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Abstract: FWI Using Reflections in Shallow Waters Offshore Abu Dhabi; #91204 (2023)

Carlos Barajas, Olivier Hermant, Oleg Khakimov, Bastian Hutahayan, Guillaume Cambois, Mohamed Mahgoub, Olivier Kirstetter

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... and low velocity layers creating high apparent anisotropy in the bandwidth of seismic surveys. Obtaining an accurate description of the velocity...


Seismic Fracture Detection in the Second White Speckled Shale: Anisotropic Perspectives on an Isotropic Workflow; #41289 (2014)

David Cho, Craig Coulombe, Scott McLaren, Kevin Johnson, and Gary F. Margrave

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..., travel-time anisotropy effects in shales were analyzed to determine its relationship to fracturing. The analysis yields a set of attributes...


Eye-Openers from Re-Processing of Oil Sands Seismic Data; #41290 (2014)

David Gray, Seann Day, and Scott Shapper

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... is required in order to prepare these wide angles for density extraction. In particular, both VTI and HTI anisotropy must be corrected to flatten...


An Interpreters Guide to Successful Prestack Depth Imaging; #41544 (2015)

Rob A. Holt

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... communication, timely sharing of information, a suitable velocity and anisotropy strategy, and proactive Quality Check (QC). The success of the project can...


Influence of Lithology on Vertical Anisotropy of Permeability at a Field Scale for Select Louisiana Geologic Units

Douglas Carlson

GCAGS Transactions

...Influence of Lithology on Vertical Anisotropy of Permeability at a Field Scale for Select Louisiana Geologic Units Douglas Carlson Influence...


Abstracts of Theses: Petrofabric Analysis of Potash Ore Beds, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

Alan Raymond Clark

CSPG Bulletin

... by the physical anisotropy of the rock resulting from the preferred orientation of the cleavages. End_of_Record - Last_Page 323...


Integration of Microseismic With Rock Properties From Multi-Component Seismic Data, Mississippi Lime Play, North-Central Oklahoma

Scott W. Singleton, Shihong Chi, Crystal Lapaire, Lisa Sanford, Paul Constance

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

.... Processing was carefully performed in order to quantify compressional and converted wave anisotropy. Then a reservoir characterization study...


Prestack Seismic Data Inversion for Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization in China

Gang Yu, Yusheng Zhang, Ximing Wang, Xing Liang, Uwe Strecker, Maggie Smith

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... attribute analysis of anisotropy from elliptical velocity inversion indicates that anisotropy varies horizontally and vertically, and that it is dominantly...


Seismic Imaging in Anisotropic Media. or... "A Better Way to Moveout and Migrate Long Offset Data"

Rolf Klotz, Martin Bayly, Sue Downie, Swee Leng

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... migration that takes anisotropy into account. Lynn W., Gonzalez A. and MacKay S 1989 Where are the fault plane reflections? Abstract of paper...


5. Directional Properties of Some California Sandstones

L. C. Bonham

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... is velocity anisotropy which, in the samples studied, is correlated with preferred orientation of microfractures. End_of_Record - Last_Page 178...


AAPG Methods in Exploration No. 14, Chapter 11:

O. Jorgensen and N. W. Petersen

AAPG Special Volumes

..., Utilizing wellbore image data to determine the complete stress tensor: Application to permeability anisotropy and wellbore stability: The Log Analyst, v. 38...


Coal Anisotropism and its Relationship to Methane Concentration in Coal: ABSTRACT

Francis T. C. Ting, P. B. Wang

AAPG Bulletin

... bituminous coal beds in the Appalachian coal basin vary in methane concentration by 5 to 10 times; their optical anisotropy also varies by 2 to 3 times. High...


Abstract: Velocity Model Calibration Effects on Microseismic Locations; #90187 (2014)

J. Akram and D. W. Eaton

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.... In this paper, we use finite-difference synthetic seismograms to assess the importance of seismic anisotropy (weak transverse isotropy, up to 20...


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