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Abstract: Soft-sediment striated surfaces and massive diamicton facies produced by floating ice

C. M. T. Woodworth-Lynas, J. A. Dowdeswell

Atlantic Geology

... processes have affected an order of magnitude more of the seafloor than have subglacial processes, and suggest that this order of magnitude...


Abstract: The Northern Sumatra Earthquake of 2004: Forty Years of Ignoring Plate Tectonics

Arthur E. Berman

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... Northern Sumatra Earthquake has been recently recalculated to be magnitude Mw = 9.3, making it the second largest earthquake in recorded history along...


Abstract: A Strategy for Restoring Inversion Basins; Thermochronological and Dip Analyses in SE Australia

Kevin C. Hill, Gareth T. Cooper, Kathy A. Hill

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... and compression and the imprecise estimates of the magnitude and timing of inversion events . Sections oriented within 25 degrees of all transport...


Abstract: Deformation Produced by Normal Faulting beneath Salt or Shale: An Eexperimental Study with Implications for Seismic Interpretation

Martha Withjack

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... of the sand/clay cover, the magnitude of the fault displacement, and the rate of fault displacement. W Our modelling results show that a broad forced fold...


California Lower Tertiary Foraminiferal Sequence

V. Standish Mallory

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... magnitude which are differentiable throughout the California Province, and several units of Zonal magnitude which subdivide the Stagial units based upon...


Select Geologic Hazards in the Wyoming Portion of the Thrust Belt

James C. Case

Wyoming Geological Association

... that a Maximum Credible Earthquake (MCE) with a magnitude of 7.3 is possible in southern portions of the area, and a MCE of magnitude of 7.5 is feasible...


Ancient Backwaters and Baylines: Slope Magnitude and Its Control on Deltaic Facies Partitioning in Ancient Deltaic Systems

Dr. Janok P. Bhattacharya

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

...Ancient Backwaters and Baylines: Slope Magnitude and Its Control on Deltaic Facies Partitioning in Ancient Deltaic Systems Dr. Janok P. Bhattacharya...


Abstract: A deglacial foraminiferal assemblage (or DFA) sequence: meltwater/Heinrich event proxy on the shelf and slope

Ann A. L. Miller

Atlantic Geology

... of the Cassidulina-Islandiella and Stainforthia species groups. Here the signal is more subtle; its magnitude is less, and it appears in a very thin layer...


Abstract: Natural Gas Reservoirs in the Tertiary Basins of Mexico

Jose G. Galicia

GCAGS Transactions

... spectrum that occurs in this type of reservoir, according mostly to the depth, however they do not always determine the magnitude of initial flow rates...


Abstract: Control of Upstream Variables on Late Quaternary Incised-Valley Evolution along the Northern Gulf of Mexico Margin

Christopher Robin Mattheus, Antonio B. Rodriguez

GCAGS Transactions

... and shelf gradients, rate and magnitude of base-level fall) controls on incised-valley evolution. To address this, incised-valley dimension...


Stratigraphic Trap Possibilities in Southwestern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

C. A. Caswell

AAPG Bulletin

... territory in which to search for stratigraphic traps. The geologic section in this region contains numerous unconformities, ranging in extent and magnitude...


Abstract: Recent earthquake swarms in New Brunswick, Canada

Kenneth B.S. Burke, Maurice Lamontagne

Atlantic Geology

... of earthquakes that occur over a short period of time (days to weeks), in which there is no clear large magnitude earthquake, followed by aftershocks...


California Lower Tertiary Foraminiferal Sequence.: ABSTRACT

V. Standish Mallory

AAPG Bulletin

... of Stage magnitude which are differentiable throughout the California Province, and several units of Zonal magnitude which subdivide the Stagial units...


Log Characteristics of Diapiric Shales: ABSTRACT

J. A. Gilreath

AAPG Bulletin

... is approached from above, dips (away from the apex) increase in magnitude--just as if a salt dome were being approached. Within the low-resistivity shale...


Geology, Oil Fields, and Future Petroleum Potential of Santa Barbara Channel Region, California: ABSTRACT

John F. Curran, Kemptom B. Hall, Robert F. Herron

AAPG Bulletin

... varying results in the magnitude of 25-35 billion bbl. However, comparisons with other sedimentary basins of the California Coast Ranges indicate...


Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Event: ABSTRACT

Thomas R. Worsley

AAPG Bulletin

... is nearly identical in magnitude for these shelf sections. In a nearly continuous Cretaceous-Tertiary sequence in Alabama, almost all Cretaceous species...


Statistical Analysis of Flysch Sequence Regarded as Series of Point Events: ABSTRACT

Richard B. McCammon

AAPG Bulletin

... is similar to that of earthquakes, if the log thickness of the coarse layer is treated as earthquake magnitude and the linear thickness of the fine layer...


Disconformities in Rocks of Early Late Cretaceous Age in Southeastern Wyoming and North-Central Colorado: ABSTRACT

E. A. Merewether, G. A. Izett

AAPG Bulletin

..., Wyoming, where the magnitude of the lower hiatus is great st, to eastern Larimer County, Colorado, where the magnitude is least, the age of the rocks...


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