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Overview of Lower Cambrian Mixed Carbonate-siliciclastic Deposition along the Western Laurentian Passive Margin

Michael C. Pope, John Stewart Hollingsworth, Kelly Dilliard

AAPG Special Volumes

... paleontology and high-precision geochronology: Geological Society of America Today, v. 8, p. 18.Brabb, EE., 1967, Stratigraphy of the Cambrian and Ordovician...


Exploration History of South Texas Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Platform

Theodore D. Cook

AAPG Bulletin

... Trip Guidebook, p. 49-56. Brucks, E. W., 1929, Luling oil field, Caldwell and Guadalupe Counties, Texas, in Structure of typical American oil fields, v...


Dsdp Biostratigraphy in Retrospect and Prospect

W. R. Riedel

Special Publications of SEPM

... , Pessagno, E. A., Jr.. and Bukry, D., 1969, Biostratigraphy: Init. Repts. DSDP, v. 1, p. 594-623. [Additional information on Foraminifera in each Site...


Seismic Exploration in the Rockies - Some Reflections

John M. Parker

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... of accurately timing them. He must have been ill-informed because certainly by that time Minthrop and others in Germany, and Karcher, McCollum...


Developments in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico in 1950

Harry A. Miller, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

.... Assoc. Petrol. Geol., Vol. 34, No. 6 (June, 1950), pp. 1129-43. IMBT, ROBERT F., AND MCCOLLUM, S. V., "Todd Deep Field, Crockett County, Texas," ibid...


The Influence of Sea Level Changes and Possible Pycnocline Shifts on Benthic Communities in the Finis Shale (Virgilian) Near Jacksboro, North-Central Texas

Vadec Lobza, Jurgen Schieber, Merlynd Nestell

CSPG Special Publications

... species. Lethaia, v. 3 p. 69-78. McCollum, L.B. 1988. A shallow epeiric sea interpretation for an offshore Middle Devonian black shale facies in eastern...


Latin America After 1920: Chapter 17: PART V. VENEZUELA

J. Herbert Sawyer

AAPG Special Volumes

... in western Venezuela: Am. Assoc. Petroleum Geologists Bull., v. 32, no. 4, p. 517-628. Clark, E. W., 1957, see A.A.P.G., 1957 (v. 41, no. 7), p. 1482-1487...


The Utilization of the "Rate-Integral" to Assist with Decline Curve Analysis of Poor-Quality Unconventional Time-Rate Data

E. W. Bryan, D. Symmons, D. Ilk, T. A. Blasingame

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... of differentiation needs to be used, which is defined as: ¶ éu ù = ¶t ê v ú ë û v ¶u ¶v -u...


South Texas Geological Society: A Fragmentary Informal History: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Edgar W. Owen

AAPG Bulletin

... better than that of their corporate employers, for 9 of the 35 are still living. They are: Ike Howeth, Leonard McCollum, Paul McFarland, Howard Nessly...


Stratigraphy, Structure, and Depositional Environments of Upper Cretaceous Rocks in the Vicinity of the Superconducting Super Collider, Northern Ellis County, Texas

William C. Dawson, Donald F. Reaser

Dallas Geological Society

... distribution of some Cretaceous coccoliths in Texas: Journal of Paleontology, v. 54, no. 2, p. 289-308. Barron, E., M. A. Arthur, and G. E. Kauffman...


Triassic-Liassic Deposits of Morocco and Eastern North America: Comparison

Franklyn B. Van Houten

AAPG Bulletin

.... 1285-1292. McCollum, M. B., 1971, Basalt flows in the Triassic Culpeper basin, Virginia: Geol. Soc. America Bull., v. 82, p. 2331-2332. Nairn, A. E. M...


A Chronology of Seismic Exploration in the Rockies: An Update to Guide Us into the Year 2001 and Beyond

John M. Parker, R. Randy Ray

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... s u r v e p 111 the KevinSunburst area and the Pondera area T h ~ s was probably tlie first seisinlc work clone in Montana 1928-A refraction selsmlc...


Case Studies of Power Consumption Reduction on California Oilfields

Rock Zierman, Bettline Arrgoni-Foster, Don Duttlinger, Mark Reedy, Ron Kane, Tom McCollum, Dan Bradford, Terry Kloth, Richard Zimmerly, Dennis Olliver, Tamara Lopez, Christopher Randall


... McCollum, Dan Bradford, Terry Kloth, Richard Zimmerly, Dennis Olliver, Tamara Lopez, Christopher Randall PTTC West Coast Resource Center nCHNOLOGY...


ABSTRACT: The Occurrence and Properties of Pseudovitrinite

John C. Crelling

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... t h e r n I l l i n o i s U n i v e r s i t y , C a r b o n d a l e , I L 62901 A l t h o u g h t h e r e h a s b e e n some c o n t r o v e r s y o...



K. O. Emery, Elazar Uchupi

AAPG Special Volumes

... Towers studies; McCollum and Herrick, 1964a, b; McClelland Engineers, 1963a, b, c, d, e). For locations, see Figure 85. Fig. 80. See caption on page 89...


Darst Creek Oil Field, Guadalupe County, Texas

H. D. McCallum

AAPG Bulletin

.... McCollum for his criticisms and suggestions; to Miss Katherine Liljegren for her assistance in preparing the manuscript; and to W. E. Sanders for drafting...


Depositional History and Shoreline Evolution of the Upper Wilcox Group and Lower Reklaw Formation, Northern Bee County, Texas; #51502 (2018)

William Ambrose, Hongliu Zeng, Mariana Olariu, Jinyu Zhang

Search and

... episodes of shoreline retreat and advance in South Core E.-M. Eocene (ca. 53-47 Ma) Carl No. 1 Gillette < 200 200–400 33˚ -94˚ 400–600 ? 800–1,000...


Expanded Abstract: Identifying Water Sources on the North Slope, Alaska for Geologic Exploration

Kim-Marie Walker, James York, Dennis Murphy

Pacific Section SEPM

... Field O f f i c e 4230 U n i v e r s i t y Drive A n c h o r a g e , AK 99508-4664 907-271-4065 Dennis Murphy U.S. G e o l o g i c a l Survey EROS D...


Structure, Stratigraphy, and Geologic History of Florida-Hatteras Shelf and Inner Blake Plateau

Charles K. Paull, William P. Dillon

AAPG Bulletin

..., Sedimentary volumes in Gulf Coastal Plain of the United States and Mexico: Geol. Soc. America Bull., v. 63, p. 1159-1164. Applin, P. L., and E. R...


ABSTRACT: Effects of Storage Methods on Coal Sample Preservation

David C. Glick, Gareth D. Mitchell, Alan Davis

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... e t h D. M i t c h e l l ' a n d A l a n D a v i s Energy and F u e l s Research C e n t e r The P e n n s y l v a n i a S t a t e Uni.ver'si t y 513...


Lithofacies of the Devonian Marcellus Shale In the Eastern Appalachian Basin, U.S.A.

Kathy R. Bruner, Margaret Walker-Milani, Richard Smosna

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... as indicators of sedimentary processes: example of concept of geochemical facies: American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Bulletin, v. 42, p. 387–430...


Some Dates Relating to the Dating of the Last Major Ice Sheet in Nova Scotia

R. H. MacNeill

Atlantic Geology

..., pp. 3-21. S o m e D a t e s R e l a t i n g t o t h e D a t i n g of t h e L a s t M a j o r I c e S h e e t in N o v a S c o t i a * R . H. M a c...


The Paleomagnetism and Rock Magnetism of Cave and Karst Deposits

Alf G. Latham, Derek C. Ford

Special Publications of SEPM

... MULLINS C E 229 PAPAMARINOPOULOS A 1987 from Petralona POCHIN ogie S J cave Cave V A R and Geoelectricity THOMPSON don A v KRUMBEIN...


Golden Anniversary 1921-1971 the Reflection Seismograph: Following is the text of the talk by W. R. Wolfe, Central Exploration Company, at the dedication of the monument on the Belle Isle Library grounds April 1, 1971.

W. R. Wolfe

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... formed by Dr. D. W. Ohern, Frank Buttran, the Ramsey Brothers, Dr. E. A. Eckhardt and Burton McCollum. This first day, I'm sure, was similar to the first...



K. O. Emery, Elazar Uchupi

AAPG Special Volumes

... of the continental shelf, southeastern Louisiana: Geol. Soc. America Bull., v. 68, p. 983-992. Alexander, A. E., 1934, A petrographic and petrologic study of some...


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