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Comprehensive Evaluation of Reservoir Quality in the Early Miocene, Kutei Basin, Onshore East Kalimantan

Andromeda Werdaya, Maria Alexandra, Kuntadi Nugrahanto, Rijal Anshori, Albertus Pradipta, Peter Armitage

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... porosity and analyse the controls on reservoir quality. A well penetration suggests the Early Miocene deltaic sandstone has good reservoir quality...


Relationship of Porosity Formation and Preservation to Sandstone Consolidation History--Gulf Coast Lower Tertiary Frio Formation (1)

R. G. Loucks , D. G. Bebout , W. E. Galloway

GCAGS Transactions

... leached porosity are presented in Table 2. FRIO SANDSTONE CONSOLIDATION CASE HISTORIES The reservoir quality of Frio sandstones vary regionally. Along...


Porosity trends in the Skagerrak Formation, Central Graben, United Kingdom Continental Shelf: The role of compaction and pore pressure history

Neil T. Grant, Alexander J. Middleton, and Stuart Archer

AAPG Bulletin

... in the Central North Sea. This prolific sandstone reservoir often possesses anomalously high porosity for its depth of burial. Simple statistical...


Characterization of a Carbonate Mudrock Reservoir by Integrating Sequence Stratigraphy, Sonic Velocity, and Characterization of the Macro- to Micropore Architecture; #41990 (2017)

Beth Vanden Berg, G. Michael Grammer

Search and

... for predicting porosity in other Mid-Continent Mississippian age carbonates. The sequence stratigraphic hierarchy of shoaling upward packages...


Sandstone Diagenesis„The Hole Truth

John B. Hayes

Special Publications of SEPM

... to predicting subsurface distribution of sandstone porosity Mathematical modeling of hydrodynamics and mineral reactions by means of computer simulation...


ABSTRACT: Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Controls on Texture and Petrophysical Attributes of a Tide-dominated Reservoir Sandstone:Upper Naricual Formation, Carito Field, Venezuela; #90013 (2003)


Search and

...ABSTRACT: Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Controls on Texture and Petrophysical Attributes of a Tide-dominated Reservoir Sandstone:Upper Naricual...


Rangely Southwest Field: (Mancos B pool)

Donna S. Anderson

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... the field limits. RESERVOIR: Productive Area- 3000 ac Reservoir Depth- avg 3300 ft MD Ave Net Pay- 80 ft Porosity- Sandstone 8-15% Permeability- Sandstone...


ABSTRACT: Predicting Reservoir Performance Through Sequence Stratigraphy - a Viable Approach?; #90007 (2002)

Claudia Rassi

Search and

...ABSTRACT: Predicting Reservoir Performance Through Sequence Stratigraphy - a Viable Approach?; #90007 (2002) Claudia Rassi AAPG Search and Discovery...


Integrated Petrophysical and High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Characterization of an Unconventional Carbonate Mudrock Reservoir; #51147 (2015)

Beth Vanden Berg, Stephanie LeBlanc, G. Michael Grammer

Search and

... the distribution of reservoir facies in this unconventional carbonate reservoir. Horizontal porosity in the data set, ranges from 0.5–7%, although porosity values...


Regional Variations of Porosity and Cement: St. Peter and Mount Simon Sandstones in Illinois Basin

John Daniel Hoholick , Thomas Metarko , Paul Edwin Potter

AAPG Bulletin

... on porosity of quartzose sandstone: AAPG Bulletin, v. 48, p. 697-709. Nagtegaal, P. J. C., 1980, Diagenetic models for predicting clastic reservoir...


Porosity--Depth Trends in Deeply Buried Upper Jurassic Reservoirs in the Norwegian Central Graben: An Example of Porosity Preservation Beneath the Normal Economic Basement by Grain-Coating Microquartz

Mogens Ramm,, Arne W. Forsberg, Jens S. Jahren

AAPG Special Volumes

.... End_Page 184------------------------ Figure 6. Porosity in individual sandstone units vs. depth. The sandstone units are divided into three reservoir...


ABSTRACT: When Should We Use Seismic Inversion Results for Porosity Prediction? A Case Study from Dhulaima and Lekhwair-East Fields; #90051 (2006)

Hussain Najwani, Yousuf Al-aufy

Search and

... inversion (CSSI) is often used for reservoir characterisation. The accuracy of the prediction is dependant on seismic data quality, strength of porosity...


Abstract: Predicting Seal Efficiency and Trapped Hydrocarbon Type in Gulf Coast Hydrocarbon Systems:Lessons Learned From West Fulton Beach Field, Mid-Texas Gulf Coast

Paul R. Knox

GCAGS Transactions

..., as well as greater percentages of gas. This pattern exists independent of shale thickness or reservoir porosity, and it is repeated at the 5th...


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