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Proceedings of an International Conference on Petroleum Systems of SE Asia and Australasia, 1997
Pages 467-479

The Petroleum Systems of the South Con Son Basin, Offshore South Vietnam

B. Simon, H. L. ten Haven, C. Cramez


Recent exploration drilling in the South Con Son Basin has allowed for a much more precise calibration of regional seismic data. These can be now interpreted in terms of basin evolution and compared with the theoretical model derived from the petroleum system approach.

Such an approach leads us to consider that the estimation and ranking of exploration plays and prospects is based upon the identification and the evaluation of a series of geological parameters which are, very schematically, pre-defined for a given type of basin. For example, the evolution of back-arc basins located within the Meso-Cenozoic mega-suture, such as the South Con Son Basin, comprises three successive stages (Rift, Cratonic and Continental Margin) characterised by specific structural styles and geological facies assemblages (including source rocks/reservoir facies development/distribution, etc.).

The permanent cross-check between the model and the analysis is a fruitful method to evaluate quickly the exploration potential of the basin by means of focusing main efforts on the study of key-parameters through a series of systematic steps: geochemical characterisation, mapping of the type, nature and limits of the petroleum system(s), and the identification and mapping of migration paths and trapping style(s).

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