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GCAGS Transactions


Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions
Vol. 65 (2015), Pages 83-91

Geoscience Based Management of Previous HitSoilNext Hit during Oil and Gas Development: A Study Conducted in the Eagle Ford Oil and Gas Development Area

Robert E. Dedoes


Reclamation of land used for oil and gas development begins prior to the construction of oilfield activities with a surface use plan designed to minimize land disturbance and to protect Previous HitsoilNext Hit and ecosystem resources. Developing a site management plan that minimizes adverse impacts to Previous HitsoilNext Hit requires an understanding of the physical and chemical properties of Previous HitsoilNext Hit. A predisturbance assessment of Previous HitsoilNext Hit resources includes gathering information prior to development regarding the physical and chemical properties of Previous HitsoilNext Hit pertinent to current land use and how those properties may be affected during such development. Physical and chemical Previous HitsoilNext Hit characterization ensures that predisturbance conditions are identified and documented before land development begins. A study was conducted to demonstrate the application of Previous HitsoilNext Hit characterization for protecting a Previous HitsoilNext Hit profile during oil and natural gas development at a location in the Eagle Ford production area, Atascosa County, Texas. The study used Previous HitsoilNext Hit horizon identification, texture, mineral composition, salinity, and chemical composition relevant to plant growth as minimum baseline parameters for characterizing the Previous HitsoilNext Hit. Potential changes in each parameter that could occur during development are identified and the effect of these changes on current Previous HitsoilTop use is discussed.

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