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Relation of Reservoir Petrophysical Properties to Horizontal Codell Production in the DJ Basin of Colorado and Wyoming, #10982 (2017).

Mick Domenick

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... by best quality rock Water saturation largely accounts for this Well vintage also a factor Source Maturity? Completion Date < 1 yr 1 – 2 yr 3 – 4 yr...


Chapter 17: Drivers and History of Late Fluid Flow: Impact on Midcontinent Reservoir Rocks

Robert H. Goldstein, Bradley D. King, W. Lynn Watney, Tony M. Pugliano

AAPG Special Volumes

... is common in residual evaporite brines and could also be produced by long-term rock–water interaction at high temperatures (Epstein and Mayeda, 1953...


18O and 13C Variations in Late Devonian Marine Cements from the Golden Spike and Nevis Reefs, Alberta, Canada

Scott J. Carpenter, Kyger C. Lohmann

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... (CL) zones. 18O-13C crossplots of caliche and meteoric phreatic cement data form an "inverted J-curve" typical of rock-water reactions in meteoric...


Isotope Geochemistry of Clay Minerals

Eric Eslinger, David Pevear

Special Publications of SEPM

...), and the extent of diagenesis in some cases might be interpreted from the changes in isotopic composition caused by rock-water interaction (Figs. 7.8A, B, C...


Association of Allochthonous Waters and Reservoir Enhancement in Deeply Buried Miocene Sandstones: Picaroon Field, Corsair Trend, Offshore Texas

Thomas R. Taylor, Lynton S. Land

Special Publications of SEPM

... available for rock/water reactions to proceed within the much older Frio Formation Diggs and Land 1993 within the much older Frio Fonnation (Diggs and Land...


Reservoir Fluids

Mike Shepherd

AAPG Special Volumes

... and dynamic behavior of hydrocarbons in reservoirs.Where a reservoir rock is water wet, the water forms a thin film over most of the grain surfaces...


Evolution of formation waters in the Permian Basin, United States: Late Permian evaporated seawater to Neogene meteoric water

Arthur H. Saller, and Alan M. Stueber

AAPG Bulletin

...Evolution of formation waters in the Permian Basin, United States: Late Permian evaporated seawater to Neogene meteoric water Arthur H. Saller...


Impact of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow on Conventional and Unconventional Carbonate-Rich Reservoirs, Midcontinent USA, #51085 (2015).

Robert H. Goldstein, Bradley D. King

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... Radiogenic values, higher temp = less rock-water interaction with carbonates Thermal Structure - Stage 2 Regional Fluid Flow High Temp. -9.00 -7.00...



C. S. Content

Montana Geological Society

... of encountering gas or large flows of water Relative extent of overbreak and possibility of rock...


Many Factors Involved in Finding Oil By Airborne Scintillometers

Hans Lundberg, President

Panhandle (Texas) Geological Society

... accumulation occurs under a dense cap rock through which the oil and water is forced to move much slower than through the other rocks. As oil wets and waxes...


Top Seal and Reservoir Continuity: Hydrodynamic Evaluation of the Hutton-Birkhead Reservoir, Gidgealpa Oilfield

J. Underschultz, P. Boult

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... Birkhead Formation sands. Pressure and formation water chemistry data from wells in the Gidgealpa South Dome show that most of the Hutton Sandstone...


Geochemistry of Bromine and Iodine of Formation Waters of the Kuybyshev Area on the Volga

A. N. Kozin

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... these sediments are widespread and are sources of bromine and iodine in formation waters. The bromine and iodine pass from the rock into the water largely...


Modeling geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide in a deep saline carbonate reservoir with TOUGH2–ChemPlugin, a new tool for reactive transport modeling

Tina L. Roberts-Ashby, Peter M. Berger, Jeffrey A. Cunningham, Ram Kumar, and Madalyn Blondes

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... the development and demonstration of a new tool, TOUGH2–ChemPlugin (T2CPI) for predicting rock–water–CO2 interaction following injection of supercritical CO2...


Measurement of Dependent Variables - Petrophysical Variables

Alan P. Byrnes

Special Publications of SEPM

..., but not by others, such as helium porosimetry. When both hydrocarbons and water are present in a rock, or the water is at "irreduci­ ble" saturation, effective...


Velocity Analyses of Near Seafloor Strata Based on Multichannel Seismic Data from the Tonga Platform

Jeffrey E. Cole, Dennis M. Mann

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... of the apparent inversion originated beneath the rock-water interface. Velocity Modeling Two different models of velocity structure were tested. The methods were...


Regularities in the Variation of the Component Composition of Water-Soluble Gases of the West Siberian Oil-Gas Basin

Yu. G. Zimin, Yu. A. Spevak, G. P. Nivkov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

..., Geochemical exploration interpretation of the distribution of sulfur in the system rock-water-oil of the Mesozoic sediments of West Siberia: Neft’ i Gaz...


Recent Mudrocks of the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela: Modern Analog for Shale Oil/Gas Unconventional Reservoirs?

Ursula Hammes, Salome Mignard

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... in carbonate depositional environments, sequence stratigraphy, carbonate diagenesis, and rock-water interactions. Her background is diverse ranging...


Pre-Tertiary Basement – The New Objective for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production in the Continental Shelf of South Vietnam

Ngo Thuong San, Nguyen Giao, Tran Le Dong, Hoang Phuoc Son

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and a rock surface in water. If the angle θ is: From 0° – 75° the rock is water wet;   75° – 105° the rock is neutral wettability;   103° – 180...


A Method for Staining Trace Fossils

Michael J. Risk, Robert B. Szczuczko

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., and that for counting purposes, a semipermanent record will suffice. The method is as follows: (1) Section the rock with a water-lubricated saw, being careful at all...


Abnormal Formation Pressure: DISCUSSION

Parke A. Dickey

AAPG Bulletin

... as that of water (3 × 10-6 vols/vol/psi). The extra load will be assumed by the rock and the water proportionally to the relative volume of pores and rock...


Factors Influencing the Development of Diagenetic Shrinkage Fracture of Shale (DSFS); #51513 (2018)

Zhipeng Huo

Search and

... 1. Study setting Shrinkage Fracture: A tension or extension fracture owing to the volume reduction of sediment/rock by water loss. Genesis...


A Novel Approach to Understanding Multi-Horizon Fluid Flow in Unconventional Wells Using Produced Water Time-Lapse Geochemistry: Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Peter Jones, Drew Dressler, Tyler Conner, Josh O’Brien, Trevor Klaassen, Sean Bingham

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... important factors that affect salinity and the chemistry of formation water are depth and temperature. Whether it is dissolution processes, rock-water...


Missing Aragonitic Biota and the Diagenetic Evolution of Heterozoan Carbonates: A Case Study from the Oligo-Miocene of the Central Mediterranean

Andrea C. Knoerich, Maria Mutti

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... in an Oligo-Miocene non-tropical limestone (Clifton Formation), Otway Basin, Australia, in James, N.P., and Clarke, J.A.D., eds., Cool-Water Carbonates...


Some Oil Field Waters of the Gulf Coast

G. Sherburne Rogers

AAPG Bulletin

... notably. As some formations are richer in soluble minerals than others the chemical character of a water depends somewhat on the formation in which...


The Chemistry of Dolomite Formanon I: The Stability of Dolomite

Alden B. Carpenter

Special Publications of SEPM

... of 1 000 The pore Rock to water coarse evidence indicates that in dilute as possible is The geologic virtually every case these dolomites...


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