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The 40th Anniversary of South Louisiana’s Lower Tuscaloosa Trend—Recollections and Early Media Coverage

Jeff A. Spencer

Analysis of the Goose Point area near Lacombe, Louisiana, Validates New Geophysical Data Type—Natural Sourced Electromagnetism (NSEM)—for Detection of Lineaments Associated with Faults and Sedimentary Features

Kathleen S. Haggar, Les R. Denham, Louis J. Berent

An Angular Unconformity between the Woodbine and Eagle Ford Formations in Delta, Hunt, and Hopkins Counties of the East Texas Basin

Adewale Amosu, Matthew Wehner

Case Study: Woodford Shale Source Rock Characterization by Geochemical and SEM Evaluation in a Horizontal Well

Tom Arnold, Andrew Sneddon, Sheng Wu, Andrei Deev, Yongchun Tang

Chemostratigraphy and Identification of Fine-Grained Sedimentary Rocks Using Portable XRF

Ali Somarin

Comparing the Results of the Kelly Criterion and Risk Aversion: Quick Look Practical Alternatives to Portfolio Optimization

James A. MacKay

Compartmentalization between the GC0738_1 Mad Dog North Wellbores—Evidence for Post-Depositional Slumping in the Lower Miocene Reservoirs of the Deepwater Southern Green Canyon, Gulf of Mexico

Christopher D. Walker, Glen A. Anderson, Paul G. Belvedere, Alison T. Henning, Francis O. Rollins, Eric Soza, Shalina Warrior

Controls of Shapes and Evolution of Salt Diapirs: Experimental Studies

Shankar Mitra, Pierre Karam

Defining a Steeply-Dipping Salt Flank in Mississippi with a New High-Certainty 3D Method

Nicholas Brooks, Pat Donais, Werner Heigl, Jakob Haldorsen, Fred Li

The Discovery, Reservoir Attributes, and Significance of the Hawkville Field and the Eagle Ford Trend: Implications for Future Development

Richard K. Stoneburner

Discriminating Quaternary Depositional Units on the Texas Coastal Plain Using Airborne Lidar and Near-Surface Geophysics

Jeffrey G. Paine, Edward W. Collins, Lucie Costard

Extended Abstract: Correlation of Northern Belize’s Cretaceous-Paleogene (‘KT’) Boundary Sections

David T. King, Jr., Lucille W. Petruny

Extended Abstract: Deepwater Subsalt-Suprasalt Middle-Lower Slope Sands and Reservoirs of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico: The Evolution of an Exciting Giant Field Concept

Clint Moore, Bill Lefler, Tom Uphoff, Mike Neese

Extended Abstract: Dynamic Datasets Using Forward Modeling to Reduce Uncertainty and Improve Recovery

Chip Corbett, Nejma Djabelkhir, Theresa Hartman, Geoff Mills, Jennie Graham, Margaret Leathard, Stephen McHugo, Horacio Trajtenberg

Extended Abstract: Examination of the Generation of Overpressure in the Eagle Ford

Manas Pathak, Milind Deo, Raymond Levey

Extended Abstract: Exploring the Missing Blind Zone in the Gulf of Mexico Shelf

Selim Simon Shaker, Dave Reynolds, Walter W. Wornardt

Extended Abstract: Geo-Generations: 60 Years in the ‘Patch’ and Counting

Scott W. Tinker, C. N. Tom Tinker, Nathan Scott Tinker

Extended Abstract: Historic Oilfield Arsenic Usage and Pit Groundwater Models: An Example from Lake St. John Field, Louisiana

Mary L. Barrett

Extended Abstract: Improving Petroleum System Identification in Offshore Salt Environments: Gulf of Mexico and Red Sea Case Studies

Rick Schrynemeeckers

Extended Abstract: Insights from the Texas through Time Project

Thomas E. Ewing

Extended Abstract: Integration of Well, Core, and Seismic Data for 3D Depositional Environment and Reservoir Architecture Interpretation—Example from Offshore Vietnam

Erik Scott, Mark Radomski

Extended Abstract: Optimizing Lateral Placement and Production while Minimizing Completion Costs: An Eagle Ford Case Study

Rick Schrynemeeckers

Extended Abstract: Petroleum Potential of the Florida-Cuba-Bahamas Collision Zone

Robert Erlich, James Pindell, Leon Dzou

Extended Abstract: Shallow Hazard and Gas Escape Systems Modelling from 3D Seismic Data

Tom Wooltorton

Extended Abstract: Shoreface Sedimentation along a Transgressive Barrier Island: Understanding the Interplay between Short-Term Events and Long-Term Sea Level Rise in Shaping these Dynamic Coastal Environments

Joseph A. Carlin, Timothy M. Dellapenna

Extended Abstract: Spatial Variations in Eolian Stratigraphic Architecture of the Norphlet Formation, Southwestern Alabama

Maria A. Gutierrez, Ryan Ewing

Extended Abstract: Structure Maps of the Top-Rift Unconformity/Oceanic Crust and Top Cretaceous Surfaces, and the Oxfordian Rift-Drift Reconstruction, Gulf of Mexico

James Pindell, Barbara Radovich, Ed Haire, Don Howard, Antara Goswami, Gulce Dinc, Brian Horn

Extended Abstract: The Geologic History of Submarine Fans in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: Mesozoic to Modern

John W. Snedden, William E. Galloway, Patricia Ganey-Curry, Mike D. Blum

Extended Abstract: The Vertical Migration Model and Recent Advances in Geochemical Exploration

Gary K. Rice

Extended Abstract: Visual Rock Characterization can Benefit Reservoir Analysis

Robert K. Merrill

Facies Distribution and Halokinetic Sequence Stratigraphy of Lower Cambrian Carbonate Strata adjacent to Wirrealpa Diapir, a Secondary Salt Diapir in the Central Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Aubrey J. Collie

Geologic Framework for the Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in Sandstone Reservoirs of the Upper Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous Cotton Valley Group, U.S. Gulf of Mexico Region

Jennifer D. Eoff, Russell F. Dubiel, Ofori N. Pearson, Katherine Whidden

A Geology-Based, Non-Seismic Attribute Method to Generate Facies, Lithology, and Petrophysical Parameters in the Chinook and Cascade Fields, Walker Ridge, Gulf of Mexico, USA

Elizabeth Ann Watkins, Julio Tamashiro, Marcelo Cristian Torrez Canaviri, Nicolas Martin, Eldar Guliyev, Renato Leite, Nhom (Vince) Nguyen, Abayomi Aina, Mauro R. Becker

Geoscience Based Management of Soil during Oil and Gas Development: A Study Conducted in the Eagle Ford Oil and Gas Development Area

Robert E. Dedoes

The Greenhorn Cyclothem of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway: Lithology Trends, Stacking Patterns, Log Signatures, and Application to the Eagle Ford of West Texas

Bruce S. Hart

Importance of Translation Services in the Energy Sector

Thomas Lacombe

Legal Aspects of Coastal Change

Kelly M. Haggar

Natural Hydrocarbon Seeps: Toward Understanding a Complex Natural System

Victor T. Jones, III, Patrick H. Myers, William O. Neal

A New Approach to Pore Pressure Predictions: Generation, Expulsion, and Retention Trio—Case Histories from the Gulf of Mexico

Selim Simon Shaker

A New Perspective to Shallow Water Flow (SWF) and Sinking Well-Head Preventions in Deep Water

Selim Simon Shaker

Paleoecology of Cretaceous Foraminifera: Examples from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Region

Malcolm B. Hart, Eduardo A. M. Koutsoukos

Rates of Sediment Deposition during the Late Eocene of Central Texas Based on 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Volcanic Ash

Thomas E. Yancey, Mindi L. Heintz

Relatively Large Mid-Ramp, Highstand, Microbialite Patch and Fringing Reefs: A New Exploration Play for Southern Alabama

Lawrence R. Baria, Ezat Heydari

Salt Delineation Using Vector Offset Output (VOO) of Full Azimuth Data

Yogesh Agnihotri, Qiaofeng Wu, Dekang Xu

Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Miocene Carbonate-Evaporite Sequence of the Wadi Yunis Member, Al-Khums Formation, Sirt Basin, Libya

Khaled S. Amrouni, Ahmed S. El-Hawat

Seismic Facies Analysis and Age Dating of Mid-Pleistocene Channel-Lobe Deposits, Mad Dog Field, Gulf of Mexico

Oluwayomi A. Oyedele, William R. Dupré, Kurt J. Marfurt

Sequence Stratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy, and Diagenesis of the Cyrenaican Miocene Carbonate-Evaporite Successions, NE Libya

Khaled S. Amrouni, Michael C. Pope

Spatial Variations in Pore Water Salinity: Implications for Fluid Pathways and Compartmentalization in a Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Field

Jeffrey Nunn, William Daugherty

Springfield Spring, Drought Stress, and Aquifer Recovery—A Central Texas Case Study with Implications for Small Town Water Future

H. C. Clark

Stratigraphy of the Toledo Formation, Belize Basin, Southern Belize

Jason D. Fisher, David T. King, Jr.

Study of Producing Ramsey Sandstones in the Bell Canyon Formation of the Delaware Basin: Paduca Field, Lea County, New Mexico

Shazia Irum Hart

Thickness Variation of the Eagle Ford and Adjacent Strata in Burleson, Lee, and Washington Counties, Texas

Kaytan Kelkar

Transactions: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies; Frontmatter

Steve Levine, James J. Willis, Elsa Kapitan-White, Patricia Santogrossi, Lauren Seidman Robinson, Jill C. Willis, Kristen M. Willis, Jesse J. R. Cantin

Variations in Shallow Groundwater Composition in Hinds and Madison Counties, Mississippi

Ezat Heydari, Oliver Wu, Ngoc-Lan Nguyen