a more accurate velocity model than can be derived from the Previous HitseismicNext Hit data alone. A case study is presented to illustrate both steps employed in the data integration process and the resulting improvement in depth-migrated Previous HitseismicTop data.

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