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“The Explosion in Marine Seismic Technology – How to Choose the Right Tool”

William S. French, Svein Vaage

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... and processing parameters for their surveys and several geophysical contractors would submit tenders based on the specifications provided by the oil...


Comparison of Numerical LDAR Assessment Methods in Methane Detection Technologies

Shuang Zhang, Vikram Jayaram, Aaron Lazarus, Tianze Qian, Carrie Reese, Sri Sridharan

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... for methane. However, the cost and effectiveness of different technologies at different survey frequencies are yet to be determined. Given the scale...


Abstract: Investigating flood risk in an ungauged watershed using LiDAR, GIS and HEC TOOLS

Doug Stiff, Christopher Hopkinson, Ian Spooner, Tim Webster

Atlantic Geology

... the predication and recurrence of significant flooding in the town of Oxford, Nova Scotia. The Oxford watershed is ungauged and modelling parameters...


An Algorithmic Program for the Analysis of Detrital Reservoir Rocks: ABSTRACT

J. C. Griffiths

AAPG Bulletin

.... Such objectives encompass an interpretative petrology, a means for predicting and controlling reservoir behavior, a means for selecting the important logging...


Cottageville Gas Field Correlation Analyses for Reservoir Modeling: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Springer, Ernest B. Nuckols

AAPG Bulletin

... that provides capabilities for selecting, ranking, rotating, mapping, meshing,and plotting various attributes of wells in the field. We have been determining...


ABSTRACT: Probabilistic evaluation of oil and gas reserves and resources; #90109 (2010)

V. I. Poroskun, N. M Emelianova

Search and

... and corporate level management decisions. The methods of selecting the input data and their respective distribution functions are duly discussed. Both...


On the Efficiency of Systematic Point-Sampling in Mapping Facies

Richard B. McCammon

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... in the production of hydrographic maps based on survey charting. The parameters of the survey specified are, (a) the orientation of the survey lane with respect...


A Rapid in Situ Survey of Metals in Sediments of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana

Scott E. Noakes, Doug K. Dvoracek, John E. Noakes

GCAGS Transactions

..., and storage enable real time or near real time mapping of bathymetric, sediment distribution, and water quality parameters. The CAIS rapid survey systems...


Breaking the Limit: Breakthrough Technology to Develop Ultra Shallow Heavy Oil with Oil Mining

Dyah Pitaloka Citrarasmi, Karina Asti Puri, Yasin Zaidun, Handita R. Dwitantra, Dwi Esthi Ariningtias

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... in laboratory use conventional core with the objective of selecting optimum extraction method and parameters. High recovery factor of > 94% was achieved...


Probability maps of reservoir presence and sensitivity analysis in stratigraphic forward modeling

Véronique Gervais, Mathieu Ducros, and Didier Granjeon

AAPG Bulletin

... these parameters and the output. If selecting a small design, the metamodel may lack accuracy in some parts of the parameter space. Considering larger...


Estimates of Petroleum Reserves: EDITORIAL

Sidney Powers

AAPG Bulletin

...Estimates of Petroleum Reserves: EDITORIAL Sidney Powers 1921 411 411 5 3. (May-June) The United States Geological Survey proposed to the Association...


Abstract: Analogs to Fluvial Reservoirs: What Factors are Important?;

Nigel Mountney, Luca Colombera

Search and

... organization of modern rivers; such datasets offer insight into preserved sedimentary architectures. However, selecting analogs that are appropriate...


Candidate Selection for Horizontal Drilling with Case Studies in Osage and Tulsa Counties, Oklahoma

Bob Westermark


... for Horizontal Drilling with Case Studies in Osage and Tulsa Counties, Oklahoma July 27,2005 Co-sponsored by: Oklahoma Geological Survey and South...


Grain Size Variation in the Millbrig K-Bentonite: An Investigation of Ordovician Eruption Dynamics Using Image Analysis

Y-S. Zhang, W. D. Huff

Pacific Section SEPM

.... The measurements involve three principal steps: 1. generating an image from a thin section or grain mount; 2. selecting the area for measurement and marking...


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