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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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2D Modelling of Secondary Petroleum Migration in the Sakala Timur PSC, Indonesia

Alwyn Vear, Duncan Macgregor

Analysis of the Dampier Basin Petroleum Systems Using Integrated 2D Modelling Techniques

Alwyn Vear

The Application of Fluorescence Alteration of Multiple Macerals (FAMM) for Petroleum Exploration in SE Asia and Australasia

R. W. T. Wilkins, N. Sherwood, M. Faiz, S. C. Teerman, C. P. Buckingham

Application of the Petroleum System Concept to Reconnaissance Assessments of Mature and Emerging Producing Basins, with Examples from Indonesia

L. Rogers Hardy, Sukanda Muchsin, La Ode Ichram, Luki Samuel, Eddy Pumomo

An Atlas of Sealing Faults in SE Asia

J. Lawson Brown, Jean E. McCallum

Australian and Eastern Indonesian Petroleum Systems

Marita Bradshaw, Dianne Edwards, John Bradshaw, Clinton Foster, Tom Loutit, Bruce McConachie, Aidan Moore, Andrew Murray, Roger Summons

Basin Analysis and Petroleum System of the Cuu Long Basin on the Continental Shelf of Vietnam

Phan Trung Dien, Phung Si Tai, Nguyen Van Dung

The Birkhead-Hutton(!) Petroleum System of the Gidgealpa Area, Eromanga Basin, Australia

Peter J. Boult, Melanie J. Ryan, Bernd H. Michaelsen, David M. McKirdy, Peter R. Tingate, Elio Lanzilli, Meshack L. N. Kagya

The Business Side of Petroleum Systems

Marlan W. Downey

Cenozoic Tectonics of SE Asia and Australasia

Robert Hall

Characteristics of Overpressured Basins and Influence of Overpressure on the Petroleum System

Richard E. Swarbrick

Charge Constraints on the Hydrocarbon Habitat and Development of Hydrocarbon Systems in Southeast Asia Tertiary Basins

Harry Doust, Gerard Lijmbach

A Comparison of Source Rock Facies and Hydrocarbon Types of the Middle Miocene Sequence, Offshore NW Sabah Basin, Malaysia

Azlina Anuar, Abdul Jalil Muhamad

A Computer Simulation Model for the Reconstruction of the Carbonate Sedimentary Process

Fumiaki Matsuda, Yoshinori Matsuda, Michinori Saito, Ryotaro Iwahashi

Controls on the Reservoir Quality of Lower Miocene Sandstones, Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Iwan Busono, Harry Alam, Steve Corbin

The Cooper-Eromanga Petroleum System, Australia: Investigation of Essential Elements and Processes

B. S. Lowe-Young, S. I. Mackie, R. S. Heath

The Destruction and Preservation of Giant Light Oilfields

Duncan S. Macgregor

Differentiation of Oils from the NW Java Basin into Three Oil Types Based on Biomarker Composition

Haposan Napitupulu, Richard M. Mitterer, J. A. Morelos-Garcia

Distribution and Origin of Carbon Dioxide in the Song Hong Basin of Offshore Vietnam

Ngo Van Dinh

Dual Petroleum Systems Governing the Prolific Pattani Basin, Offshore Thailand

Eric Jardine

Evaluation of Reservoirs and Seals: Short Course 3

John G. Kaldi

Exploration in the Savannakhet Basin, Peoples Democratic Republic of Laos

P. J. Cullen, P. L. Birch, S. C. Wright, C. J. Keamey, A. T. Pink

Fluid Pressure Studies of SE Asia Mudrocks Using Wireline Logs

Toby W. D. Harrold, Richard E. Swarbrick, Neil R. Goulty

Geochemical and Petrological Techniques for Quantification of Petroleum Systems

P. Joseph Hamilton

Geological Modelling and Reservoir Properties of Basement Rocks of the South Vietnam Continental Shelf

Tran Khac Tan, Nguyen Quang Bo

Geologic Evolution and Petroleum System of the Thailand Andaman Sea Basins

Mark W. Andreason, Brett Mudford, James E. St. Onge

How Overpressure and Diagenesis Interact in Sedimentary Basins – Consequences for Porosity Preservation in HPHT Reservoir Sandstones

Mark J. Osborne, Richard E. Swarbrick

Hydrocarbon Habitat of the N.W. Palawan Basin, Philippines

D. M. Branson, P. J. Newman, M. Scherer, P. J. Stalder, R. G. Villafuerte

Hydrocarbon Potential and Development of Miocene Knoll-Reefs, South Sulawesi

N. Alit Ascaria, Neil A. Harbury, Moyra E. J. Wilson

Hydrocarbon Trap Styles of South Eastern Vietnam Offshore Basins

Nguyen Trong Tin

Integration of 2D Modeling, Drainage Polygon Analysis and Geochemistry as Petroleum Systems Analysis Tools; West Block B PSC, S. Natuna Sea

Eric Michael, David Bond

The Interaction of Tectonics and Depositional Systems on the Stratigraphy of the Active Tertiary Deltaic Shelf Margin of Brunei Darussalam: Abstract

Paul Crevello, Chris Morley, Joseph Lambiase, Mike Simmons

Key to Successful Petroleum System Analysis: Understanding of Input Parameters in 2D Basin Modeling

Akihiko Okui

Krakatau Events and Geology

The Lingan Fan: Late Miocene/Early Pliocene Turbidite Fan Complex, North-West Sabah

Marzuki Mohamad, Jeffrey J. Lobao

Lithofacies and Depositional Environments of the Oligocene Sediments of the Cuu Long Basin, and Their Relationship to Hydrocarbon Potential

Ly Truong Phuong

Locating Effective Source Rocks in Deltaic Petroleum Systems: Making Better Use of Land-Plant Biomarkers

A. P. Murray, I. B. Sosrowidjojo, R. Alexander, R. E. Summons

Making the Most of Subsurface Pressure Data

Richard E. Swarbrick, Neville A. Hallam, Derek A. Teasdale

Mesozoic to Recent Thermal History and Basement Tectonics of the Irian Jaya Fold Belt and Arafura Platform, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Richard D. Kendrick, Kevin C. Hill, Paul B. O'Sullivan, Kaspar Lumbanbatu, Ijep Saefudin

The Northern Nam Con Son Basin Petroleum System, Based on Exploration Data from Block 04-2 Vietnam

K. J. Watts

Offshore Seepage Mapped from Space High-Grades Unexplored Parts of Southeast Asia Basins

G. Lawrence, A. Fleming, M. Broadley, N. A. Press

Origin and Geological Controls on Subsurface CO2 Distribution with Examples from Western Indonesia

B. A. Cooper, M. J. Raven, L. Samuel, Hardjono, W. Satoto

Palaeozoic Source Rock Facies and Maturation History of the Southern Merlinleigh Sub-Basin, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

K. A. R. Ghori

Paleogene Basin Development in Sundaland and It's Role to the Petroleum Systems in Western Indonesia

Sudarmono, Suherman T., Benny Eza

Pematang-Sihapas Petroleum System of Central Sumatra

Barry J. Katz, William C. Dawson

The Petroleum Geology of Negara Brunei Darussalam; An Update

J. Schreurs

Petroleum Geology of Offshore Da Nang, Central Vietnam

Hoang Ngoc Dang, Chris Sladen

Petroleum Resources and Petroleum Systems of SE Asia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand

J. V. C. Howes

Petroleum System in the Khmer Trough, Cambodia

Akihiko Okui, Akinori Imayoshi, Kohsuke Tsuji

Petroleum System of the Kutei Basin, Kalimantan, Indonesia

David W. Paterson, Andang Bachtiar, John A. Bates, Jerry A. Moon, Ron C. Surdam

Petroleum Systems Analysis of the Sepik and Ramu Basins of Papua New Guinea: Implications for Irian Jaya

Ramsay A. Barrett

Petroleum Systems and the Role of Multi-Dimensional Basin Modeling

D. H. Welte, T. Hantschel, B. Wygrala

Petroleum Systems in the Far East

C. F. Schiefelbein, J. E. Zumberge, S. W. Brown

Petroleum Systems of Northwest Java, Indonesia

Ron A. Noble, Kakung H. Pratomo, Kuntadi Nugrahanto, Anditya M. T. Ibrahim, Indra Prasetya, Nizar Mujahidin, C. H. Wu, J. V. C. Howes

The Petroleum Systems of South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Moyra E. J. Wilson, N. Alit Ascaria, Dana Q. Coffield, Nusatriyo Guritno

Petroleum Systems of South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Dana Coffield, Nusatriyo Guritno, Moyra Wilson, Alit Ascaria

Petroleum Systems of South Sulawesi, Indonesia: Field Trip Summary

Dana Coffield, Nusatriyo Guritno, Moyra Wilson, N. Alit Ascaria

Petroleum Systems of the Papuan Basin, Papua New Guinea

R. L. Kaufman, J. C. Phelps, K. J. Kveton

Petroleum Systems of the Sandakan Basin, Philippines

John E. Graves, David A. Swauger

The Petroleum Systems of the South Con Son Basin, Offshore South Vietnam

B. Simon, H. L. ten Haven, C. Cramez

Petroleum Systems of the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand: A Review

P. R. King, R. H. Funnell

The Petroleum System – An Exploratory Tool to Find Oil and Gas and to Assist in Risk Management

L. B. Magoon

The Petroleum System — An Investigative Technique to Evaluate the Complementary Prospect: Short Course 1

Leslie B. Magoon

Pre-Tertiary Basement – The New Objective for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production in the Continental Shelf of South Vietnam

Ngo Thuong San, Nguyen Giao, Tran Le Dong, Hoang Phuoc Son

A Preliminary Report on the Use of Isogons in the Analysis of Inversion Structures

Charles F. Kluth, James C. Phelps

The Relationship Between Late Tertiary Basins, Thrust Belts and Major Transcurrent Faults in Irian Jaya: Implications for Petroleum Systems Throughout New Guinea

D. M. Hobson, A. Adnan, L. Samuel

The Role of Depositional Sequences in Creating and Controling Petroleum Systems – Basic Principles and Examples

Fred F. Meissner

The Role of Mud Volcanoes in Petroleum Systems: Examples from Timor, the South Caspian and the Caribbean

Paul Ware, La Ode Ichram

The Sagaing Fault in Myanmar: Preliminary Field Observations and Relevance to the Gulf of Martaban Cenozoic Petroleum System

C. Torres, D. A. Swauger, S. Bergman, P. Tapponnier, R. Lacassin, A. Replumaz

Seal Capacity in Dynamic Petroleum Systems: Example from Pagerungan Gas Field, East Java Sea, Indonesia

John G. Kaldi, Duncan Macgregor, Greg P. O'Donnell

Sedimentary Architecture in Relation to Gas Migration; Late Permian Blackwater Group, Bowen Basin, Australia

Per Michaelsen, Peter J. Crosdale, Robert A. Henderson

Sedimentology, Structure and Petroleum Systems of the Baram Delta Province, Brunei Darussalam and Sarawak: Field Trip Summary

J. J. Lambiase, P. D. Crevello, B. Bait, A. H. Rahman, C. K. Morley, A. Hussin, M. D. Simmons

Sequence Stratigraphy of Tertiary Petroleum Systems in the West Natuna Basin, Indonesia

Sandra Phillips, Laird Little, Eric Michael, Van Odell

Some Implications of Eurasian and Indo-Australian Plate Collision on the Petroleum Potential of Tertiary, Intra-Cratonic Basins of Southeast Asia

R. D. Shaw

Structural Control on Source Rock Development and Thermal Maturity in the Ardjuna Basin, Offshore Northwest Java, Indonesia

Kuntadi Nugrahanto, Ron A. Noble

The Structural Development of the Honje High, Bayah High and Adjacent Offshore Areas, West Java, Indonesia

J. T. Keetley, G. T. Cooper, K. C. Hill, Y. Kusumabrata, P. B. O'Sullivan, I. Saefudin

Structural Evolution, Maturation History, and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Penyu Basin, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia

Mazlan B. Hj. Madon, Azlina Anuar, Robert Wong

Structural Modeling Within the Sanga Sanga PSC, Kutei Basin, Kalimantan: Its Application to Paleochannel Orientation Studies and Timing of Hydrocarbon Entrapment

Angus Ferguson, Ken McClay

Substantial Contribution of Petroleum Systems to Increase Exploration Success in Indonesia

F. X. Sujanto

Subsurface Pressures and Petroleum Systems: Pressure Relationships to the Generation, Migration and Accumulation of Hydrocarbons: Short Course 2

Fred F. Meissner

The Syn-Rift Petroleum System of Central Sumatra: Field Trip Summary

Andrew Carnell, Peter Butterworth

Tectonic and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Tertiary Aure Trough, Papua New Guinea: Foreland Basin Over Microplate-Craton Suture

R. D. Winn Jr., R. C. H. Perembo, H. L. Davies, P. Pousai

Tectonic Setting and Hydrocarbon Occurrence in the Central Myanmar Tertiary Belt

Maung Nyunt, Sann Lwin

Thermal History of the Western Indonesian Basins (Sunda-Asri, Northwest Java, and Southwest Java): Evidence from Fission Track Geochronology of Apatite

Hardjo Basuki Soenandar

Thermal Regimes in Two Vietnamese Basins, Cuu Long and Nam Con Son, and Implications for Hydrocarbon Generation

Rob Funnell, Rick Allis, Tran Huyen

Thermochronology and Tectonics of the Bird's Head Region, Irian Jaya: Apatite Fission Track Constraints

Edy Sutriyono, Paul B. O'Sullivan, Kevin C. Hill

Timing as a Vital Element of the Petroleum System: Use of Thermal History Reconstruction Using AFTA® and VR as a Route to More Efficient Exploration

Paul F. Green, Kerry A. Hegarty, Ian R. Duddy

Transgressive Talang Akar Sands of the Kuang Area, South Sumatra Basin: Origin, Distribution and Implication for Exploration Play Concept

Budi Tamtomo, Irzan Yuswar, Eko Widianto

A Two Phase Extensional Model for the Penola Trough, Otway Basin, Southern Australia

M. Bowyer, C. F. Elders, K. R. McClay

Unorthodox Deep-Basin Accumulations – A Neglected Exploration Target Within Many Active Petroleum Systems

Fred F. Meissner

Use of Petroleum Systems in Risk Assessment of Plays and Prospects

Nahum Schneidermann, Robert M. Otis