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Indonesian Petroleum Association


26th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 3), 1998
Pages 165-165

Environmental Previous HitManagementNext Hit Policy in Refineries to Anticipate Era of Business Openness: Abstract

Muktihardjo1, Ismet Somad2, Bambang Hirawan3


In the free trade, competition in the all sectors is increasing. One of the effects of business openness is that environmental issues in companies are getting more attention from the world.

Compliance with national and international regulations and standards for environmental aspects will be stricter. Companies have no real choice but to comply with this regulations as otherwise they will lose business to the competition.

Oil companies, including PERTAMINA Refinery of Balikpapan, have product Previous HitwasteNext Hit such as air pollution material, sludge, Previous HitwasteNext Hit water, etc., that must be promptly handled and managed.

Proper handling will of course require more proactive and predictive efforts by companies to increase the environmental awareness by all levels of company employees, from top Previous HitManagementNext Hit down to employees who actually perform the work.

This poster discusses the environmental Previous HitmanagementNext Hit policy in PERTAMINA Refinery of Balikpapan, including strategies such as environmental issues, cleaner production, Previous HitwasteNext Hit Previous HitmanagementNext Hit, and the Environmental Previous HitManagementTop System, in order to achieve ISO 14,000 certification.


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