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Indonesian Petroleum Association


26th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 1), 1998
Pages 223-237

Enhanced 3D Seismic Interpretation Using Display of Combined Seismic Attributes

Bill Higgs, Bill Kowalik, Previous HitYiNext Hit Previous HitLuoTop


With the recent development of three-dimensional (3D) seismic edge detection attributes for the identification of faults and stratigraphic boundaries, there has been an increased interest in how best to use the various seismic attributes available to the interpreter. A useful technique has been implemented for combining attributes into displays for enhanced 3D seismic interpretation.

The multi-attribute technique is based on the intensity, hue and saturation (IHS) description of color. Using the IHS properties of color to combine different attributes of 3D seismic data into a single display greatly advances our ability to interpret the vast volumes of data contained within a 3D seismic data set. Different seismic attributes are mapped to different color properties. For example, edge detection attributes can be mapped to intensity and amplitude mapped to hue. The resulting multi-attribute cube is composed of unique color values that contain the information from both the edge detection and amplitude data. Seismic attributes that are suitable for mapping to intensity include edge defection and dip azimuth attributes. Seismic attributes suitable for mapping to hue include seismic amplitude, instantaneous phase and rms amplitude.

The multi-attribute technique can be used to make a number of key attribute combinations that can be used at different stages in the interpretation work process. Combinations of instantaneous phase and dip azimuth enable rapid appraisal of structural form; instantaneous phase and edge detection multi-attribute cubes are powerful tools for structural framework interpretation; amplitude or rms amplitude and edge detection combinations can be used for reservoir mapping and stratigraphic analysis. Edge detection technology using displays of attribute combinations enables rapid and high-resolution evaluation of 3D seismic data at all stages of exploration and exploitation of reservoirs.

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