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Benchmark Responses - Application of Resistivity-Tool-Response Modeling for Formation Evaluation - Archie Series No. 2

Hezhu Yin

AAPG Special Volumes

... Resistivity (ohm m) 200 110 Measured Depth (ft) Dipping-bed effect on ILD Apparent Dip, Degrees: 120 75 65 45 30 15 0 130 140 Bed Thickness...


Abstract: Improving the efficiency of the Forward Problem Solver for 3D resistivity modeling

Gregory Nash

Atlantic Geology

... is a geophysical method that enables scientists to create computer models of the Earth’s subsurface based on calculations of apparent resistivity. Two...


ABSTRACT: Site Characterization of Historical Cemeteries Using Electrical Resistivity Measurement; #90019 (2003)

John B. Nelson

Search and

..., interpreted as air space. Areas with presumably decaying wooden coffins were readily apparent, with internal high resistivity, but with blurred...


Abstract: Inversion of Vertical Electrical Sounding Data to Identify Hot Groundwater in Geothermal Prospect Area in Bumiaji Region, Malang, Indonesia; #90255 (2017)

Mariyanto, Has Priahadena

Search and

... (VES) in the four sounding points around the hotsprings with a maximum path length of 160 meters. Data from this measurement is the apparent resistivity...


Use of the azimuthal resistivity technique for determination of regional azimuth of transmissivity

Douglas Carlson

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

..., at selected degree intervals, which yields an apparent resistivity ellipse from which joint-set orientation can be determined.Regional application...


Distribution of Bitumens in Reservoirs of the Ashal’Chin Field

Yu. V. Zubov, Yu. P. Kadysev, Z. Sh. Mukhametov, N. S. Tvorogov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... contact in the field; this contact is found at several levels. It is recommended that the distribution of values of apparent resistivity (ρk) or specific...


Examples of Electrical Logs in Fractured Rocks: ABSTRACT

R. D. Ford, Milton E. Loy

AAPG Bulletin

... that there is apparently very little correlation between resistivity and production. This apparent lack of correlation may be attributed to the fact that the physical...


Comparisons of Conventional Wireline Resistivity Versus Logging-While-Drilling/Measurement-While-Drilling Logs in the Offshore Northwest Java Sea of Indonesia

P. Saputra, B. Sukamto, T. D. Lawrence, J. G. Kaldi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Comparison for (A) Total Interval (B) Shales and (C) Hydrocarbons for Example 1 By using a crossplot of Rwa (apparent water resistivity) vs. GR (gamma ray...


What is Rt? Logging While Drilling and Wireline Resistivity Measurements Spotlighted: An Offshore Case Study in Abu Dhabi; #41839 (2016)

Amr Serry, Sultan Budebes, Hassan Aboujmeih, Ahmet Aki, Michael Bittar

Search and Layer 2, was drilled. The well was geosteered using the ADRTM and StrataSteer® 3D (SS3D) steering software. It is apparent that the ADRTM resistivity ...



George B. Asquith

AAPG Special Volumes

... - mixed water resistivity Rmf - resistivity of mud filtrated - correction factor for tsh in the Dual Water model Rwa - apparent formation water resistivity...


2D Electrical Resistivity Survey for Slope Stability Study at Taman Desa Ampang, Selangor

Goh Shin Mei, Woo Chaw Hong, Yip Chia Chun, Chow Yor Chun

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... using an inversion algorithm. The inversion algorithm uses the collected apparent resistivity data to create a model space of resistivity value...


Resolving MWD-Wireline Resistivity Differences in Shaly-Sand Pay Zones

Steve Mack

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... After applying these corrections, the MWD response shows negligible changes to apparent resistivity (Ra), indicating that the raw response is very...


Basic Analysis

Richard H. Merkel

AAPG Special Volumes

... sand zone in Figure 19, and project to an apparent resistivity index. We extend this line horizontally across Figure 19 until we intersect...


Laterologging and Microlaterologging

CSPG Bulletin

... and consequently the apparent resistivities logged differ in a complicated manner from true rock resistivity. This is because of borehole effect mainly...


Innovation for Conventional Hydrocarbon Exploration with Audio Magnetotelluric Method

Widodo, Durra Handri Saputera, Iqbal Fauzi Aditama, Andriyan Saputra

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... conductivity = j-th layer thickness Then apparent resistivity can be calculated with surface transfer function: ρ_a=ω μ_0 |C_1 |^2 phase=tan^(-1...


Core Resistivity Profiles and Their Bearing on Dipmeter Survey Interpretation

Z. V. Jizba , W. C. Campbell , T. W. Todd

AAPG Bulletin

... if not impossible because of an apparent lack of resistivity contrast, producing a profile characterized by a low incidence of good "picks." In other areas...


Abstract: Some Applications of the Combined Use of Core Analysis and Electric Log Data

T. Kennaird

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... that a reliable assessment of pay zones can be made on the basis of logs. For example. zones showing an apparent water saturation of greater than 50...


Experiment Using Resistivity Method to Detect Hydrocarbon Traps in Shallow Structures, Lubuk Linggau Region, South Sumatra

Arif Darmawan, Ilham Ulil Amri, Heru Haryanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... points (AB) are then measured. The method used is the resistivity method of the Schlumberger configuration. (Figure12) Medium apparent of resistivity...


Magnetic and Electrical Study of a Roll-Front URanium Deposit in the Denver Basin, Colorado

Louis J. O'Connor, Bruce D. Smith

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

.... In some places, nearby metallic objects greatly distorted the magnetic field; these parts of the map are left blank. VLF Resistivity VLF apparent...


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