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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association


5th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 1976
Pages 215-224

The Comparison of Using a Whipstock and a Dyna Previous HitDrillNext Hit in Directional Drilling

Bambang Widjanarko DS, R. W. Prajogo


In oil and gas well drilling, controlled directional drilling has been performed since 1929. Pertamina has drilled many directional wells mostly for multiple exploitation wells.

Within the last 10 years directional wells had been drilled using whipstock in Rantau field of Pertamina Unit I and the last 5 years using Dyna Previous HitDrillNext Hit in Jatibarang Field of Pertamina Unit III to develop these areas.

Guided by surface field conditions and economical considerations and paying attention to the lithostratigraphy, casing design, equipment and materials on each field, directional wells with kick-off point depth around 50 m – 400 m at Rantau and 900 m – 1200 m at Jatibarang Field had been drilled succesfully.

This paper will illustrate:

1. Reason to Previous HitdrillNext Hit directional wells.

2. Technique of using whipstock and Dyna Previous HitDrillNext Hit.

3. The comparison of the operating data between the application of whipstock and Dyna Previous HitDrillTop.

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