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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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"CRINE" and "KRIS" — A Unique Opportunity?

Michael Ferrow

3D Structural and Stratigraphic Frameworks Using Acoustic Impedance Amplitude, and Edge-Enhanced Seismic Volumes

K. D. Kelsch, T. L. Heidrick, Hazairin, J. Randle, D. Moore, G. Schmit, A. Rauf

An Alternative in Optimizing Well Evaluation

Sigit Sutiyono

Appendix 1 - Typical Field Trip Logistic Plan

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Applying the Reservoir Management Process to the Pantai Pakam Timur, Gas Field: A Field Case Study: Abstract

Cecep Briantoro, Widjiono S., Akhmad Miftah

Biogenic Gas Exploration in Miocene Carbonate, West Sumatra, Indonesia: Abstract

P. B. Dobson, Triyanto Rahardjo, C. A. Atallah, F. I. Frasse, T. D. Specht, A. S. Djamil, Marhadi, R. E. Netherwood, P. J. M. Montaggioni

Bioremediation Process for Crude Oil Contaminated Soil — A Field Scale Application

Dasmaji, Ridwan Simatupang, Zulfan, Ali Dikri

The Brown Shale of Central Sumatra: A Detailed Geological Appraisal of a Shallow Lacustrine Source Rock

Andrew Camell, Peter Butterworth, Budi Hamid, Andrew Livsey, Jonathan Barton, Christopher Bates

Challenges for Indonesia's Petroleum Energy Future: Its Importance and Implementation for Regional Energy Supply

Mineo Kinoshita

Changing the Growth Equation; Integrated Solutions' Contribution Through a Step-Change in Performance

Jim Reynolds, Bob Pendergraft

Channel and Sandstone Body Geometry from 3D Seismic and Well Control in Widuri Field, Offshore SE Sumatra, Indonesia

D. C. Carter, J. Armon, W. E. Harmony, R. S. Himawan, P. Lukito, I. Syarkawi, P. C. Tonkin

Chapter 1 - Deltaic Settings

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 10 - The Modern Mahakam Delta

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 11 - Miocene Outcrops on the Samarinda Anticlinorium

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 12 - Conclusion and References

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 13 - References

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 2 - Coastal Morphology and Sedimentary Processes

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 3 - Facies Analysis and Sedimentary Structures

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 4 - Coastal Deposits and Facies

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 5 - Deltas and Deltaic Deposits

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 6 - Regional Setting of the Mahakam Delta

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 7 - Depositional Environments and Sedimentation in the Modern Mahakam Delta

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 8 - Reservoir Geometry and Stratigraphic Model

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Chapter 9 - Regional Geology and Stratigraphy of the Kutei Basin

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Characterization of Bacterial Isolate from Waste Water at Oil Drilling Well for Decreasing Oil Viscosity: Abstract

Nuryati Juli, Septoratno Siregar, Eswar Roezzaman

Clean-Up of Oil Base Drilling Mud Mixing Plant in the Vico Field, East Kalimantan, Using Incineration and Bioremediation Technology

M. Sauman, Rochana Hasan, Hari Subagjo, Steven Broadmeadow

Comparison Study of Late vs Early Water Flood

M. Napoleon Ghozali

Composition, Structure and Oil-Bearing Capacity of the Basement in the White Tiger Field: Abstract

F. A. Kireev, T. L. Dong, P. A. Tuan

Compression or Strike Slip Along the North Sumatra Mountain Front: Controls on Fracture Permeability

Frank W. Musgrove, Arman C. Sunaryo

Computer Modeling of the Pleistocene Carbonates in the Ryukyu Island Arc, Japan: Abstract

Ryoichi Matsui, Fumiaki Matsuda, Yoshinori Matsuda, Michinori Saito, Ryotaro Iwahashi

Constraints on Sedimentary Provenance in the Sunda-Asri, Northwest Java Basins and the Ciletuh Region: Evidence from Zircon Fission Track (FT) Analysis: Abstract

Hardjo Basuki Soenandar, Peter J. J. Kamp

Correlation Mapping Technique, a Powerful Tool to Minimize Risk and to Guide Future Development Plans

Gertjan van Mechelen, Jurgen Meyer, Roopa Gir

Depositional Model of the Miocene Kais Formation in the Walio Field, Salawati Basin, Indonesia: Abstract

Fumiaki Matsuda, Yulfi Indra, David DesAutels

Depth Prediction Ahead of the Bit: A Case Study from the Singa-1 Discovery Well, South Sumatra

Mark Crawley, David Ginger

Development of a Novel Compositional Simulation Approach to Model Recovery from Volatile Oil Reservoirs

E. Syahrial, T. S. Daltaban

Development of Marginal Fields in E South Area, Offshore Northwest Java, Indonesia

Ronnie Purantoro, Wayne Suyenaga, Medria K. Dewi, Danang R. Saleh, Frans J. Silitonga

Development of Non Petroleum Base Chemicals for IOR in Indonesia

S. Purwono, B. Murachman, Hardjono, Rochmadi, W. B. Sediawan, S. Poerodiprodjo, M. Datun, I. W. Sumarinda, J. Setyowiyoto, R. S. T. Kartoatmodjo, Sumaryana, I. Doria, S. Wiroatmodjo

Development of the South Lho Sukon Reef Fields by Horizontal Wells

Annan C. Sunaryo, Raharjo Widjanarko, Frank W. Musgrove, Royke Kristanto, Dave G. Ward

Effects of Wellbore Stability on Sand Production: Abstract

Ariffin Samsuri, Surej Kumar Subbiah

Enhanced 3D Seismic Interpretation Using Display of Combined Seismic Attributes

Bill Higgs, Bill Kowalik, Yi Luo

Environmental Management Policy in Refineries to Anticipate Era of Business Openness: Abstract

Muktihardjo, Ismet Somad, Bambang Hirawan

Eocene Extensional Basin Formation, Eastern Borneo: Abstract

Gary J. Nichols, Ian R. Cloke, Robert Hall

Experience of Waterflood in Yakin Field

M. Budi Kuntjoro, Yunus Yusuf, Djoko Tjahyono, Steve Palar

Experiment of Microbial Core Flooding Using Molases as a Supplement: Abstract

Evita H. Legowo, Agus Yusuf, M. Udiharto, Sri Kadarwati, Maizar Rahman

Exspan Brings New Life to Old East Kalimantan Field: Abstract

Entang Hadisasmita, R. B. Maas

Fracture Network Characterization of Naturally Fractured Reservoir Using Artificial Neural Network and Fractal Methods

Doddy Abdassah, Sani O. Wahyu

Geological Data Acquisition During 3D Seismic Operation in Mutiara Field Area, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Andang Bachtiar, Edy Kurniawan, Yulie Purwanti

Global Marine Environmental Management and Its Implication to Oil and Gas Activities in Indonesia: Abstract

Erie Rahendra W., Wiesye A. Rondonuwu

Hydrocyclones: A Solution to Produced Water Treatment for Offshore Development: Abstract

Bayu Satiyawira

Impact of the Petroleum System Approach to Exploration and Appraisal Efficiency in the Mahakam Delta

Bernard C. Duval, Christian Cassaigneau, Ghislain Choppin de Janvry, Bernard Loiret, Michel Leo, Alibi, Yves Grosjean

In-Situ Gravity Segregation Eliminates Bottom Water Coning

C. K. Chea, Freddy Ibrahim, K. R. Bowlin

An Innovative Way to Develop Seguni Marginal Field

Bidin B. Ulumuddin, Steve Palar, Michael B. Sprawls, Nanang Marsono, Redy Utama Zahar

An Integrated Approach to 3D Seismic Acquisition Feasibility Studies: Review of Present Techniques and Future Trends

Claude Bordenave, Frederic Merlet, Lotfi Ben Brahim, Nyoman Swatika

An Integrated Approach to Horizontal Well Design and Planning in Widuri Field, Offshore Southeast Sumatra, Indonesia

D. C. Carter, W. Kortlang, M. Smelcer, J. C. Troncoso

An International Alliance to Apply Gas to Liquids Technology in Indonesia

B. J. S. MacDougall

IPA Field Trip to Central Java

Peter Lunt, Richard Netherwood, O. Frank Huffman

Kepulauan Seribu, West Java Sea, Indonesia: A Modern Reef Analog for Miocene Oil and Gas Fields in Southeast Asia

Clifton F. Jordan Jr.

Kinetic Modeling of the Pematang-Sihapas(!) Petroleum System, Malacca Strait PSC, Central Sumatra

Robert C. Davis, Witan O. Ardjakusumah, Iwan S. Soemantri

Landspreading: An Option for Water Based Drilling Mud Waste Management: Abstract

Achmad Hamdani, Joko Purwanto, Joseph Kwan

Maximizing the Economic Performance of Oil and Gas Fields Through Technology and Teamwork: Key Elements for Creating Growth

David Baille, Roopa Gir

Mobil's Technical Computing Strategy (TCS) Creating Value Together

Nur Darodjat, Michael S. Marzano

Musi Platform and Palembang High: A New Look at the Petroleum System

Harmen Rashid, Imam B. Sosrowidjojo, F. X. Widiarto

A New Pressure Transient Testing Method for Gas Condensate Wells

W. Jatmiko

North Sumatra's Middle Miocene Reservoir Prediction and Characterization Using Sequence Stratigraphy, 2D Seismic Inversion and 3D Seismic Data

Slamet Riadhy, Chaidir Ismi, Saptawati Iriani

Offshore Coiled Tubing Drilling Arrives in Indonesia

Andrew D. Kirk, Taufiq Sembiring

Performance Review of the Steamflood Pilot Project in the Rindu Sand - Duri Field

Agus Sulistyo, Asep Syaefuddin, Agus Setiawan, Mochtar Djamaludin

Petroleum Systems of the Asri Basin, Java Sea, Indonesia

J. Sukanto, Nunuk F., J. B. Aldrich, G. P. Rinehart, J. Mitchell

Petrophysical Data Integration Increases Reserves in Low Contrast Pay

Mark Deakin, Wan Manan

Physical Behavior Affecting Oil Losses in Surface Facilities

Erie Soedarmo, Maizar Rahman, Ria Pardede, Rachmat Yunus

Platform Removal, ARCO Indonesia Experience

Sulistiyono, Gatot Hendarjo

Possibilities of Utilization of Post Production Operation Platform

Sulistiyono, Gatot Hendarjo, Hengky Sidarta

Prediction of Reservoir Rock Permeability Reduction by Using Laboratory Acoustic Measurement

Bambang Widarsono, Fakhriyadi Saptono

Preparing Indonesian Petroleum Professional Facing the Era of Globalization

Adi Harsono

Radial Distribution of Apparent Fluid Resistivities in Water Drive Reservoirs

Suparman, P. Fox, Djoko Sulistio, P. Sitorus

Recent Experiences with Seismic Imaging and Velocity Analysis: Abstract

John L. Toldi, Nathaniel G. Tilander

Reservoir Characterization from Outcrop Sedimentological Study and Seismic Shothole Data in Mutiara-Pamaguan Field Areas, Kutei Basin: Abstract

Andang Bachtiar, Edy Kurniawan, Yulie Purwanti

Sand Control in Balikpapan Bay Fields

Felix Soepyan, Steve Palar, Budi Kuntjoro

The Sedimentology of Kepulauan Seribu: A Modern Patch Reef Complex in the West Java Sea, Indonesia

Clifton F. Jordan Jr

The Semoga-Kaji Discoveries: Large Stratigraphic Baturaja Oil Fields in South Sumatera

Oskar M. Hutapea

The Sepinggan Field: Reducing Field Modeling and Reserve Calculation Cycle Time

Kim Christensen, Achmad Nurhono, Redy Utama Zahar, Sven Chipchase, Marwoto, Dody Mochtar, Brian Simmonds

Strategic Alliances: Why and How for Indonesia

Joao G. de Oliveira

Strategic Collaboration Among ASEAN Refineries for the Production of Reformulated Fuels

A. S. Nasution, E. Jasjfi

Stratigraphic Analysis of the Main Member of the Upper Cibulakan Formation at E Field, Offshore Northwest Java, Indonesia

Henry W. Posamentier, Wayne Suyenaga, Diah Rufaida, Robert Meyrick, S. George Pemberton

Tectonics and Hydrocarbons in Irian Jaya, Constraints from Zircon Fission Track Analysis: Abstract

Kevin C. Hill, Paul B. O'Sullivan, Kaspar Lumbanbatu, Richard D. Kendrick, Edy Sutriyono

Three Dimensional Visualization of a Structurally and Stratigraphically Complex Reservoir Can Improve Development Strategy: Abstract

Karen S. Hoffman, Roger M. Slatt

Underbalanced Drilling — The Way Forward: Abstract

Ben Gedges, Victor Villegas

Unique Mixed Metal Hydroxide Mud Improves Success of Drilling Jatibarang Well

Ign. Sularyo, Sadia Brennan

Unocal Career Planning and Development System in the Fast Changes of Globalization Era

Kunkun Sudaryat, Syarif Bustaman

Up-Stream Operation at the Nature Conservation Area: An Environmental Approach

Ari Pramono, Djoko Sudiro, Ari Buhari

The Use of Permanent Down-Hole Pressure Gauges in Managing Uncertainty in the Belida Field

Sugiman, Imanudin, Fathul Rachman

Where Is My Horizontal Well? Use of Borehole Seismic Where Velocities Vary Laterally

Agus Muharam, Frank Musgrove