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Indonesian Petroleum Association


Proceedings of an International Conference on Petroleum Systems of SE Asia and Australasia, 1997
Pages 515-520

Hydrocarbon Trap Styles of South Eastern Vietnam Offshore Basins

Nguyen Trong Tin


South Eastern Vietnam offshore has an area of approximately 500,000 sq.Km, within which numerous oil and gas fields have been found such as Bach Ho, Rong, RangDong, Ruby, DaiHung, LanTay, LanDo, ThanhLong, KimCuongTay, and HaiThach. Exploration results show that investigation and classification of trap styles is an important part of the exploration process in the area. Trap classification was based on tectonics, geological evolution, structural morphology and hydrocarbon potential. The trap types identified are (a) structural, which include fractured basement highs with draping sediment, tilted fault blocks, roll-over anticlines and flower structures, (b) carbonate traps, which include carbonate platforms and carbonate build-ups, and (c) lithostratigraphic traps, which include stratigraphic pinch-outs, deep marine turbidite sand bodies, and fluvial channel sand bodies.

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