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Hydrogeologic Aspects of Structural Deformation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin

Paul H. Jones, Raymond H. Wallace, Jr.

New Orleans Geological Society

...). End_Page 99------------------------- Figure 6. Relation of the fault angle to the interstitial fluid pressure, expressed as the geostatic ratio (from...


Response of Hydrologic Systems to Waste Storage: Discussion

John G. Ferris

AAPG Special Volumes

... would be required to maintain the required injection rate. If pressures should rise above geostatic pressures, there might be rupture of overlying strata...


Energy Source of Intrusive Masses: ABSTRACT

William C. Gussow

AAPG Bulletin

... that the energy is almost entirely derived from the geostatic load of the overburden and that the mechanics involved in the emplacement of igneous...


Spatial Variations in Formation Water Salinities, South Pelto and South Timbalier Areas, Eastern Louisiana Continental Shelf

Amanda M. Nikiel and Jeffrey S. Hanor

GCAGS Transactions

... made using the Kehle et al. (1971) correction curve. Geostatic ratio, here defined as (pore fluid pressure/height of the fluid column...


Salt Diapirism: Importance of Temperature, and Energy Source of Emplacement

William Carruthers Gussow

AAPG Special Volumes

... forces. In reality no plutonic force--mountain building, magma reservoir pressure, etc.--can exceed the pressure of the geostatic load. This force...


Paleo-Hydrogeologic Conditions of Formation and Preservation of Oil Pools in the Middle and Upper Devonian Sediments of the Pripyat Depression

Ye. F. Bolgarina, G. P. Yakobson

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

..., and this had a considerable effect on the hydrodynamic regime of the Devonian elisional system. There was an uneven increase in geostatic pressure that led...


Thermobarometric Conditions of Formation of Oil and Gas Pools at Great Depths in Areas of Cenozoic Downwarping

L. A. Pol’ster, Yu. A. Viskovskiy, V. A. Nikolenko, L. G. Shustova

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

.... The sediments here are largely sandy-clayey deposits, and the downwarps have characteristic pressure-temperature conditions. The sedimentary sections...


Study of the Density of Rocks of the Section of the Peri-Caspian Depression by Means of Gravity Logging

V. F. Kononkov, B. V. Bobynin, V. V. Butazov, A. Ya. Zhigalin, A. I. Volgina, A. S. Pavlov, O. K. Kozak

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... from 2.06 to 2.27; the change appears to reflect compaction from geostatic pressure. In the 500-630 m interval there is a sharp increase to 2.66...


Compaction of Sandy Reservoirs of the Inner Zone of the Cis-Carpathian Downwarp

G. I. Antonishin, R. S. Yaremiychuk

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... and texture from the geostatic pressure of the overlying rocks. Secondary alteration of sandy rocks is expressed here by recrystallization of calcite cement...


Thermal and Diagenetic History of the Pleasant Bayou -- Chocolate Bayou Area, Brazoria County Texas

Thomas E. Ewing, Malcolm P.R. Light, Noel Tyler

GCAGS Transactions

..., 1978, 1979). Both the lower and middle Frio sandstones (intervals T3 and below) are overpressured, but geostatic ratios (pore fluid pressure/lithostatic...


Abnormal Formation Pressures: Recognition, Distribution, and Implications for Geophysical Prospecting, Brazoria County, Texas

Edward T. Flanigan

GCAGS Transactions

...-fluid pressure is present in much of the section. Borehole shut-in pressure measurements, drilling mud density records, and shale transit times are used...


Application of Infinite Slope Analysis to Subaqueous Sediment Instability, Mississippi Delta: Appendix 5-2

David B. Prior, Joseph N. Suhayda

AAPG Special Volumes

... (ratio to hydrostatic pressure) and u/^prime z (ratio to geostatic pressure). For all cases, the pore water pressure needs to be very large for failure...


Transition Zone Drilling in Tunu Field (Total Indonesie): A Case Study

T. A. Syamlan, Djoko Minto, Darto Sayogyo, J. C. Dubroca

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... by an increase of the reservoir pressure from hydrostatic to geostatic. Figure - 4, established from TUNU wells, gives the evaluation of the pressure...


Vertical Zonality of Oil-Gas Formation in Oil-Gas Basins of the Far East

K. M. Sevost’yanov, V. M. Shleyfor

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... and tuffs, 5-in lavas; lines of gradients of pressure: a-hydrostatic, b-in sandstones and tuffs, c-in lavas, d-average, e-hydrostatic, f-geostatic, g...


A Possible Mechanism Relating Progradation, Growth Faulting, Clay Diapirism and Overthrusting in a Regressive Sequence of Sediments

Gerard C. Dailly

CSPG Bulletin

... expel its excess water, the mineral particles cannot aggregate and form a rigid skeleton. Therefore, the geostatic pressure of the overlying sediments...


Geo-Fluid-Dynamic Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Pools of Karachaganak Field

V. V. Larichev

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... is 1.9. This phenomenon is related probably to Karachaganak being in a zone of recent subsidence. It appears that this elevated geostatic pressure...


Generation and Migration of Petroleum from Abnormally Pressured Fluid Compartments (1)


AAPG Bulletin

... in an oil and gas phase is a pressure-driven process in which the flow direction is controlled by the configuration and internal pressures of the fluid...


Bekapai-11: An Example of Drilling a High Pressured Well in Weak Formations

Budi Suryodipuro

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., are considered to comprise the transition zone. Geostatic zone The pore pressure follows closely the overburden and evolves in a similar manner. The L.O.T....



A. А. Orlov, V. G. Omelchenko, A. M. Karpenko, M. V. Lakhy, A. M. Trubenko

Search and

... is not purely investigated. It’s logical to think, that in rocks in requirements of considerable geostatic pressure and high temperature...


Primary Migration of Petroleum from Clay Source Rocks

Richard E. Chapman

AAPG Bulletin

... - ^lgre), where ^lgr is the ratio of fluid pressure to geostatic pressure (Hubbert and Rubey, 1959, p. 142) and ^lgre is the equilibrium value...


The National Conference on Earth Science, Banff, November 5-9, 1984: "Geopressures and Hydrocarbon Occurrences": CONFERENCE REPORT

Peter Gretener

CSPG Bulletin

... (geostatic load) that is supported by the fluid pressure. For normal pore pressure conditions the -value lies between 0.43 and 0.48, depending...


Methods of Estimating and Predicting Abnormal Formation Pressures

Vladimir A. Serebryakov

Montana Geological Society

... of downthrust of blocks in m; for (bottom left) amplitude of upthrust of blocks in m. 1= normal hydrostatic pressure; 2 = geostatic (total...


Lithofacies Mapping a Descriptive Tool for Ancient Delta Systems of the Louisiana Outer Continental Shelf

Edward M. Norwood, Jr., David S. Holland

GCAGS Transactions

... strata and those existing at geostatic pressure, if they be present. In effect, geopressure becomes a synonym for abnormal pressure. In daily...


H. Arbuckle Gas Field, Colusa County, California: Occurrence of Natural Gas in Mesozoic Rocks of Northern California

Richard H. Vaughan

AAPG Special Volumes

... at a depth of 7,145 ft in the Cretaceous. The pressure gradients have ranged from hydrostatic gradient (0.44 psi/ft) in the Pliocene beds to gradients...


Paleohydrogeology of the South Tadzhik Depression in Paleogene Time in Connection with Oil and Gas

V. P. Shugrin, Ye. I. Sorokova

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... sediments are regarded as zones of piezo-maximum, and uplifts where geostatic pressure is lower are zones of piezo-minimum (4). During Early and Middle...


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